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3201RageXIIIPower MetalYes1998
3202RagnarokTo Mend The Oaken HeartFolk/Pagan Black MetalYes1996
3203RagorSundown By Bloody SwordBlack MetalYes2006
3204RahowaCult of the Holy WarRACYes1995
3205RahowaDeclaration of WarRACYes1993
3206RaintimeFlies & LiesMelodic Death MetalYes2007
3207RaintimePsychromaticMelodic Death MetalYes2010
3208RaintimeTales From SadnessMelodic Death MetalNo2005
3209Raise HellCity of the DamnedTrash MetalYes2006
3210Raise HellHoly TargetTrash MetalYes1998
3211Raise HellNot Dead YetTrash MetalYes2000
3212Raise HellWicked Is My GameTrash MetalYes2002
3213Raise HellWritten in BloodTrash MetalYes2015
3214Raised FistDedicationHardcoreYes2002
3215Raised FistIgnoring The GuidelinesHardcoreYes2000
3216Raising FearAvalonPower MetalYes2006
3217Raising FearMythosPower MetalYes2005
3218RamLightbringerPower MetalYes2009
3219Rancid...And Out Come The WolvesPunkNo1995
3220RancidRancid 2000PunkYes2000
3221RavageInfernal DevastationDeath MetalYes2004
3222Ravage (USA)The End of TomorrowPower MetalYes2009
3223RavenheartValley of the DamnedPower MetalYes2008
3224RaventaleDark Substance of DharmaBlack MetalYes2015
3225RaventaleMémoiresBlack MetalYes2013
3226RaventhroneEndless Conflict TheoremFolk/Epic Black MetalNo2002
3227RaventhroneMalice in WonderlandFolk/Epic Black MetalNo1998
3228RavnkaldPure Pagan BloodPagan Black MetalYes2015
3229Reach The SkyThe Transient HeartsHardcoreYes2002
3230Ready, Set, FallMementoMetalcoreYes2014
3231ReaperAn Atheist MonumentPower MetalYes2014
3232RebaelliunAnnihilationDeath MetalNo2001
3233RebaelliunBurn The Promised LandDeath MetalYes1999
3234RebaelliunThe Hell's DecreesDeath MetalYes2016
3235RebellionArise - From Ginnungagap To Ragnarok - History of the Vikings, Vol. IIIPower MetalYes2009
3236RebellionArminius: Furor TeutonicusPower MetalYes2012
3237RebellionBorn A RebelPower MetalYes2003
3238RebellionMiklagard - The History of the Vikings - Volume IIPower MetalYes2007
3239RebellionSagas Of Iceland - The History Of The Vikings - Volume IPower MetalYes2005
3240RebellionShakespeare's Macbeth - A Tragedy in SteelPower MetalYes2002
3241RebellionWyrd bið ful aræd - The History of the SaxonsPower MetalYes2015
3242Recueil MorbideWaste Of SensesBrutal Death MetalYes2006
3243RedstormNo Exeption Of A Victim Of CrimePower MetalYes1989
3244RegorgeKingdoms Of DerisionDeath/Grind MetalNo2002
3245ReinLa cocaïne des seigneursBlack MetalYes2013
3246ReinXeedA New WorldPower MetalYes2013
3247ReptilianCastle Of YesterdayPower MetalYes2001
3248RepudilationRepudilationBrutal Death MetalNo2001
3249RequiemThe Unexplainable TruthMetalcoreYes2014
3250ResetNo Worries - IncompletPunkYes1997
3251ResurgencyNo Worlds... nor Gods BeyondDeath MetalYes2017
3252ResurrectedBlood SpilledDeath/Grind MetalYes2003
3253Resurrection KingsResurrection KingsPower MetalYes2016
3254RetriemLead To Your DestinyPower MetalYes2004
3255RevengeDeath SentencePower MetalYes2009
3256RevengeHarder than SteelPower MetalYes2014
3257RevmaticRising of the SwordPower MetalYes2014
3258Revolution RenaissanceAge of AquariusPower MetalYes2009
3259Revolution RenaissanceNew EraPower MetalYes2008
3260Revolution RenaissanceTrinityPower MetalYes2010
3261RhapsodyDawn Of VictoryPower MetalNo2000
3262RhapsodyLegendary TalesPower MetalNo1997
3263RhapsodyLive In Canada 2005 - The Dark SecretPower Metal LiveYes2006
3264RhapsodyPower Of The DragonflamePower MetalNo2002
3265RhapsodyRain Of A Thousand FlamesPower MetalNo2001
3266RhapsodySymphony Of Enchanted LandsPower MetalNo1998
3267RhapsodySymphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark SecretPower MetalNo2004
3268RhapsodyThe Dark SecretPower MetalNo2004
3269Rhapsody Of FireDark Wings of SteelPower MetalYes2013
3270Rhapsody Of FireFrom Chaos to EternityPower MetalYes2011
3271Rhapsody Of FireInto the LegendPower MetalYes2016
3272Rhapsody Of FireLegendary YearsPower MetalYes2017
3273Rhapsody Of FireThe Cold Embrace of FearPower MetalYes2010
3274Rhapsody Of FireThe Frozen Tears Of AngelsPower MetalNo2010
3275Rhapsody Of FireTriumph Or AgonyPower MetalNo2006
3276Rhymes Of DestructionA Sun RevolutionPagan Black MetalNo1999
3277Ride The SkyNew ProtectionPower MetalYes2007
3278RigerStreyfPagan Black MetalYes2009
3279RimfrostVeraldar NagliBlack MetalYes2009
3280Ring of FireBattle of LeningradPower MetalYes2014
3281RingwraithTales From Middle EarthBlack MetalYes2004
3282Rise AgainstAppeal To ReasonPunkYes2008
3283Rise AgainstSiren Song Of The Counter-CulturePunkYes2004
3284Rise AgainstThe Black MarketPunkYes2014
3285Rise AgainstThe UnravelingPunkYes2001
3286Rise To FallEnd vs BeginningMelodic Death MetalYes2015
3287Rise To FallRestore The BalanceMelodic Death MetalYes2008
3288Rising KingdomCurse Of MindPower MetalYes2008
3289RivendellElven TearsFolk/Epic Black MetalYes2003
3290RivendellFarewell - The Last DawnFolk/Epic Black MetalNo2005
3291RivendellPoems Of Mountains And ForestsFolk/Epic Black MetalYes1998
3292RivendellThe Ancient GloryFolk/Epic Black MetalNo2000
3293RizonEvolutionPower MetalYes2005
3294RizonMasqueradePower MetalYes2012
3295RizonPower PlantPower MetalYes2016
3296Rocka RollasCeltic KingsPower MetalYes2018
3297Rocka RollasMetal Strikes BackPower MetalYes2013
3298Rocka RollasPagan RitualPower MetalYes2015
3299Rocka RollasThe Road to DestructionPower MetalYes2014
3300Rocka RollasThe War of Steel Has BegunPower MetalYes2011
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