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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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101AirbourneNo Guts. No Glory.RockYes2010
102AirbourneRunnin' WildRockNo2007
103AirwolfVictory BellsPower MetalYes1988
104AkashahCromleachBlack MetalNo2004
105AkitsaGoetieBlack MetalYes2002
106AkitsaSang NordiqueBlack MetalYes2002
107AkitsaTotale ServitudeBlack MetalYes1999
108AkreaLebenslinieMelodic Death MetalYes2009
109AkreaLügenkabinettMelodic Death MetalYes2010
110AkyrvironLight of the AgesFolk/Power MetalYes2013
112AldaaronNous Reviendrons ImmortelsBlack MetalYes2010
114AlesanaOn Frail Wings of Vanity and WaxMetalcoreYes2006
115AlesanaThe EmptinessMetalcoreYes2010
116AlesanaWhere Myth Fades to LegendMetalcoreYes2008
117AlestormBack Through TimeFolk/Power MetalYes2011
118AlestormBlack Sails at MidnightFolk/Power MetalYes2009
119AlestormCaptain Morgan's RevengeFolk/Power MetalNo2008
120AlestormLeviathanFolk/Power MetalYes2009
121Alien ForceHell and High WaterPower MetalYes1985
122AlkemystMeeting In The MistPower MetalYes2003
123AlkemystThrough Painful LanesPower MetalYes2008
124AlkonostBetween The WorldsFolk/Pagan Black MetalYes2004
125AlkonostOn the Wings of the CallFolk/Pagan Black MetalYes2010
126AlkonostThe Path We've Never MadeFolk/Pagan Black MetalYes2006
127All That RemainsThe Order of ThingsMetalcoreYes2015
128All Will KnowDeeper into TimeMetalcoreYes2015
129AllegianceHymn Till HangagudBlack MetalYes1996
130AlmahAlmahPower MetalYes2007
131AlmahFragile EqualityPower MetalYes2008
132AlogiaSecret Spheres of ArtPower MetalYes2005
133AlvergEldeBlack MetalYes2009
134AlwaarMarches and RequiemsBlack MetalYes2015
135AmarantheAmarantheMelodic Death MetalYes2011
136AmarantheThe NexusMelodic Death MetalYes2013
137Amberian DawnEnd of EdenPower MetalYes2010
138Amberian DawnInnuendoPower MetalYes2015
139Amberian DawnRe-EvolutionPower MetalYes2013
140Amberian DawnThe Clouds of Northland ThunderPower MetalYes2009
141American EagleDemoRACYes
142American StandardFor My NationNS PunkNo2004
143Amon AmarthDeceiver of the GodsDeath/Viking MetalNo2013
144Amon AmarthFate Of NornsDeath/Viking MetalNo2004
145Amon AmarthJomsvikingDeath/Viking MetalYes2016
146Amon AmarthOnce Sent From The Golden HallDeath/Viking MetalYes1998
147Amon AmarthSurtur RisingDeath/Viking MetalYes2011
148Amon AmarthThe AvengerDeath/Viking MetalYes2000
149Amon AmarthThe CrusherDeath/Viking MetalNo2001
150Amon AmarthTwilight Of The Thunder GodDeath/Viking MetalNo2008
151Amon AmarthVersus The WorldDeath/Viking MetalNo2002
152Amon AmarthWith Oden On Our SideDeath/Viking MetalNo2006
153Amor's ArrowsPower of the True Endless LovePower MetalYes2015
154AnakaThe Glorified CrusadePower MetalYes2009
155AncestralThe Ancient CursePower MetalYes2007
156Ancestral ProphecyGleams Of A Distant PastBlack MetalYes2003
157Ancient MoonVvltvreBlack MetalYes2015
158Ancient RitesDim CarcosaBlack/Viking MetalYes2001
159Ancient RitesFatherlandBlack/Viking MetalYes1998
160Ancient RitesLaguzBlack/Viking MetalYes2015
161Ancient RitesRubiconBlack/Viking MetalNo2006
162Ancient WisdomFor Snow Covered The NorthlandBlack MetalYes1996
163AncillottiThe Chain Goes OnEpic Power MetalYes2014
164Andras...Of Old WisdomPagan Black MetalNo2005
165AndrasIron WayPagan Black MetalNo2008
166AndrasWarlordPagan Black MetalYes2010
167Andre MatosMentalizePower MetalYes2009
168Andre MatosTime To Be FreePower MetalYes2007
169Andrew W.K.I Get WetMetalYes2001
170AngantyrSvigBlack MetalYes2010
171Angel DustOf Human BondagePower MetalYes2002
172Angeli di PietraAnthems of ConquestFolk/Power MetalYes2011
173Angeli di PietraStorm Over ScaldisFolk/Power MetalYes2009
174Angels HeartSixty-Eight CutlassPunkYes2003
175Anger WithinFight - Live - Act - GiveHatecoreYes2005
176AngraAquaPower MetalYes2010
177AngraRebirthPower MetalYes2001
178AngraTemple Of ShadowsPower MetalYes2004
179Angry AryansOld School HateHatecoreYes
180Angry AryansRacially Motivated ViolenceHatecoreYes1999
181Angry AryansToo White For YouHatecoreYes
182AnhkrehgLe Mensonge De MassadaBlack MetalNo1997
183Anima TempoCaged in MemoriesProgressive MetalYes2016
184Annotations Of An AutopsyII: The Reign of DarknessDeath MetalYes2010
185AnnthennathStates of Liberating DepartureBlack MetalYes2010
186AnonymusChapter Chaos BeginsTrash MetalNo2006
187AnonymusEnvers et contre tousTrash MetalYes2015
188AnonymusInstinctThrash MetalYes1999
189AnonymusStressThrash MetalYes1997
190Anorexia NervosaExileMelodic Black MetalYes1997
191Anorexia NervosaNew Obscurantis OrderMelodic Black MetalNo2001
192Anorexia NervosaRedemption ProcessMelodic Black MetalYes2005
193AnoxiaIntense KillingsBrutal Death MetalYes2004
194AnteriorThis Age Of SilenceMelodic Death MetalYes2007
195AnthracitePlus Précieux que l'OrPower MetalYes1987
196Anti-FlagA New Kind Of ArmyPunkYes1999
197Anti-FlagAmerican SpringPunkYes2015
198Anti-FlagCease FiresPunkYes2015
199Anti-FlagDie For The GovernmentPunkNo1996
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