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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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601Benighted SoulStart from ScratchPower MetalYes2011
602BergthronExpedition AutarktisBlack MetalYes2010
603BergthronFaust Für FaustBlack MetalNo2004
604BergthronJagdheimBlack MetalNo2001
605BergthronLeben Und LebenswilleBlack MetalYes2007
606BergthronVerborgen In Den Tiefen Der WälderBlack MetalNo1997
607Berserk...From the Celtiberian WoodsPagan Black MetalNo2001
608BerserkReturn Of The Ancient LawsBlack MetalYes2004
609BerserksBerserksPower MetalYes1982
610Bestial MockeryEvoke The DesecratorBlack/Trash MetalYes2003
611Bestial WarlustVengeance War Till DeathBlack MetalYes1997
612BethlehemDark MetalBlack/Death MetalYes1994
613BetokenVenom EmpirePower MetalYes2009
615Betraying The MartyrsBreathe In LifeDeathcoreYes2011
616Betraying The MartyrsPhantomDeathcoreYes2014
617Betraying The MartyrsThe ResilientDeathcoreYes2017
618Better Left UnsaidOnly The Dead To WitnessMetalcoreYes2010
619Better Left UnsaidThe Fight WithinMetalcoreYes2008
620Better Luck Next TimeA Lifetime of LearningPop PunkYes2009
621Beyond CreationAlgorythmDeath MetalYes2018
622Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionDeath MetalYes2014
623Beyond CreationThe AuraDeath MetalYes2011
624Beyond FearBeyond FearHeavy MetalYes2006
625Beyond The BlackHeart of the HurricanePower MetalYes2018
626Beyond The BlackHørizønsPower MetalYes2020
627Beyond The BlackLost in ForeverPower MetalYes2016
628Beyond The BlackSongs of Love and DeathPower MetalYes2015
629Beyond The ShoreGhostwatcherMetalcoreYes2013
630Beyond The ShoreThe Arctic FrontMetalcoreYes2009
631Bialy VitezKiedy wiatr rozwieje prochyFolk/Pagan MetalYes2010
632BifröstHeidenmetalBlack/Viking MetalYes2010
633BifröstMana EwahBlack/Viking MetalYes2016
634BifröstTor in eine neue WeltBlack/Viking MetalYes2013
635BigbucketNon MerciPunkNo2004
636BigWigLive A DrummondvillePunkYes1997
637BigWigStay AsleepPunkYes1999
638BigWigUnMerry MelodiesPunkYes1997
639BilskirnirAtavismus Des GlaubensNS Black MetalNo2003
640BilskirnirFor Victory We RideNS Black MetalYes1997
641BilskirnirWotansvolkNS Black MetalYes2007
642Bishops GreenA Chance To ChangePunkYes2015
643Bishops GreenBack To Our RootsPunkYes2016
644Bitter EndIllusions of Dominance HardcoreYes2015
645Black Crown EmpireMy Name Is WarMetalcoreYes2014
646Black FateBetween Visions & LiesPower MetalYes2014
647Black FateDeliverance of SoulPower MetalYes2009
648Black FlagDamagedPunkYes1981
649Black KnightBlack KnightPower MetalYes2005
650Black KnightMaster of DisasterPower MetalYes1985
651Black Knight SymfoniaAncestral TormentsPower MetalYes2013
652Black MajestyCross of ThornsPower MetalYes2015
653Black MajestyIn Your HonourPower MetalYes2010
654Black MajestySands Of TimePower MetalYes2003
655Black MajestySilent CompanyPower MetalYes2005
656Black MajestyStargazerPower MetalYes2012
657Black MajestyTomorrowlandPower MetalYes2007
658Black MessiahFirst War Of The WorldSymphonic Black MetalYes2009
659Black MessiahHeimwehSymphonic Black MetalYes2013
660Black MessiahOath Of A WarriorSymphonic Black MetalYes2005
661Black MessiahOf Myths And LegendsSymphonic Black MetalYes2006
662Black MoorBrave to the GravePower MetalYes2016
663Black MoorLethal WatersPower MetalYes2012
664Black MoorThe ConqueringPower MetalYes2009
665BlackguardFirefightBlack/Folk MetalYes2011
666BlackguardProfugus MortisBlack/Folk MetalYes2009
667BlackthornWitch Cult TernionMelodic Black MetalYes2015
668BlasphemeBlasphemePower MetalYes1983
669BlasphemeBriser Le SilencePower MetalYes2010
670BlasphemeDésir de VampyrPower MetalYes1985
671Blazon StoneNo Sign of GloryPower MetalYes2015
672Blazon StoneReturn to Port RoyalPower MetalYes2013
673Blazon StoneWar of the RosesPower MetalYes2016
674Blessed By A Broken HeartPedal To The MetalMetalcoreYes2008
676BlessthefallHis Last WalkMetalcoreYes2007
677BlessthefallHollow BodiesMetalcoreNo2013
678BlessthefallTo Those Left BehindMetalcoreYes2015
680Blind GuardianA Night At The OperaPower MetalYes2002
681Blind GuardianA Twist In The MythPower MetalNo2006
682Blind GuardianAt the Edge of TimePower MetalYes2010
683Blind GuardianBattalions Of FearPower MetalYes1988
684Blind GuardianBeyond the Red MirrorPower MetalYes2015
685Blind GuardianFlyPower MetalYes2006
686Blind GuardianFollow The BlindPower MetalYes1989
687Blind GuardianImaginations From The Other SidePower MetalNo1995
688Blind GuardianLivePower Metal LiveNo2003
689Blind GuardianNightfall In Middle-EarthPower MetalYes1998
690Blind GuardianSomewhere Far BeyondPower MetalYes1992
691Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight WorldPower MetalYes1990
692Blind SoulLa Destruction De L'ÂmeMetalNo2004
693Blind WitnessNightmare on Providence StreetMetalcoreYes2010
694Blind WitnessSilences Are WordsMetalcoreYes2008
695Blinded By FaithChernobyl SurvivorMelodic Black MetalYes2012
696Blinded By FaithUnder An Occult SunMelodic Black MetalNo2003
697Blinded By FaithWeapons Of Mass DistractionMelodic Black MetalNo2007
698Blinded ColonyBedtime PrayersMelodic Death MetalYes2007
699Blink-182Greatest HitsPop PunkNo2005
700BlitzkriegBack from HellPower MetalYes2013
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