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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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401Before GodUnder The Blood BannerNS Death/Trash MetalYes2000
402Before GodWolves Amongst The SheepNS Death/Trash MetalYes1999
403BehemothDemigodBlack/Death MetalNo2004
404BehemothEvangelionBlack/Death MetalYes2009
405BehemothPandemonic IncantationsBlack/Death MetalYes1998
406BehemothSatanicaBlack/Death MetalYes1999
407BehemothZos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)Black/Death MetalYes2002
408Behind The RevolverStagnant WaterMetalcoreYes2012
409Being As An Ocean Being as an Ocean MetalcoreYes2015
410Bel O KanBirth of a QueenPower MetalYes2009
411BelenosChants De BatailleCeltic Black MetalYes2006
412BelenosChemins De SouffranceCeltic Black MetalYes2007
413BelenosErrances OniriquesCeltic Black MetalYes2001
414BelenosNotre Amour ÉternelCeltic Black MetalYes1998
415BelenosSpicilegeCeltic Black MetalYes2002
416BelenosYen Sonn GardisCeltic Black MetalYes2010
417BelinusBattlechantsCeltic Black MetalYes2002
418Belvedere'Twas Hell Said Former ChildPunkYes2001
419BelvedereBecause No One Stopped UsPunkYes1998
420BenedictumDominionPower MetalYes2011
421BenedictumObeyPower MetalYes2013
422BenedictumSeasons Of TragedyPower MetalYes2008
423BenedictumUncreationPower MetalYes2006
424BenightedAsylum CaveBrutal Death MetalYes2011
425BenightedCarnivore SublimeBrutal Death MetalYes2014
426BenightedIconBrutal Death MetalNo2007
427BenightedIdentisickBrutal Death MetalYes2006
428Benighted SoulStart from ScratchPower MetalYes2011
429BergthronExpedition AutarktisBlack MetalYes2010
430BergthronFaust Für FaustBlack MetalNo2004
431BergthronJagdheimBlack MetalNo2001
432BergthronLeben Und LebenswilleBlack MetalYes2007
433BergthronVerborgen In Den Tiefen Der WälderBlack MetalNo1997
434Berserk...From the Celtiberian WoodsPagan Black MetalNo2001
435BerserkReturn Of The Ancient LawsBlack MetalYes2004
436BerserksBerserksPower MetalYes1982
437Bestial MockeryEvoke The DesecratorBlack/Trash MetalYes2003
438Bestial WarlustVengeance War Till DeathBlack MetalYes1997
439BethlehemDark MetalBlack/Death MetalYes1994
440BetokenVenom EmpirePower MetalYes2009
441Betraying The MartyrsPhantomDeathcoreYes2014
442Beyond CreationThe AuraDeath MetalYes2011
443Beyond FearBeyond FearHeavy MetalYes2006
444Beyond The ShoreGhostwatcherMetalcoreYes2013
445Beyond The ShoreThe Arctic FrontMetalcoreYes2009
446BifröstHeidenmetalBlack/Viking MetalYes2010
447BifröstMana EwahBlack/Viking MetalYes2016
448BigbucketNon MerciPunkNo2004
449BigWigLive A DrummondvillePunkYes1997
450BigWigStay AsleepPunkYes1999
451BigWigUnMerry MelodiesPunkYes1997
452BilskirnirAtavismus Des GlaubensNS Black MetalNo2003
453BilskirnirFor Victory We RideNS Black MetalYes1997
454BilskirnirWotansvolkNS Black MetalYes2007
455Bitter EndIllusions of Dominance HardcoreYes2015
456Black Crown EmpireMy Name Is WarMetalcoreYes2014
457Black FlagDamagedPunkYes1981
458Black KnightBlack KnightPower MetalYes2005
459Black KnightMaster of DisasterPower MetalYes1985
460Black MajestyCross of ThornsPower MetalYes2015
461Black MajestyIn Your HonourPower MetalYes2010
462Black MajestySands Of TimePower MetalYes2003
463Black MajestySilent CompanyPower MetalYes2005
464Black MajestyStargazerPower MetalYes2012
465Black MajestyTomorrowlandPower MetalYes2007
466Black MessiahFirst War Of The WorldSymphonic Black MetalYes2009
467Black MessiahHeimwehSymphonic Black MetalYes2013
468Black MessiahOath Of A WarriorSymphonic Black MetalYes2005
469Black MessiahOf Myths And LegendsSymphonic Black MetalYes2006
470Black MoorBrave to the GravePower MetalYes2016
471BlackguardFirefightBlack/Folk MetalYes2011
472BlackguardProfugus MortisBlack/Folk MetalYes2009
473BlackthornWitch Cult TernionMelodic Black MetalYes2015
474BlasphemeBlasphemePower MetalYes1983
475BlasphemeBriser Le SilencePower MetalYes2010
476BlasphemeDésir de VampyrPower MetalYes1985
477Blazon StoneNo Sign of GloryPower MetalYes2015
478Blazon StoneWar of the RosesPower MetalYes2016
479Blessed By A Broken HeartPedal To The MetalMetalcoreYes2008
480BlessthefallHollow BodiesMetalcoreNo2013
481BlessthefallTo Those Left BehindMetalcoreYes2015
482Blind GuardianA Night At The OperaPower MetalYes2002
483Blind GuardianA Twist In The MythPower MetalNo2006
484Blind GuardianAt the Edge of TimePower MetalYes2010
485Blind GuardianBattalions Of FearPower MetalYes1988
486Blind GuardianBeyond the Red MirrorPower MetalYes2015
487Blind GuardianFlyPower MetalYes2006
488Blind GuardianFollow The BlindPower MetalYes1989
489Blind GuardianImaginations From The Other SidePower MetalNo1995
490Blind GuardianLivePower Metal LiveNo2003
491Blind GuardianNightfall In Middle-EarthPower MetalYes1998
492Blind GuardianSomewhere Far BeyondPower MetalYes1992
493Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight WorldPower MetalYes1990
494Blind SoulLa Destruction De L'ÂmeMetalNo2004
495Blind WitnessNightmare on Providence StreetMetalcoreYes2010
496Blind WitnessSilences Are WordsMetalcoreYes2008
497Blinded By FaithChernobyl SurvivorMelodic Black MetalYes2012
498Blinded By FaithUnder An Occult SunMelodic Black MetalNo2003
499Blinded By FaithWeapons Of Mass DistractionMelodic Black MetalNo2007
500Blinded ColonyBedtime PrayersMelodic Death MetalYes2007
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