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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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301AnoxiaIntense KillingsBrutal Death MetalYes2004
302AnteriorThis Age Of SilenceMelodic Death MetalYes2007
303AnthracitePlus Précieux que l'OrPower MetalYes1987
304Anti-FlagA New Kind Of ArmyPunkYes1999
305Anti-FlagAmerican SpringPunkYes2015
306Anti-FlagCease FiresPunkYes2015
307Anti-FlagDie For The GovernmentPunkNo1996
309Anti-FlagThe Terror StatePunkYes2003
310Anti-FlagTheir System Doesn't Work For YouPunkYes1998
311Anti-FlagUnderground NetworkPunkYes2001
312AntropofagusArchitecture of LustBrutal Death MetalYes2012
313Anubis GateAndromeda UnchainedPower MetalYes2007
314Any Given DayEverlastingMetalcoreYes2016
315Any Given DayMy Longest Way HomeMetalcoreYes2014
316AphasiaArcane in ThalassaBlack/Death MetalNo2002
317AphasiaBeyond The Infinite HorizonBlack/Death MetalNo1998
318AphroditeAphroditePower MetalYes1986
319Appearance of NothingA New BeginningPower MetalYes2014
320ApraxiaHymns Of Dark ForestPagan Black MetalYes1998
321Aq BureИзге моңнарFolk MetalYes2015
322AquariaLuxaeternaPower MetalYes2005
323AquariaShambalaPower MetalYes2007
324ArathornNiemals Kroenender Als Was Einst WarBlack MetalYes1997
325Arcane GrailMysteries Of The Ancient CharnelMelodic Black/Death MetalYes2006
326Arch EnemyAnthems Of RebellionMelodic Death MetalYes2003
327Arch EnemyBlack EarthMelodic Death MetalYes1996
328Arch EnemyBurning BridgesMelodic Death MetalYes1999
329Arch EnemyBurning Japan LiveMelodic Death Metal LiveYes1999
330Arch EnemyDead Eyes See No FutureMelodic Death MetalYes2004
331Arch EnemyDoomsday MachineMelodic Death MetalNo2005
332Arch EnemyKhaos LegionsMelodic Death MetalYes2011
333Arch EnemyRise Of The TyrantMelodic Death MetalYes2007
334Arch EnemyStigmataMelodic Death MetalYes1998
335Arch EnemyWages Of SinMelodic Death MetalNo2001
336Arch EnemyWar EternalMelodic Death MetalYes2014
337Arch EnemyWill to PowerMelodic Death MetalYes2017
338ArchitectsAll Our Gods Have Abandoned UsMetalcoreYes2016
340ArchitectsHollow CrownMetalcoreYes2009
341ArchitectsHoly HellMetalcoreYes2018
344ArchitectsThe Here and NowMetalcoreYes2011
345ArchonsThe Consequences Of SilenceMelodic Death MetalNo2008
346ArghoslentArsenal Of GloryDeath MetalYes1999
347ArghoslentGalloping Through The Battle RuinsDeath MetalNo1998
348ArghoslentHornets Of The PogromDeath MetalYes2008
349ArghoslentIncorrigible BigotryDeath MetalNo2007
350Ari KoivunenFuel For The FirePower MetalYes2007
351AriaHero of AsphaltPower MetalYes1987
352ArianrhodPour Ta NationRACYes2004
353Arida VortexHail to RockPower MetalYes2014
354ArionLast of UsPower MetalYes2014
355ArkonaОт сердца к небуFolk/Pagan MetalYes2007
356ArkonaGoi, Rode, Goi!Folk/Pagan MetalYes2009
357ArkonaKhramFolk/Pagan MetalYes2018
358ArkonaLeptaFolk/Pagan MetalYes2004
359ArkonaSlovoFolk/Pagan MetalYes2011
360ArkonaVo Slavu Velikim !Folk/Pagan MetalYes2005
361ArkonaVozrozhdenieFolk/Pagan MetalYes2016
362ArkonaYavFolk/Pagan MetalYes2014
363ArmoryEmpyrean RealmsPower MetalYes2013
364ArmoryThe Dawn Of EnlightenmentPower MetalYes2007
365Arresting OfficersLand & HeritageRACYes1988
366Arresting OfficersPatriotic VoiceRACYes1988
367Arseniq 33Y'a Des Limites A Faire DurSkaYes2002
368ArtchAnother ReturnPower MetalYes1988
369ArtefactMagic SpellcraftBlack MetalYes2006
370ArtefactRuinsBlack MetalYes2008
371ArtefactSon Of SolsticeBlack MetalYes2004
372Artery EruptionGouging Out Eyes Of Mutilated InfantsBrutal Death MetalNo2005
373ArthemisBlack SocietyPower MetalYes2008
374ArthemisGolden DawnPower MetalYes2003
375ArtizanCurse of the ArtizanPower MetalYes2011
376ArvingerHelgards FallBlack/Viking MetalYes2003
377ArwenIllusionsPower MetalYes2004
378ArwenMemories Of A DreamPower MetalYes2002
379ArwenThe Soul's SentencePower MetalYes2018
380Aryan RebelsSpirit Of 33RACYes
381Aryan TerrorismWarNS Black MetalYes2002
382As Blood Runs BlackAllegianceDeathcoreYes2006
383As Blood Runs BlackGround ZeroDeathcoreYes2014
384As Blood Runs BlackInstinctDeathcoreYes2011
385As Fall ComesDie Under Ink RythmPunkYes2011
386As I Lay DyingAn Ocean Between UsMetalcoreYes2007
387As I Lay DyingAwakenedMetalcoreNo2012
388As I Lay DyingBeneath the Encasing of AshesMetalcoreYes2001
389As I Lay DyingFrail Words CollapseMetalcoreYes2003
390As I Lay DyingShadows Are SecurityMetalcoreYes2005
391As I Lay DyingThe Powerless RiseMetalcoreYes2010
392As It IsNever Happy, Ever AfterPop PunkYes2015
393As Memory DiesTransmutateMelodic Death MetalYes2009
394As The Sky DarkensFreedomMetalcoreYes2014
395AsenblutAufbruchPagan Black MetalYes2009
396AsenblutDie wilde JagdPagan Black MetalYes2020
397AsenblutVon Worten und TatenPagan Black MetalYes2013
398AsgeirrDiktat AllianzBlack MetalYes2005
399AsgeirrNouvel Ordre Du NordBlack MetalYes2003
400AshbringerVacantAtmospheric Black MetalYes2015
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