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1401DynaztySultans of SinPower MetalYes2012
1402DynaztyThe Dark DelightPower MetalYes2020
1403DyscordiaWords in RuinProgressive MetalYes2016
1404DyscrasiaSeptical Stomach-Pumped RemnantsBrutal Death MetalYes2003
1405DyslesiaIn Veins, Hearts And MindsPower MetalYes2008
1406EagleheartDreamtherapyPower MetalYes2011
1407EagleheartMoment Of LifePower MetalYes2008
1408EagleheartReversePower MetalYes2017
1409EaracleRise of ColossusPower MetalYes2019
1410Ease Of DisgustBlack FlameDeath MetalYes2014
1411East End RadicalsZero HourPunkYes2015
1412Ebon ArcanumAwakeningAtmospheric Black MetalYes2014
1413Echo Of DalriadaFergetegEpic Folk MetalYes2004
1414Echo of DalriadaJégbontóEpic Folk MetalYes2006
1415EclipseClandestine ResurrectionPower MetalYes2015
1416Eclipse EternalReign Of The Unholy Blackened EmpireEpic Black MetalNo2004
1417Eden's CurseEden's CursePower MetalYes2007
1418Eden's CurseSymphony of SinPower MetalYes2013
1419Eden's CurseTrinityPower MetalYes2011
1420EdenbridgeMyEarthDreamPower MetalYes2008
1421EdenbridgeSolitairePower MetalYes2010
1422EdenbridgeThe BondingPower MetalYes2013
1423EdguyAge of the JokerPower MetalYes2011
1424EdguyBurning Down The Opera LivePower Metal LiveNo2003
1425EdguyHellfire ClubPower MetalYes2004
1426EdguyMandrakePower MetalYes2001
1427EdguyRocket RidePower MetalYes2006
1428EdguySpace Police - Defenders of the CrownPower MetalYes2014
1429EdguyThe Savage PoetryPower MetalYes2000
1430EdguyTheater Of SalvationPower MetalYes1999
1431EdguyTinnitus SanctusPower MetalYes2008
1432EdguyVain Glory OperaPower MetalYes1998
1433Einher SkaldMud and BloodDeath/Viking MetalYes2018
1434EinherjerAv oss, for ossBlack/Viking MetalYes2014
1435EinherjerDragons Of The NorthBlack/Viking MetalYes1996
1436EinherjerNorwegian Native ArtBlack/Viking MetalYes2005
1437EissturmThe OakAmbient/Black MetalYes2016
1438EissturmWinterAmbient/Black MetalYes2014
1439EkzistenciaThe Sovereign Of ThunderstormPower MetalYes2008
1440EldamarA Dark Forgotten PastAmbient/Black MetalYes2017
1441EldamarThe Force of the Ancient LandAmbient/Black MetalYes2016
1442ElderbloodMessiahMelodic Black MetalYes2016
1443ElderbloodSon of the MorningMelodic Black MetalYes2013
1444EldritchBlackendayPower MetalYes2007
1445EldritchCracksleepPower MetalYes2018
1446EldritchEl NiñoPower MetalYes1998
1447EldritchGaia's LegacyPower MetalYes2011
1448EldritchNeighbourhellPower MetalYes2006
1449EldritchPortrait of the Abyss WithinPower MetalYes2004
1450EldritchTasting the TearsPower MetalYes2014
1451EldritchUnderlying IssuesPower MetalYes2015
1452ElementsNorthern EchoesPower MetalYes2009
1453Eleventh HourMemory of a Lifetime JourneyProgressive Power MetalYes2016
1454ElexorienElexorienFolk MetalYes2007
1455ElfforThe Unblessed WoodsAmbient/Black MetalYes2006
1456ElivagarFollowers Of Ancient TalesMelodic Death/Folk MetalYes2007
1457EljudnerPromo 2003Black/Folk MetalYes2003
1458ElmsfireHour of the WolfPower MetalYes2016
1459ElmsfireThieves of the SunPower MetalYes2010
1460EluveitieEverything Remains as It Never WasFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2010
1461EluveitieEvocation I - The Arcane DominionFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2009
1462EluveitieHelvetiosFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2012
1463EluveitieOriginsFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2014
1464EluveitieSlaniaFolk/Melodic Death MetalNo2008
1465EluveitieSpiritFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2006
1466EluveitieVênFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2004
1467ElvenkingEraEpic Power MetalYes2012
1468ElvenkingHeathenreelEpic Power MetalYes2001
1469ElvenkingReader of the Runes - DivinationEpic Power MetalYes2019
1470ElvenkingRed Silent TidesEpic Power MetalYes2010
1471ElvenkingSecrets of the Magick GrimoireEpic Power MetalYes2017
1472ElvenkingThe Pagan ManifestoEpic Power MetalYes2014
1473ElvenkingThe ScytheEpic Power MetalNo2007
1474ElvenkingThe Winter WakeEpic Power MetalYes2006
1475ElvenkingTwo Tragedy Poets (...And a Caravan of Weird Figures)Epic Power MetalYes2008
1476ElvenkingWyrdEpic Power MetalYes2004
1477ElvenpathGatewaysPower MetalYes2004
1478ElvenpathSpyrolPower MetalYes2008
1479EmbeddedBloodgeoningDeath MetalYes2016
1480Emerald MindTales of SoveenaPower MetalYes2009
1481Emerald SunEscape From TwilightPower MetalYes2007
1482Emerald SunRegenerationPower MetalYes2011
1483Emergency GateInfectedMelodic Death MetalYes2014
1484Emergency GateNightly RayMelodic Death MetalYes2006
1485Emergency GateRewakeMelodic Death MetalYes2009
1486Emergency GateThe Nemesis ConstructMelodic Death MetalYes2010
1487Emergency GateYouMelodic Death MetalYes2013
1488Empathy DeniedDemoBrutal Death MetalNo2006
1489EmperorIn The Nightside EclipseBlack MetalYes1994
1490Empire FailsPromoPower MetalYes2006
1491Empires Of EdenReborn In FirePower MetalYes2010
1492Empires Of EdenSongs Of War And VengeancePower MetalYes2009
1493EmptinessGuilty To ExistDeath MetalYes2004
1494EmpyriaSense of MindPower MetalYes2002
1495EmpyriaThe Long Road HomePower MetalYes2009
1496EndlessA Dream at the SunPower MetalYes2006
1497EndlessEternal WindsPower MetalYes2000
1498EngelRaven KingsMetalcoreYes2014
1499EnisumArpitanian LandsAmbient/Black MetalYes2015
1500EnisumMoth's IllusionAmbient/Black MetalYes2019
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