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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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4201WildpathNyx SecretsPower MetalYes2006
4202Will Of The AncientsCold Grim TimesMelodic Black MetalYes2004
4203Will Of The AncientsWill Of The AncientsMelodic Black MetalYes2006
4204Wind RoseShadows over LothadruinPower MetalYes2012
4205Wind RoseWardens of the West WindPower MetalYes2015
4206Wind WraithThe Fortune Teller's GazePower MetalYes2001
4207WindfaererSolarBlack/Folk MetalYes2012
4208WindfaererTenebrosumBlack/Folk MetalYes2015
4209WindfaererTribusBlack/Folk MetalYes2010
4210Windir1184Black/Viking MetalYes2001
4211WindirArntorBlack/Viking MetalYes1998
4212WindirLikferdBlack/Viking MetalYes2003
4213WindirSóknardalrBlack/Viking MetalYes1997
4214Winds Of PlagueDecimate the WeakBlack/Death MetalNo2008
4215Wings Of DestinyBalladsPower MetalYes2020
4216Wings Of DestinyButterfly EffectPower MetalYes2017
4217Wings Of DestinyKings of TerrorPower MetalYes2016
4218Wings Of DestinyRevelationsPower MetalYes2019
4219Wings Of DestinyTimePower MetalYes2015
4220Winter Of ApokalypseSolitary Winter NightBlack MetalYes2005
4221Winter's DawnThe Winter Is DawningPower MetalYes2009
4222Winter's VergeEternal DamnationPower MetalYes2008
4223Winter's VergeTales of TragedyPower MetalYes2010
4224WinterblutDer 6. DanachBlack MetalYes1999
4225WinterbornCold RealityPower MetalYes2006
4226WinterbornFarewell to SaintsPower MetalYes2009
4227WinterfyllethThe Dark HereafterBlack MetalYes2016
4228WinterfyllethThe Divination of AntiquityBlack MetalYes2014
4229WinterfyllethThe Ghost of HeritageBlack MetalYes2008
4230WinterfyllethThe Mercian SphereBlack MetalYes2010
4231WinterfyllethThe Threnody of TriumphBlack MetalYes2012
4232WinterlandThe Snow Begins To FallPower MetalNo2007
4233Winters BaneHeart of a KillerPower MetalYes1993
4234WinterstormCathyronPower MetalYes2014
4235WintersunTime IMelodic Death MetalYes2012
4236WintersunWintersunMelodic Death MetalYes2004
4237WinterwitchTime Of The WolvesPagan Black MetalYes2004
4238WisdomMarching for LibertyPower MetalYes2013
4239WisdomRise of the WisePower MetalYes2016
4240WitcherA gyertyák csonkig égnekAtmospheric Black MetalYes2019
4241WitcherCsendes DombAtmospheric Black MetalYes2015
4242WitchfyndeCloak & DaggerPower MetalYes1983
4243WitchkillerDay Of The SaxonsPower MetalNo1984
4244WitchkingHand of JusticePower MetalYes2008
4245With One Last BreathThe Fearless OnesMetalcoreYes2014
4246WitherscapeThe InheritanceMelodic Death MetalYes2013
4247Within SilenceGallery of LifePower MetalYes2015
4248Within SilenceReturn from the ShadowsPower MetalYes2017
4249Within TemptationHydraPower MetalYes2014
4250Within TemptationMother EarthPower MetalYes2000
4251Within TemptationResistPower MetalYes2019
4252Within The RuinsPhenomenaMetalcoreYes2014
4253Wizard...Of Wariwulfs and BluotvarwesPower MetalYes2011
4254WizardBattle Of MetalPower MetalYes1997
4255WizardBound By MetalPower MetalYes1999
4256WizardGoochanPower MetalYes2007
4257WizardHead Of The DeceiverPower MetalNo2001
4258WizardMagic CirclePower MetalYes2005
4259WizardOdinPower MetalNo2003
4260WizardSon Of DarknessPower MetalYes1995
4261WizardThorPower MetalYes2009
4262WizardTrail of DeathPower MetalYes2013
4263WojnarPosrod Starych BorowFolk/AmbientYes2006
4264WolfchantBloody Tales of Disgraced LandsEpic Pagan MetalNo2005
4265Wolfchant Call of the Black WindsEpic Pagan MetalYes2011
4266WolfchantDetermined DamnationEpic Pagan MetalYes2009
4267WolfchantEmbraced by FireEpic Pagan MetalYes2013
4268WolfhordeHounds of PerditionBlack/Folk MetalYes2019
4269WolfhordeTowards the Gates of NorthBlack/Folk MetalYes2016
4270WolfmareHand of GloryFolk/Pagan MetalYes2010
4271WolfmareWhitemare RhymesFolk/Pagan MetalYes2008
4272WolfnachtNight Of The WerewolfNS Black MetalNo2002
4273WolfnachtTöten Für W.O.T.A.N.NS Black MetalYes2003
4274WolfsmondTollwutBlack MetalYes2005
4275Wolven AncestrySilence of the BorealBlack MetalYes2009
4276Wolven AncestryThe Wrath Of GaiaBlack MetalNo2006
4277Wolves In The Throne RoomCelestiteAtmospheric Black MetalYes2014
4278WoodlandDreamalityFolk MetalYes2009
4279Woods Of YpresPursuit Of The Sun & Allure Of The EarthMelodic Black MetalYes2004
4280Woods of YpresWoods IV: The Green AlbumMelodic Black MetalYes2009
4281WoodtempleHidden In Eternal ShadowPagan Black MetalYes2005
4282WoodtempleThe Call From The Pagan WoodsPagan Black MetalYes2004
4283WormedKrighsuDeath/Grind MetalYes2016
4284WormedPlanisphaeriumDeath/Grind MetalNo2003
4285WormlightWrath of the WildsBlack MetalYes2018
4286Worth Dying ForChimaeraMelodic Death MetalYes2016
4287WotanordenFrom The Storm Come The WolvesNS Black MetalNo2003
4289WulfgarMidgardian MetalMelodic Death MetalYes2010
4290WulfgarWith Gods and Legends UniteMelodic Death MetalYes2007
4291Wuthering HeightsFar From The Madding CrowdProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalYes2004
4292Wuthering HeightsSaltProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalYes2010
4293Wuthering HeightsThe Shadow CabinetProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalYes2006
4294Wuthering HeightsTo Travel For EvermoreProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalNo2002
4295Wuthering HeightsWithinProgressive Folk/Heavy MetalYes1999
4296WyrdHeathenPagan Black MetalYes2001
4297WyrdHuldrafolkPagan Black MetalYes2002
4298WyrdKammenPagan Black MetalYes2007
4299X-CaliberWarriors of the NightPower MetalYes1986
4300XandriaFire & AshesPower MetalYes2015
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