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Genre : Power Metal
Country : Germany
Status : Active
Metal-Archives ID : 198
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Album title Year Album Type Owned
Lady Lou1979SingleNo
I'm a Rebel1980Full-lengthNo
I'm a Rebel Single1980SingleNo
Breaker Single1981SingleNo
Restless the Best1982Best Of/CompilationNo
Restless and Wild Single1982SingleNo
Restless and Wild1982Full-lengthNo
Fast as a Shark1982SingleNo
Hard Rock 11983SplitNo
Demon's Night1983Boxed SetNo
Restless and Wild / Fast as a Shark1983SingleNo
Balls to the Wall1983Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Best Of1983Best Of/CompilationNo
Midnight Highway1983Best Of/CompilationNo
Metal Masters1984Best Of/CompilationNo
Balls to the Wall Single1984SingleNo
+ Heavy1984SplitNo
Screaming for a Love Bite 1985SingleNo
Midnight Mover1985SingleNo
London Leatherboys1985EPNo
Midnight Mover1985EPNo
Metal Heart1985Full-lengthNo
Metal Heart Single1985SingleNo
T.V War1986SingleNo
A Compilation of the Best of Balls to the Wall / Restless and Wild1986Best Of/CompilationNo
Marzazo Heavy1986SplitNo
Russian Roulette1986Full-lengthNo
Hungry Years1987Best Of/CompilationNo
Generation Clash1989SingleNo
Eat the Heat1989Full-lengthNo
Staying a Life1990Live AlbumNo
Staying a Life Video1990Video/VHSNo
The Collection1991Best Of/CompilationNo
Top Heavy Metal Music Video 1991Split DVD/VideoNo
No Substitutes1992Best Of/CompilationNo
All Or Nothing1992SingleNo
I Don't Wanna Be like You1993SingleNo
Objection Overruled1993Full-lengthNo
Bad Habits Die Hard1994SingleNo
Death Row1994Full-lengthNo
Steel Glove1995Best Of/CompilationNo
Metal Buccaneers1995Best Of/CompilationNo
The Best1996Best Of/CompilationNo
Hard Attack1996SingleNo
Loud & Proud - Six Pack - Six Great Hits1997SplitNo
Six Great Hits1997Best Of/CompilationNo
All Areas - Worldwide1997Live AlbumNo
The Final Chapter1998Live albumNo
Breakers on Stage1998EPNo
Accept Box: The Story1999Boxed SetNo
Classics, Rocks 'N' Ballads (Hot and Slow)2000Best Of/CompilationNo
Take 2: Accept & Quiet Riot2000Split AlbumNo
Metal Blast from the Past2002DVDNo
Rich & Famous2002EPNo
The Accept Collection2010Best Of/CompilationNo
Blood of the Nations2010Full-lengthNo
The Abyss2010EPNo
Stalingrad: Brothers in Death2012Full-lengthNo
Playlist: The Very Best of Accept2013Best Of/CompilationNo
Blind Rage2014Full-lengthNo
Restless and Live (Blind Rage - Live in Europe 2015)2017Live albumNo
The Rise of Chaos Single2017SingleNo
The Rise of Chaos2017Full-lengthNo


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