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Genre : NS Black Metal
Country : Bulgaria
Status : Active
Metal-Archives ID : 74559
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Album title Year Album Type Owned
Hymn Arii2006DemoNo
Radical War2006DemoNo
Rehearsal #12006DemoNo
Rehearsal #22006DemoNo
Our War Is Our Future2006SingleNo
Your Mind Belongs to Adolf Hitler2007SingleNo
Rehearsal #32007DemoNo
Adalwolf Promo '072007DemoNo
Total Genocide2008DemoNo
BulgAryan-Southern Radikal War Propaganda2008SplitNo
Sol Invictus2008SplitNo
The Path of Black Sun2008DemoNo
Unsere Krieg2008SplitNo
Rare Tracks Propaganda2008DemoNo
United by White Terror Propaganda2008SplitNo
Rebirth of the Arii's Throne2009DemoNo
Aryan March2009DemoNo
War Propaganda2009DemoNo
Ultimate Aryan Warfront2010Best Of/CompilationYes (MP3)
War Eagle2014Full-lengthNo
Failed Brainwasher2016Full-lengthNo
Extermination for Them2016DemoNo
Early Years2017CompilationNo
Wir nehmen Tod, Wir teilen Tod Aus2017SplitNo
Black Metal Kampf2017Full-lengthNo
Power Against Propaganda2020Full-lengthNo


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