Discography of 3 Inches Of Blood

Genre : Power Metal
Country : Canada
Status : Active
Metal-Archives ID : 8571
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Album title Year Album Type Owned
Sect of the White Worm2001EPNo
Battlecry under a Wintersun2002Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Destroy the Orcs2003SingleNo
Ride Darkhorse Ride2003SingleNo
Advance and Vanquish2004Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Deadly Sinners2004SingleNo
Road Rage Tour 2004 - Metal Radio EP2004SplitNo
Roadrunner Roadrage2005SplitNo
Fire Up the Blades2007Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Trial of Champions2007EPNo
The Goatrider's Horde2007SingleNo
Here Waits Thy Doom2009Full-lengthYes (MP3)
Anthems for the Victorious2011EPNo
Everything's Legal in Alabama / Call of the Hammer (Live)2011SplitNo
Long Live Heavy Metal2012Full-lengthYes (MP3)
3 Inches of Blood / Angelus Apatrida2012SplitNo
Live at Mushroom: Vol. I2013EPNo
Live at Mushroom: Vol. II2013EPNo
Live at Mushroom: Vol. III2013EPNo


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