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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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1901GuttermouthFriendly PeoplePunkYes1994
1903Guttural SecreteReek Of Pubescent DespoilmentBrutal Death MetalYes2006
1904GwendyddHuman NatureMelodYes2020
1905GwydionHorn TriskelionBlack/Viking MetalYes2010
1906GwydionVeteranBlack/Viking MetalYes2013
1907GwyllionThe Edge of All I KnowPower MetalYes2009
1908H2OAll We WantPunkYes2002
1909H2OFaster Than The WorldPunkNo1999
1910H2OFaster Than The World TourPunk LiveYes
1913H2ONothing To ProvePunkYes2008
1914H2OThicker Than WaterPunkNo1997
1915H2OUse Your VoicePunkYes2015
1917HaggardAnd Thou Shalt Trust... The SeerClassical/Symphonic MetalYes1997
1918HaggardAwaking the CenturiesClassical/Symphonic MetalYes2000
1919HaggardEppur Si MuoveClassical/Symphonic MetalNo2004
1920HaggardTales Of IthiriaClassical/Symphonic MetalYes2008
1921HaggisNation Of FoolsNS PunkNo2007
1922HailstoneEpitomeMelodic Death MetalYes2016
1923Halcyon WayBuilding the TowersPower MetalYes2010
1924Halcyon WayConquerPower MetalYes2014
1925HamkaUnearthPower MetalYes2005
1926Hammerfall(r)EvolutionPower MetalYes2014
1927HammerfallChapter V : Unbent, Unbowed, UnbrokenPower MetalYes2005
1928HammerfallCrimson ThunderPower MetalNo2002
1929HammerfallGlory To The BravePower MetalYes1997
1930HammerfallInfectedPower MetalYes2011
1931HammerfallNo Sacrifice, No VictoryPower MetalYes2009
1932HammerfallThresholdPower MetalNo2006
1933HammerforceAccess DeniedPower MetalYes2013
1934HammerforceDicePower MetalYes2009
1935Hands Of DespairBereftMelodic Death MetalYes2016
1936Hands Of DespairHereafterMelodic Death MetalYes2011
1937Hands Of DespairWell of the DisquietedMelodic Death MetalYes2018
1938HangarStronger than EverPower MetalYes2016
1939Hardcore SuperstarBeg For ItHard Rock/MetalYes2009
1940Hardcore SuperstarDreamin In A CasketHard Rock/MetalYes2007
1941HarmonyTheatre of RedemptionPower MetalYes2014
1942Harmony DiesI'll Be Your MasterBrutal Death MetalNo2000
1944Haste The DayCowardMetalcoreYes2015
1945Hate CrimeGuiltyNS PunkNo2005
1946Hate EternalKing Of All KingsDeath MetalYes2002
1947Hate ForestPurityNS Black MetalYes2003
1948Hate SocietyHell's Your PlaceHatecore/RACNo
1949Hate SocietySounds Of Racial HatredHatecore/RACNo1999
1951HatebreedSatisfaction is the Death of DesireHardcoreYes1997
1952Hated & ProudLet Freedom ReignRAC/OIYes
1953HateworkNo Bloodsoil For OilWP Death MetalYes2003
1955Heart In HandA Beautiful WhiteMetalcoreYes2014
1956Heart Of A CowardHope and HindranceMetalcoreYes2012
1957HeartsoundsInternal EyesPunkYes2013
1958Heathen ForayInner ForceMelodic Viking MetalYes2013
1959Heathen ForayInto BattleMelodic Viking MetalYes2015
1960Heathen ForayThe PassageMelodic Viking MetalYes2009
1961HeavatarOpus I - All My KingdomsPower MetalYes2013
1962HeavatarOpus II - The AnnihilationPower MetalYes2018
1963Heaven Shall BurnDeaf to Our PrayersMetalcoreYes2006
1964Heaven Shall BurnWhatever It May TakeMetalcoreYes2002
1965Heaven's CryOutcastPower MetalYes2016
1966Heaven's CryWheels of ImpermanencePower MetalYes2012
1967HeavenlyCarpe DiemPower MetalYes2009
1968HeavenlyDust To DustPower MetalYes2003
1969HeavenlyVirusPower MetalYes2006
1970Heavens GateBest for Sale!Power MetalYes2015
1971HeavenwoodAbyss MasterpieceGothic MetalYes2011
1972HeavenwoodRedemptionGothic MetalYes2008
1973HeavenwoodSwallowGothic MetalYes1998
1974HeavenwoodThe Tarot of the BohemiansGothic MetalYes2016
1975Heavy LoadDeath Or GloryPower MetalYes1982
1976Heavy LoadFull Speed At High LevelPower MetalYes1978
1977Heavy LoadMetal ConquestPower MetalYes1981
1978Heavy LoadStronger Than EvilPower MetalYes1983
1979Heavy LoadTake Me AwayPower MetalYes1982
1980Hecate EnthronedThe Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The MightyBlack MetalNo1997
1981Hecate EnthronedVirulent RaptureBlack MetalYes2013
1982HecatombicDelights Of The DespicableBrutal Death MetalYes2004
1983HeelChaos And GreedPower MetalYes2009
1984HegemonChaos SupremeBlack MetalYes2000
1985HeidevolkDe Strijdlust is GeborenFolk/Viking MetalYes2005
1986HeidevolkUit Oude GrondFolk/Viking MetalYes2010
1987HeidevolkWalhalla WachtFolk/Viking MetalNo2008
1988HeimdallThe AlmightyPower MetalYes2002
1989HeimsgardÍrdragPagan Black MetalYes2015
1990Heinous KillingsHung With BarbwireBrutal Death MetalYes2006
1991HelFalland V÷randiPagan Black MetalYes2005
1992HelcaraxŰBroadswordDeath MetalYes2009
1993HelcaraxŰRed DragonDeath MetalYes2012
1994HelcaraxŰTriumph and RevengeDeath MetalYes2007
1995HelfahrtDrifaPagan Black MetalYes2010
1996HelfahrtSturmgewaltPagan Black MetalYes2006
1997HelfahrtWiedergangPagan Black MetalYes2008
1998HelheimAv norr°n ŠttViking MetalYes1997
1999HelheimHei­indˇmr ok mˇtgangrViking MetalYes2011
2000HelheimJormundgandViking MetalYes1995
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