Discography of Axel Rudi Pell

Genre : Power Metal
Country : Germany
Status : Active
Metal-Archives ID : 1746
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Discography :

Album title Year Album Type Owned
Hear You Calling Me1989SingleNo
Broken Heart1989SingleNo
Wild Obsession1989Full-lengthNo
Nasty Reputation1991Full-lengthNo
Eternal Prisoner1992Full-lengthNo
Forever Young1993SingleNo
The Ballads1993Best Of/CompilationNo
Between the Walls1994Full-lengthNo
Made in Germany1995Live albumNo
Black Moon Pyramid1996Full-lengthNo
Oceans of Time1998Full-lengthNo
The Ballads II1999Best Of/CompilationNo
The Masquerade Ball2000Full-lengthNo
The Wizards Chosen Few2000Best Of/CompilationNo
Knight Treasures (Live and More)2002VideoNo
Knights Live2002Live albumNo
Shadow Zone2002Full-lengthNo
Kings and Queens2004Full-lengthNo
The Ballads III2004Best Of/CompilationNo
The Magic Fingers2005Best Of/CompilationNo
Diamonds Unlocked2007Full-lengthNo
Live over Europe2008VideoNo
Tales of the Crown2008Full-lengthNo
Best Of: Anniversary Edition2009Best Of/CompilationNo
The Crest2010Full-lengthNo
One Night Live2010VideoNo
The Ballads IV2011Best Of/CompilationNo
Before I Die2012SingleNo
Circle of the Oath2012Full-lengthNo
Run with the Wind2012SingleNo
Live on Fire2013Boxed SetNo
Into the Storm2014Full-lengthNo
5 Original Albums In 1 Box2014Boxed SetNo
The King of Fools2015SingleNo
Magic Moments (25th Anniversary Special Show)2015Live albumNo
Magic Moments (25th Anniversary Special Show) Video2015VideoNo
Game of Sins2016Full-lengthYes (MP3)
The Ballads V2017Best Of/CompilationNo
Love's Holding On2017SingleNo


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