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901Celtic LegacyGuardian Of EternityFolk/Power MetalYes2008
902Celtic LegacyResurrectionFolk/Power MetalYes2003
903CentaurThe Origin of SinPower MetalYes2009
904CenturionFourteen WordsNS Heavy/Trash MetalYes1994
905CenturionRides AgainNS Heavy/Trash MetalYes1997
906Cerebral EffusionIdolatry of the UnethicalBrutal Death MetalYes2014
907Cerebral EffusionViolence In MotionBrutal Death MetalNo2003
908Ceremonial CastingsCthulhuBlack MetalYes2014
909Ceremonial EmbraceOblivionBlack MetalYes2001
910ChainsawA Sin ActPower MetalNo2006
911ChainsawEvilutionPower MetalYes2009
912Chaos 88Crimes Of WarHatecoreYes
913Chaos 88Welcome To Atlantic CityHatecoreNo1998
914Chaos MagicChaos MagicPower MetalYes2015
915Charles HårfagerI Svält Och NödPunkYes1992
916Charred Walls Of The DamnedCharred Walls of the DamnedPower MetalYes2010
917ChaserNumb AmericaPunkYes2006
918ChaserThe Big PicturePunkYes2010
919Chasse-GalerieArs MoriendiBlack MetalYes2010
920Chasse-GalerieManifesteBlack MetalYes2011
921ChastainFor Those Who DarePower MetalYes1990
922ChastainIn an OutragePower MetalYes2004
923ChastainIn DementiaPower MetalYes1997
924ChastainMystery of IllusionPower MetalYes1985
925ChastainRuler of the WastelandPower MetalYes1986
926ChastainSick SocietyPower MetalYes1995
927ChastainSurrender to No OnePower MetalYes2013
928ChastainThe 7th of NeverPower MetalYes1987
929ChastainThe Voice of the CultPower MetalYes1988
930ChastainWe Bleed MetalPower MetalYes2015
931Chelsea GrinAshes to AshesDeathcoreYes2014
932Chelsea GrinChelsea GrinDeathcoreYes2008
933Chelsea GrinDesolation of EdenDeathcoreYes2010
934Chelsea GrinMy DamnationDeathcoreYes2011
935Chelsea GrinSelf InflictedDeathcoreYes2016
936ChevrotineAux ArmesHatecore/RACNo
937ChevrotineRaciste & FierHatecore/RACYes
938Children Of BodomAre You Dead Yet?Melodic Death MetalYes2005
939Children Of BodomBlooddrunkMelodic Death MetalYes2008
940Children Of BodomFollow The ReaperMelodic Death MetalNo2000
941Children Of BodomHalo of BloodMelodic Death MetalYes2013
942Children Of BodomHate Crew DeathrollMelodic Death MetalYes2003
943Children Of BodomHatebreederMelodic Death MetalNo1999
944Children Of BodomI Worship ChaosMelodic Death MetalYes2015
945Children Of BodomRelentless Reckless ForeverMelodic Death MetalNo2011
946Children Of BodomShinning (Demo)Melodic Death MetalYes1996
947Children Of BodomSomething WildMelodic Death MetalYes1997
948Children Of BodomTokyo WarheartsMelodic Death Metal LiveYes1999
949Children Of BodomTrashed, Lost & Strungout EPMelodic Death MetalYes2004
950Children Of BodomUbiguitous Absence Of Remission (Demo)Melodic Death MetalYes1994
951ChirawScarecrows and LullabiesMelodic Death MetalYes2011
952Chronos ZeroA Prelude into Emptiness - The Tears Path: Chapter AlphaProgressive MetalYes2013
953Chronos ZeroHollowlands - The Tears Path: Chapter OneProgressive MetalYes2016
954CigarSpeed Is RelativePunkYes1999
955CineraryRituals Of DesecrationBrutal Death MetalNo2001
956Circle II CircleConsequence of PowerPower MetalYes2010
957Circle II CircleReign of DarknessPower MetalYes2015
958Circle II CircleSeasons Will FallPower MetalYes2013
959Circle Of Dead ChildrenZero Comfort MarginGrind/Brutal Death MetalNo2005
960Circle Of SilenceThe Blackened HaloPower MetalYes2011
961Circle Of SilenceThe Crimson ThronePower MetalYes2018
962Circle Of SilenceThe Rise of ResistancePower MetalYes2013
963Circus MaximusHavocPower MetalYes2016
964Circus MaximusIsolatePower MetalYes2007
965Circus MaximusNinePower MetalYes2012
966Circus MaximusThe 1st ChapterPower MetalYes2005
967Cirith GorgorUnveiling The EssenceMelodic Black MetalYes2001
968Civil CarnageAbomination In The House Of GodBrutal Death MetalNo1999
969Civil WarGods and GeneralsPower MetalYes2015
970Civil WarThe Killer AngelsPower MetalYes2013
971Civil WarThe Last Full MeasurePower MetalYes2016
972Civilization OneRevolution RisingPower MetalYes2007
973ClairvoyantsThe Shape of Things to ComePower MetalYes2012
974ClairvoyantsWord To The WisePower MetalYes2009
975CliteaterClit Em AllBrutal Death MetalYes2003
976CliteaterCliteaten Back to LifeBrutal Death MetalYes2013
977CliteaterEat Clit Or DieBrutal Death MetalNo2005
978CliteaterFrom Enslavement to ClitorationBrutal Death MetalYes2016
979CloudscapeVoice of ReasonPower MetalYes2016
980Cloven HoofEye Of The SunPower MetalYes2006
981Cock And Ball TortureOpus(sy) VIGore/Grind MetalYes2000
982Cock SparrerEngland Belongs To MePunkYes1997
983Cold Northern VengeanceMaelstromBlack MetalYes2015
984Cold Northern VengeanceThe Arising Dungeon CultBlack MetalYes2005
985ColdseedCompletion Makes the TragedyMelodic Death MetalYes2006
986Combat 84Tooled UpRAC/OIYes2000
987Concerto MoonGate Of TriumphPower MetalYes2001
988Concrete EliteIron RosePunkYes2017
989Condemned 84Face The AggressionRAC/OiYes1988
990ConfessionLife and DeathMetalcoreYes2014
991ConfessionThe Long Way HomeMetalcoreYes2011
992ConfideAll Is CalmMetalcoreYes2013
993ConorachTales from the TavernPower MetalYes2008
994ConquestEmpirePower MetalYes2009
995ConquestTaste of LifePower MetalYes2015
996ConvictionsI Will BecomeMetalcoreYes2016
997CopremesisDemonstrating The FistDeath/Grind MetalYes2003
998CoronatusRecreatio CarminisPower MetalYes2013
999Corvus CoraxCantus Buranus IIFolk MetalYes2008
1000Corvus CoraxGimlieFolk MetalYes2013
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