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1301DoomswordDoomswordEpic Doom/Viking MetalYes1999
1302DoomswordMy Name Will Live OnEpic Doom/Viking MetalYes2007
1303DoomswordThe Eternal BattleEpic Doom/Viking MetalYes2011
1304DoroFear No EvilPower MetalNo2009
1305Down By LawPunk Rock Academy Fight SongPunkYes1994
1306Down To HellV zajatí temnotyMelodic Black MetalYes2014
1307Downcast TwilightUnder the Wings of the AquilaMelodic Death MetalYes2016
1308Downright HateFulSameHatecore/RACYes
1309Dragon NationDragon NationPower MetalYes2014
1310Dragon's LairDragonheartPower MetalYes2007
1311DragonforceInhuman RampagePower MetalNo2006
1312DragonforceMaximum OverloadPower MetalYes2014
1313DragonforceSonic FirestormPower MetalYes2004
1314DragonforceTwilight DementiaPower Metal LiveYes2010
1315DragonforceUltra BeatdownPower MetalYes2008
1316DragonforceValley Of The DamnedPower MetalNo2003
1317DragonhammerBlood Of The DragonPower MetalYes2001
1318DragonhammerThe X ExperimentPower MetalYes2013
1319DragonhammerTime For ExpiationPower MetalYes2004
1320DragonheartThe Battle SanctuaryPower MetalYes2015
1321DragonheartUnderdarkPower MetalYes1999
1322DragonheartVengeance in BlackPower MetalYes2005
1323DragonlandAstronomyPower MetalYes2006
1324DragonlandHoly WarPower MetalYes2002
1325DragonlandStarfallPower MetalYes2004
1326DragonlandThe Battle Of The Ivory PlainsPower MetalYes2001
1327DraugnimHorizons LowPagan Black MetalYes2010
1328DraugnimNorthwind's IrePagan Black MetalYes2008
1329DraugnimVulturinePagan Black MetalYes2016
1330DraugűlTales of Loot and PlunderBlack/Viking MetalYes2014
1331DrautranThrone Of The DepthsBlack MetalYes2007
1332DrautranUnter dem Banner der NordwindeBlack MetalYes2000
1333Dream EvilDragonslayerPower MetalNo2002
1334Dream EvilEvilizedPower MetalNo2003
1335Dream EvilGold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)Power MetalYes2008
1336Dream EvilIn the NightPower MetalYes2010
1337Dream EvilThe Book Of Heavy MetalPower MetalNo2004
1338Dream EvilUnitedPower MetalNo2006
1339Dream On, DreamerHeartbound MetalcoreYes2011
1340Dream On, DreamerHopeMetalcoreYes2010
1341Dream On, DreamerLovelessMetalcoreYes2013
1342Dream On, DreamerSongs of SoulitudeMetalcoreYes2015
1343Dream QuestCentraliaPower MetalYes2006
1344Dream TheaterA Dramatic Turn Of EventsProgressive MetalYes2011
1345Dream TheaterAwakeProgressive MetalYes1994
1346Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver LiningsProgressive MetalNo2009
1347Dream TheaterDistance over TimeProgressive MetalYes2019
1348Dream TheaterDream TheaterProgressive MetalYes2013
1349Dream TheaterFalling Into InfinityProgressive MetalYes1997
1350Dream TheaterImages and WordsProgressive MetalYes1992
1351Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a MemoryProgressive MetalYes1999
1352Dream TheaterOctavariumProgressive MetalYes2005
1353Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner TurbulenceProgressive MetalYes2002
1354Dream TheaterSystematic ChaosProgressive MetalYes2007
1355Dream TheaterThe AstonishingProgressive MetalYes2016
1356Dream TheaterTrain of ThoughtProgressive MetalYes2003
1357Dream TheaterWhen Dream and Day UniteProgressive MetalYes1989
1358DreamcatcherWanderer Of The OceanPower MetalNo2005
1359DreamlandEye For An EyePower MetalYes2007
1360DreamshadeThe Gift of LifeMelodic Death MetalYes2010
1361DreamtaleBeyond RealityPower MetalYes2002
1362DreamtaleDifferencePower MetalYes2005
1363DreamtaleEpsilonPower MetalYes2011
1364DreamtaleOcean's HeartPower MetalYes2003
1365DreamtalePhoenixPower MetalYes2008
1366DreamtaleSeventhian ...Memories of TimePower MetalYes2016
1367DreamtaleWorld Changed ForeverPower MetalYes2013
1368Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's NeverlandOphidiaPower MetalYes2010
1369Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's NeverlandReversing TimePower MetalYes2008
1370DriverSons of ThunderPower MetalYes2008
1371Dropkick MurphysThe Warrior's CodePunkYes2005
1372Dross DelnochIn the Vortex of CenturiesBlack MetalYes2018
1373Drowning The LightCursed Below the WavesBlack MetalYes2018
1374Drowning The LightFrom the AbyssBlack MetalYes2015
1375Drowning The LightOn Astral Wings of Wamphyric ShadowsBlack MetalYes2020
1376Druadan ForestMirkwoodEpic Black MetalYes1998
1377DrudkhБорозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)Black MetalYes2015
1378DrudkhAutumn AuroraBlack MetalNo2003
1379DrudkhBlood In Our WellsBlack MetalYes2006
1380DrudkhEstrangementBlack MetalYes2007
1381DrudkhForgotten LegendsBlack MetalYes2004
1382DrudkhHandful of StarsBlack MetalYes2010
1383DrudkhMicrocosmosBlack MetalYes2009
1384DrudkhSongs Of Grief And SolitudeBlack MetalYes2006
1385Dub BukМертві сорому не ймутьBlack/Folk MetalYes2010
1386Dub BukЦвяхBlack/Folk MetalYes2014
1387Dub BukIdu na Wy!Black/Folk MetalNo2002
1388Dub BukMisyac PomstyBlack/Folk MetalNo1999
1389Dub BukRus Ponad Vse!Black/Folk MetalNo2003
1390DurandalSoleil NoirRACYes2000
1391DvalinAus dem SchattenFolk MetalYes2016
1392Dying FetusDescend into DepravityDeath/Grind MetalYes2009
1393Dying FetusDestroy The OppositionDeath/Grind MetalYes2002
1394Dying FetusKilling On AdrenalineDeath/Grind MetalYes2000
1395Dying FetusStop At NothingDeath/Grind MetalYes2003
1396Dying FetusWar Of AttritionDeath/Grind MetalNo2007
1397Dying HumanityDeadenedMelodic Death MetalYes2015
1398DynaztyBring the ThunderPower MetalYes2009
1399DynaztyFiresignPower MetalYes2018
1400DynaztyRenatusPower MetalYes2014
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