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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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401AsgeirrNouvel Ordre Du NordBlack MetalYes2003
402AshbringerVacantAtmospheric Black MetalYes2015
403AshbringerYūgenAtmospheric Black MetalYes2016
404Ashes of AresAshes of AresPower MetalYes2013
405Ashes of AresWell of SoulsPower MetalYes2018
406AsideGood Enough For Someone ElsePunkYes2002
407AskaFire EaterPower MetalYes2013
408Asking AlexandriaFrom Death to DestinyMetalcoreYes2013
409Asking AlexandriaReckless & RelentlessMetalcoreYes2011
410Asking AlexandriaStand Up and ScreamMetalcoreYes2009
411Asking AlexandriaThe BlackMetalcoreYes2016
412ĮsmeginArvFolk/Viking MetalYes2008
413ĮsmeginHin Vordende Sod & SųFolk/Viking MetalYes2003
414ĮsmeginNaar Rimkalkene HevesFolk/Viking MetalYes1999
415AssacrentisThe Secrets From The PastMelodic Black MetalYes2004
416AssediumFighting for the FlamePower MetalYes2008
417AstaarthGloria BurgundiaBlack MetalYes2007
418Astral DomineArcanum GloriaePower MetalYes2014
419Astral DoorsEvil Is ForeverPower MetalNo2005
420Astral DoorsNotes from the ShadowsPower MetalYes2014
421Astral GatesWorld's CovenantMelodic Death MetalNo2002
422AstralionAstralionPower MetalYes2014
423AstralionOutlawPower MetalYes2016
424AstraliumLand of Eternal DreamsPower MetalYes2019
425AstrofaesDying Emotions DomainNS Black MetalNo1998
426AstrofaesThe Eyes Of The BeastNS Black MetalNo2000
427At The GatesAt War with RealityMelodic Death MetalYes2014
428At The GatesSlaughter Of The SoulMelodic Death MetalYes1995
429At VanceThe Evil In YouPower MetalYes2003
430AtargatisNovaPower MetalYes2007
431AtargatisWastelandPower MetalYes2006
432AthereticAdhesion, Aversion...Death MetalNo2001
433AthereticApocalyptic Nature FuryDeath MetalNo2006
434AthlantisAthlantisPower MetalYes2003
435Atlantean KodexThe Golden BoughPower MetalYes2010
436Atra VetosusApricityMelodic Black MetalYes2018
437Atra VetosusVoices from the Eternal NightMelodic Black MetalYes2013
438AtreyuLead Sails Paper AnchorMetalcoreYes2007
439AtreyuLong LiveMetalcoreYes2015
440AtreyuThe Best Of... AtreyuMetalcoreYes2007
441AtritasCelestial DecayMelodic Black MetalYes2009
442Atroce / UnheilvollQue De Mépris... (Split Demo)Black MetalYes2003
443AttackerGiants of CanaanPower MetalYes2013
447AttilaSoundtrack to a PartyMetalcoreYes2008
448AugrimmerFrom the Lone Winters ColdBlack MetalYes2009
449August Burns RedFound in Far Away PlacesMetalcoreYes2015
450August Burns RedRescue & RestoreMetalcoreNo2013
451Auringon HautaMuinaisia muisteloita, noita syntyjä syviäFolk MetalYes2010
452AutarcieHorizons funestesBlack MetalYes2011
453Authority ZeroA Passage In TimePunkNo2002
454Authority ZeroAndiamoPunkYes2004
455Autopilot OffAutopilot OffPunkYes2002
456Autopilot OffLooking UpPunkYes1999
457Autopilot OffMake A SoundPunkYes2004
458Autumnal ReaperRise of the Raging DeathBlack/Death MetalYes2009
459AvalanchMother EarthPower MetalYes2005
460AvantasiaAngel of BabylonPower MetalYes2010
461AvantasiaGhostlightsPower MetalYes2016
462AvantasiaLost In Space Part IPower MetalNo2007
463AvantasiaLost In Space Part IIPower MetalNo2007
464AvantasiaThe Metal Opera Part IPower MetalNo2001
465AvantasiaThe Metal Opera Part IIPower MetalNo2002
466AvantasiaThe Mystery of TimePower MetalYes2013
467AvantasiaThe ScarecrowPower MetalYes2008
468AvantasiaThe Wicked SymphonyPower MetalYes2010
469AvatharShadowsBlack/Folk MetalYes2004
470AvatharWhere Light and Shadow CollideBlack/Folk MetalYes2004
471Ave TenebraeTandis que les parjures se meurentBlack MetalYes2016
472Avenged SevenfoldCity Of EvilHardcoreYes2005
473Avenged SevenfoldSounding The Seventh TrumpetHardcoreYes2001
474Avenged SevenfoldWaking The FallenHardcoreYes2003
475Axel Rudi PellGame of SinsPower MetalYes2016
476Axel Rudi PellThe Masquerade BallPower MetalYes2000
477AxenstarAftermathPower MetalYes2011
478AxenstarFar From HeavenPower MetalNo2003
479AxenstarPerpetual TwilightPower MetalYes2002
480AxenstarThe InquisitionPower MetalYes2005
481AxenstarWhere Dreams Are ForgottenPower MetalYes2014
482AxxisDoom Of DestinyPower MetalYes2007
483AxxisMonster HeroPower MetalYes2018
484AxxisreDISCOver(ed)Power MetalYes2012
485AxxisRetrolutionPower MetalYes2017
486AxxisUtopiaPower MetalYes2009
487AzagatelThe Horned GodBlack MetalYes2005
488AzerlathMedieval ArtBlack MetalYes1998
489AzerothAzerothPower MetalYes2000
490AzerothIIPower MetalYes2008
491AzureKing Of Stars - Bearer Of DarkBlack/Death MetalYes2005
492Bachman–Turner OverdriveBachman–Turner Overdrive GoldRockNo2005
493Bad Religion80-85PunkYes1992
494Bad ReligionAgainst The GrainPunkYes1990
495Bad ReligionAll AgesPunkYes1995
496Bad ReligionGeneratorPunkYes1992
497Bad ReligionHow Could Hell Be Any WorsePunkYes1982
498Bad ReligionLive In L.A.Punk LiveYes
499Bad ReligionNew Maps Of HellPunkYes2007
500Bad ReligionNo ControlPunkYes1989
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