Discography of Grave Digger

Genre : Power Metal
Country : Germany
Status : Active
Metal-Archives ID : 391
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Discography :

Album title Year Album Type Owned
Born Again1983DemoNo
Rock from Hell - German Metal Attack1983SplitNo
Shoot Her Down1984SingleNo
Heavy Metal Breakdown1984Full-lengthNo
Metal Attack Vol. 11985SplitNo
Witch Hunter1985Full-lengthNo
War Games1986Full-lengthNo
Return of the Reaper1991DemoNo
For Promotion Only1992EPNo
The Best of the Eighties1993Best Of/CompilationNo
The Reaper1993Full-lengthNo
Symphony of Death1994EPNo
Heart of Darkness1995Full-lengthNo
Tunes of War1996Full-lengthYes (MP3)
The Dark of the Sun1997EPNo
Knights of the Cross1998Full-lengthYes (CD)
The Battle of Bannockburn1998SingleNo
The Round Table (Forever)1999SingleNo
Excalibur1999Full-lengthYes (MP3)
The Grave Digger2001Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Masterpieces2002Best Of/CompilationNo
The Middle Ages Trilogy2002Boxed SetNo
Tunes of Wacken2002Live AlbumYes (MP3)
Tunes of Wacken DVD2002DVDNo
Die Definitiv Biografie2002Best Of/CompilationNo
The History - Part One2002Best Of/CompilationNo
Lost Tunes from the Vault2003Best Of/CompilationNo
Rheingold2003Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Rheingold2003EPYes (MP3)
The Last Supper2005Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Das Hörbuch2005Best Of/CompilationNo
25 To Live DVD2005DVDNo
25 To Live2005Live AlbumNo
Silent Revolution2006SingleNo
Liberty or Death2007Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Ballads of a Hangman2008EPYes (MP3)
Ballads of a Hangman2009Full-lengthYes (MP3)
The Hangman Box2009Boxed SetNo
The Clans Will Rise Again2010Full-lengthYes (MP3)
The Clans Are Still Marching2011DVDNo
Wacken Hymne - Wacken Will Never Die2011SplitNo
The Ballad Of Mary2011EPNo
Clash of the Gods / Home at Last2012Best Of/CompilationNo
Home at Last2012EPNo
Clash of the Gods2012Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Return of the Reaper2014Full-lengthNo
Exhumation (The Early Years)2015Full-lengthNo
Let Your Head Rolls - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1984-19862016Best Of/CompilationNo
Healed by Metal2017Full-lengthNo


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