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501Bad ReligionSufferPunkYes1987
502Bad ReligionThe Dissent of ManPunkYes2010
503Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes FirstPunkYes2004
504Bad ReligionThe Gray RacePunkYes1996
505Bad ReligionThe New AmericaPunkYes2000
506Bad ReligionThe Process Of BeliefPunkYes2002
507Bad ReligionTrue NorthPunkYes2013
508Bagadou StourmBezenn PerrotRACYes
509Bagadou StourmPenn Ar BedRACYes
510Baise Ma HacheBréviaire du chaosBlack MetalYes2016
511Baise Ma HacheF​.​E​.​R​.​TBlack MetalYes2018
512Bakers DozenDivided From The MassesRAC/OIYes2001
513Bal-SagothA Black Moon Broods Over LemuriaSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1994
514Bal-SagothAtlantis AscendantSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes2001
515Bal-SagothBattle MagicSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1998
516Bal-SagothStarfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima ThuleSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1996
517Bal-SagothThe Chthonic ChroniclesSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes2006
518Bal-SagothThe Power CosmicSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1999
519Balance Of PowerTen More Tales...Power MetalNo1999
520Bane of WinterstormThe Last Sons of PerylinPower MetalYes2013
521BannerwarCenturies Of Heathen MightNS Black MetalNo2006
522BannerwarPrinciples Of Aryan BloodNs Black MetalYes2002
523BannerwarTo Honour FatherlandNS Black MetalNo2004
524BannerwarWolfkampferNS Black MetalYes2002
525BarastirBattlehymns Of HateBlack MetalYes2007
526BarathrumVenomousBlack MetalYes2002
527Barbarian Warriors In Search Of WisdomPaganheartPagan Black MetalYes2006
528Barren EarthOn Lonely TowersDeath MetalYes2015
529Basarabian HillsA Breath of the Wide ValleyAmbient/Black MetalYes2012
530Basarabian HillsEerie Light of FirefliesAmbient/Black MetalYes2018
531Basarabian HillsGroping in a Misty SpreadAmbient/Black MetalYes2014
532Baston 14Baston 14RAC/OIYes2004
533BathoryHammerheartBlack/Viking MetalYes1990
534BattalionWinter CampaignDeath MetalNo2005
535Battle BeastBattle BeastPower MetalYes2013
536Battle BeastSteelPower MetalYes2011
537Battle BeastUnholy SaviorPower MetalYes2015
538Battle BornBlood, Fire, Magic and SteelPower MetalNo2023
539Battle FlagReturn Of The White WolfNS Heavy MetalYes2004
540Battle ScarredOi! Oi! Music, Football And BeerNS PunkNo2004
541BattleaxeBurn This TownPower MetalYes1983
542BattleaxeHeavy Metal SanctuaryPower MetalYes2013
543BattleaxePower from the UniversePower MetalYes1984
544BattlecrossPursuit of HonorMelodic Death MetalYes2011
545BattlecrossRise to PowerMelodic Death MetalYes2015
546BattlecrossWar of WillMelodic Death MetalYes2013
547BattlecryBattlecryHeavy MetalNo2005
548BattlecryKeepers Of The LightHeavy MetalNo2006
549BattlecryToday Belongs To UsHeavy MetalYes2009
550BattlefrontInto The StormHatecore/RACYes
551BattleheartBattleheartPower MetalYes2006
552BattleheartTerror On The High SeasPower MetalYes2006
553BattleloreDoomboundEpic Power MetalYes2011
554BattleloreEvernightEpic Power MetalYes2007
555BattleloreSwords SongEpic Power MetalNo2003
556BattleloreThe Last AllianceEpic Power MetalYes2008
557BattleloreThird Age Of The SunEpic Power MetalYes2005
558BattleloreWhere The Shadows LieEpic Power MetalYes2002
559BattlerageBlood, Fire, SteelPower MetalYes2009
560BattleroarBlood of LegendsPower MetalYes2014
561BattleroarTo Death And Beyond...Power MetalYes2008
562BattlesoulLay Down Thy BurdensFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2010
563BattleswordFailing In TriumphMelodic Death MetalYes2003
564BatushkaLitourgiyaBlack MetalYes2015
566Be'lakorOf Breath and BoneMelodic Death MetalYes2012
567Be'lakorStone's ReachMelodic Death MetalYes2009
568Be'lakorThe Frail TideMelodic Death MetalYes2007
569Be'lakorVesselsMelodic Death MetalYes2016
572Before EdenThe Legacy of GaiaPower MetalYes2005
573Before GodUnder The Blood BannerNS Death/Trash MetalYes2000
574Before GodWolves Amongst The SheepNS Death/Trash MetalYes1999
575BehemothDemigodBlack/Death MetalNo2004
576BehemothEvangelionBlack/Death MetalYes2009
577BehemothPandemonic IncantationsBlack/Death MetalYes1998
578BehemothSatanicaBlack/Death MetalYes1999
579BehemothZos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)Black/Death MetalYes2002
580Behind The RevolverStagnant WaterMetalcoreYes2012
581Being As An Ocean Being as an Ocean MetalcoreYes2015
582Being As An OceanHow We Both Wondrously PerishMetalcoreYes2014
583Bel O KanBirth of a QueenPower MetalYes2009
584BelenosChants De BatailleCeltic Black MetalYes2006
585BelenosChemins De SouffranceCeltic Black MetalYes2007
586BelenosErrances OniriquesCeltic Black MetalYes2001
587BelenosNotre Amour ÉternelCeltic Black MetalYes1998
588BelenosSpicilegeCeltic Black MetalYes2002
589BelenosYen Sonn GardisCeltic Black MetalYes2010
590BelinusBattlechantsCeltic Black MetalYes2002
591Belvedere'Twas Hell Said Former ChildPunkYes2001
592BelvedereBecause No One Stopped UsPunkYes1998
593BenedictumDominionPower MetalYes2011
594BenedictumObeyPower MetalYes2013
595BenedictumSeasons Of TragedyPower MetalYes2008
596BenedictumUncreationPower MetalYes2006
597BenightedAsylum CaveBrutal Death MetalYes2011
598BenightedCarnivore SublimeBrutal Death MetalYes2014
599BenightedIconBrutal Death MetalNo2007
600BenightedIdentisickBrutal Death MetalYes2006
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