Discography of Aborted Fetus

Genre : Brutal Death Metal
Country : Russia
Status : Active
Metal-Archives ID : 52972
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Discography :

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Album title Year Album Type Owned
World of Bleeding2000DemoNo
Intestinal Crisis2001DemoNo
Murder and Rape Your Flesh2002DemoNo
Splitted Alive2003SplitNo
Excoriating Abdominal Emanation2004SplitNo
Devoured Fetuses2005EPNo
Goreconception Reality2006SplitNo
Goresoaked Clinical Accidents2008Full-lengthNo
Fatal Dogmatic Damage2010Full-lengthNo
Goresoaked Clinical Accidents 20122012Full-lengthNo
Private Judgment Day2014Full-lengthNo
Early Years of Decay2015Best Of/CompilationNo
The Art of Violent Torture2017Full-lengthYes (MP3)
The Ancient Spirits of Decay2018Full-lengthNo
Dark Legions of Apocalypse2019CompilationNo
Pyramids of Damnation2020Full-lengthNo
Fetal Embalmed Existence2020CompilationNo


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