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1ManiganceVolte-FacePower MetalYes2014
2Dark FurySynningthwaitNS Black MetalYes2014
3AlestormSunset On The Golden AgeFolk/Power MetalYes2014
4Eternal IdolThe Unrevealed SecretPower MetalYes2016
5Kingdom Of GiantsGround CultureMetalcoreYes2014
6AdestriaGilded HeartsMetalcoreYes2014
7VictoriusHeart of the PhoenixPower MetalYes2017
8WhitechapelOur Endless WarDeathcoreYes2014
9Jaded HeartFight The SystemHard RockYes2014
10FolkearthBalder's LamentFolk MetalYes2014
11Rhapsody Of FireLegendary YearsPower MetalYes2017
12The Word AliveReal.MetalcoreYes2014
13ElvenkingThe Pagan ManifestoEpic Power MetalYes2014
14Betraying The MartyrsPhantomDeathcoreYes2014
15Skull FistChasing the DreamPower MetalYes2014
16Sienna SkiesSeasonsMetalcoreYes2014
17Crimson ShadowsKings Among MenMelodic Power/Death MetalYes2014
18Cerebral EffusionIdolatry of the UnethicalBrutal Death MetalYes2014
19Hollow HazeMemories of an Ancient TimePower MetalYes2015
20Trinity SiteAfter the SunMelodic Death MetalYes2017
21Blazon StoneNo Sign of GloryPower MetalYes2015
22ResurgencyNo Worlds... nor Gods BeyondDeath MetalYes2017
23Chronos ZeroHollowlands - The Tears Path: Chapter OneProgressive MetalYes2016
24The VoidNullifiedMelodic Death MetalYes2017
25DevilmentII - The Mephisto WaltzesGothic MetalYes2016
26PrometheeUnrestMelodic Death MetalYes2015
27Crystal ViperQueen of the WitchesPower MetalYes2017
28WinterfyllethThe Dark HereafterBlack MetalYes2016
29Verse VicaEndeavorMetalcoreYes2014
30AirbourneBreakin' Outta HellRockYes2016
31Civil WarThe Last Full MeasurePower MetalYes2016
32The Zenith PassageSolipsistTechnical Death MetalYes2016
33Hammerfall(r)EvolutionPower MetalYes2014
34Gherzen1917Atmospheric Black MetalYes2016
35Astral DoorsNotes from the ShadowsPower MetalYes2014
36VintersorgTill fjälls, del IIFolk/Viking MetalYes2017
37SanctuaryThe Year the Sun DiedPower MetalYes2014
38Aborted FetusThe Art of Violent TortureBrutal Death MetalYes2017
39AstralionOutlawPower MetalYes2016
40Fit For A KingSlave To NothingMetalcoreYes2014
41TriosphereThe Heart of the MatterPower MetalYes2014
42Walrus ResistThe Face of HeavenDeath MetalYes2016
43Blazon StoneWar of the RosesPower MetalYes2016
44Spice Mutated CorpseAttempts to DeathBrutal Death MetalYes2016
45Chronos ZeroA Prelude into Emptiness - The Tears Path: Chapter AlphaProgressive MetalYes2013
463 Inches Of BloodLong Live Heavy MetalPower MetalYes2012
47HypocrisyEnd of DisclosureMelodic Death MetalYes2013
48MonumentRenegadesPower MetalYes2014
49PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have FallenCeltic/Folk Black MetalYes2014
50Machinae SupremacyPhantom ShadowPower MetalYes2014