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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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2001Mystic TwilightThe Path Seldom Mortal GoesPower MetalYes2009
2002Mythos NordDie Segel GesetztViking MetalNo2008
2003NachtfalkeHail Victory TeutoniaBlack/Viking MetalNo2001
2004Naer MataronPraetoriansBlack MetalYes2008
2005NaglfarEx InferisBlack MetalYes2001
2006NargarothHerbstleydBlack MetalNo1999
2007NargarothJahreszeitenBlack MetalYes2009
2008NarniaCourse of a GenerationPower MetalYes2009
2009NastrandirZwischen HorizontenPagan/Viking Black MetalYes2007
2010NąttsņlStemningBlack MetalYes2010
2011NazgulAwaiting The Battle RavensBlack MetalNo2003
2012NazgulWhen The Wolves Return To The ForestBlack MetalNo1999
2013NazxulIconoclastBlack MetalYes2009
2014NecromantiaAncient PrideBlack MetalYes2005
2015Necrotic DisgorgementSuffocated In ShrinkwrapBrutal Death MetalYes2004
2016NegatorOld BlackBlack MetalYes2004
2017Negură BungetVīrstele PămīntuluiBlack MetalYes2010
2018Negură BungetZīrnindu-săBlack MetalYes1996
2019NemesisIt Was For ScotlandRACYes
2020NerthusBlack Medieval ArtFolk/Black MetalNo2004
2021NeuraxisA Passage Into Forlon/ImageryMelodic Death MetalNo2004
2022NeuraxisThe Thin Line BetweenMelodic Death MetalYes2008
2023NeuraxisTrilateral ProgressionMelodic Death MetalNo2005
2024NeuraxisTruth BeyondMelodic Death MetalNo2002
2025New EdenObscure Master PlanPower MetalYes1999
2026NightmareCosmovisionPower MetalNo2001
2027NightmareInsurrectionPower MetalYes2009
2028NightmareThe Dominion GatePower MetalYes2005
2029NightrageThe PuritanMelodic Death MetalYes2015
2030NightrageWearing a Martyr's CrownMelodic Death MetalYes2009
2031NightwishAngels Fall FirstPower MetalYes1997
2032NightwishCentury ChildPower MetalYes2002
2033NightwishDark Passion PlayPower MetalNo2007
2034NightwishEnd Of An Era BOXPower Metal LiveNo2006
2035NightwishEndless Forms Most BeautifulPower MetalYes2015
2036NightwishImaginaerumPower MetalYes2011
2037NightwishNemoPower MetalYes2004
2038NightwishOceanbornPower MetalNo1998
2039NightwishOncePower MetalNo2004
2040NightwishOver The Hills And Far AwayPower MetalYes2001
2041NightwishWishmasterPower MetalYes2000
2042NileAmongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-KaBrutal Death MetalYes1998
2043NileAnnihilation Of The WickedBrutal Death MetalNo2005
2044NileAt the Gate of SethuBrutal Death MetalYes2012
2045NileBlack Seeds Of VengeanceBrutal Death MetalYes2000
2046NileFestivals Of AtonementBrutal Death MetalYes1995
2047NileIn Their Darkened ShrinesBrutal Death MetalYes2002
2048NileIthyphallicBrutal Death MetalYes2007
2049NileRamses Bringer Of WarBrutal Death MetalYes1997
2050NileThose Whom the Gods DetestBrutal Death MetalYes2009
2051NileWhat Should Not Be UnearthedBrutal Death MetalYes2015
2052No Fun At AllLive In TokyoPunk LiveYes1999
2053No Fun At AllLow RiderPunkYes2008
2054No Fun At AllMaster CelebrationsPunkYes2002
2055No Fun At AllNo Straight AnglesPunkYes1994
2056No Fun At AllOut Of BoundsPunkYes1995
2057No Use For A NameHard Rock BottomPunkYes2002
2058No Use For A NameLeche Con CarnePunkYes1995
2059No Use For A NameLive In GermanyPunk LiveYes
2060No Use For A NameMaking FriendsPunkYes1997
2061No Use For A NameMore Betterness!PunkYes1999
2062Nocturnal RitesGrand IllusionPower MetalYes2005
2063Nocturnal RitesShadowlandPower MetalYes2002
2064Nocturnal RitesThe Sacred TalismanPower MetalNo1999
2065Nofx45 Or 46 Song That Werent Good Enough To Go On Our Other RecordPunkNo2002
2066NofxHeavy Petting ZooPunkYes1996
2067NofxI Heard They Suck LivePunk LiveYes1995
2068NofxLiberal AnimationPunkYes1988
2069NofxLive At The Bizarre FestivalPunk LiveYes
2070NofxLiza And LouisePunkYes1992
2071NofxLouise And LizaPunkYes1999
2072NofxMaximum RocknrollPunkYes1992
2073NofxPump Up The ValiumPunkYes2000
2074NofxPunk In DrublicPunkYes1994
2075NofxRegaining UnconsiousnessPunkYes2003
2077NofxS&M AirlinesPunkYes1989
2078NofxSmashing Punk KingsPunk LiveYes
2079NofxSo Long And Thanks For All The ShoesPunkYes1997
2080NofxThe DeclinePunkYes1999
2081NofxThe Longest LinePunkYes1992
2082NofxThe P.M.R.C. Can Suck On ThisPunkYes1987
2083NofxThe War On ErrorismPunkYes2003
2084NofxVarious LivePunk LiveYes
2085NofxWhite Trash,Two Heebs And A BeanPunkYes1992
2086Nokturnal MortumGoat HornsNS Black/Folk MetalYes1996
2087Nokturnal MortumLunar PoetryNS Black/Folk MetalNo2004
2088Nokturnal MortumNeChristNS Black/Folk MetalNo1999
2089Nokturnal MortumTo The Gates Of Blasphemous FireNS Black/Folk MetalNo1998
2090Nokturnal MortumWeltanschauungNS Black/Folk MetalYes2005
2091Nomans LandFarnordBlack/Viking MetalYes2009
2092Nomans LandHammerfrostBlack/Viking MetalNo2005
2093Nomans LandLast CrusadeBlack/Viking MetalYes2015
2094Nomans LandRaven FlightBlack/Viking MetalNo2006
2095Nomans LandThe Last Son of the FjordBlack/Viking MetalYes2000
2096NordafrostNorth AriseBlack MetalNo2004
2097NordenBlood On The SkyViking MetalYes2006
2098NordglanzHeldenreichNS Black MetalYes2005
2099NordglanzKampfhymnen GermaniensNS Black MetalYes2006
2100Nordic ThunderFinal StandRACYes1994
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