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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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4301Wuthering HeightsThe Shadow CabinetProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalYes2006
4302Wuthering HeightsTo Travel For EvermoreProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalNo2002
4303Wuthering HeightsWithinProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalYes1999
4304WyrdHeathenPagan Black MetalYes2001
4305WyrdHuldrafolkPagan Black MetalYes2002
4306WyrdKammenPagan Black MetalYes2007
4307X-CaliberWarriors of the NightPower MetalYes1986
4308XandriaFire & AshesPower MetalYes2015
4309XandriaSacrificiumPower MetalYes2014
4310XasthurA Gate Through Bloodstained MirrorsBlack MetalYes2001
4311XasthurTo Violate The ObliviousBlack MetalYes2004
4312XenophobiaReclaiming Celtic GloryNS Black MetalNo2006
4313XironTurn to StonePower MetalYes2001
4314XIV Dark CenturiesDen Ahnen Zum GrusseFolk Black/Death MetalYes2003
4315XIV Dark CenturiesDunkle JahrhunderteFolk Black/Death MetalYes2002
4316XIV Dark CenturiesFor Your GodFolk Black/Death MetalYes1999
4317YggdrasilI Nordens RikeFolk/Viking MetalYes2003
4318YggdrasilKvällningsvindar över Nordrönt LandFolk/Viking MetalYes2007
4319YotangorKing of the UniversePower MetalYes2009
4320Your DemiseA New EndingHardcoreYes
4321Your MemorialRedirectMetalcoreYes2012
4322Youthful OffendersDominationNS/OIYes2000
4323ZandelleFlames of RagePower MetalYes2009
4324Zeno MorfZeno MorfPower MetalYes2009
4325ZephaniahReforgedPower MetalYes2015
4326ZgardСозерцание (Contemplation)Pagan Black MetalYes2014
4327ZgardУ вирi чорної снаги (Within the Swirl of Black Vigor)Pagan Black MetalYes2017
4328ZgardAstral GlowPagan Black MetalYes2013
4329ZgardTotemPagan Black MetalYes2015
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