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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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2801Ten Foot PoleBad Mother TruckerPunkYes2002
2802Ten Foot PoleRevPunkYes1994
2803TenebrousArias Toward The Black SunNS Black MetalNo2005
2804Terror 2000Faster DisasterThrash/Death MetalYes2002
2805Terror 2000Slaughterhouse SupremacyThrash/Death MetalYes2000
2806ThaurorodAnteinfernoPower MetalYes2013
2807ThaurorodUpon Haunted BattlefieldsPower MetalYes2010
2808The AgonistEye of ProvidenceMetalcoreYes2015
2809The AgonistLullabies for the Dormant MindMetalcoreYes2009
2810The AgonistOnce Only ImaginedMetalcoreYes2007
2811The AgonistPrisonersMetalcoreYes2012
2812The Amity AfflictionGlory DaysMetalcoreYes2010
2813The Amity AfflictionSevered TiesMetalcoreYes2008
2814The Amity AfflictionYoungbloodsMetalcoreYes2010
2815The Arcane OrderCult of NoneMelodic Death MetalYes2015
2816The Black Dahlia MurderEverblackMelodic Death MetalYes2013
2817The Black PacificThe Black PacificPunkNo2010
2818The CasualtiesChaos SoundStreet PunkYes2016
2819The CasualtiesWho's In Control?Street PunkYes2000
2820The ClaymoreMonumentPower MetalYes2005
2821The ClaymoreSygnPower MetalYes2008
2822The Color MoraleHold on Pain EndsMetalcoreYes2014
2823The Color MoraleKnow HopeMetalcoreYes2013
2824The Color MoraleMy Devil In Your EyesMetalcoreYes2011
2825The Color MoraleWe All Have DemonsMetalcoreYes2009
2826The Couch Addiction/Yesterday's RingDare To Care Split SeriesSka/Emo SplitNo2001
2827The DelegatesThe Incomplete Guide To Fitting InSkaYes
2828The Devil Wears Prada8:18MetalcoreNo2013
2829The Devil Wears PradaDead & AliveMetalcoreNo2012
2830The Devil Wears PradaWith Roots Above and Branches BelowMetalcoreYes2009
2831The DuskfallWhere the Tree Stands DeadMelodic Death MetalYes2014
2832The Eyes Of A TraitorBreathlessMetalcoreYes2010
2833The GamblersGamblers' ParadiseSkaYes
2834The GamblersHave You Ever ThoughtSkaNo2003
2835The Ghost InsideFury and the Fallen OnesMetalcoreYes2008
2836The Ghost InsideReturnersMetalcoreYes2010
2837The Glowing BeaversDemoSkaYes2002
2838The Glowing BeaversLive - EntrepotSka LiveYes
2839The Last AllianceOut of the AshesPower MetalYes2011
2840The Last StandThe Time Is NowPunkYes2013
2841The Lord Weird Slough FegTravellerFolk/Heavy MetalYes2003
2842The Monolith DeathcultThe White CrematoriumBrutal Death MetalYes2005
2843The Monolith DeathcultTrivmvirateBrutal Death MetalYes2008
2844The Murder Of My SweetBeth Out of HellPower MetalYes2015
2845The OffspringAmericanaPunkNo1998
2846The OffspringConspiracy Of OnePunkNo2000
2847The OffspringIgnitionPunkNo1992
2848The OffspringIxnay On The HombrePunkNo1997
2849The OffspringSmashPunkNo1994
2850The OffspringThe OffspringPunkYes1990
2851The OverseerRest & Let GoMetalcoreYes2014
2852The PrestigeEcotoneMetalcoreYes2014
2853The PrivateerMonolithFolk/Power MetalYes2013
2854The RingTales From MidgardPower MetalYes2004
2855The RiptidesDropOutPunk/Street PunkNo2002
2856The Room Colored CharlatanBetween Mirrors: the Quantum ImmortalityMetalcoreYes2012
2857The Shadow OrderRaise The BannersNS Black MetalNo2001
2858The SorrowMisery-EscapeMelodic Death MetalYes2012
2859The SorrowOrigin of the StormMelodic Death MetalYes2009
2860The SorrowThe SorrowMelodic Death MetalYes2010
2861The True Frost...In Eternal StrifeBlack MetalYes2005
2862The UnguidedFragile ImmortalityMelodic Death MetalYes2014
2863The UnguidedHell FrostMelodic Death MetalYes2011
2864The UnguidedLust and LoathingMelodic Death MetalYes2016
2865The VoidNullifiedMelodic Death MetalYes2017
2866The WarriorsOperation OiOi/PunkYes2015
2867The Word AliveReal.MetalcoreYes2014
2868The Zenith PassageSolipsistTechnical Death MetalYes2016
2869TheudhoThe Völsunga SagaPagan/Black MetalYes2006
2870Third Bike WheelConsolation PrizePunkNo2002
2871Thirteenth Sign Oracles of AmargeddonMelodic Death/Trash MetalYes2008
2872Thought RiotBright Dreams For A Dark WorldPunkYes2000
2873ThriceIdentity CrisisPunk/HardcoreYes2001
2874ThronarFor Death And GloryFolk Black MetalNo2005
2875ThrondtThrondtBlack MetalNo2005
2876Throne Of AhazNifelheimBlack MetalYes1995
2877Throne Of ChaosPervertigoPower/Speed MetalYes2002
2878ThrudvangarDurch Blut Und EisBlack/Viking MetalYes2010
2879ThrudvangarZwischen Asgard Und MidgardBlack/Viking MetalNo2007
2880ThulcandraAscension LostBlack/Death MetalYes2015
2881ThulcandraFallen Angel's DominionBlack/Death MetalYes2010
2882ThulrForsiteslandFolk Black MetalYes2004
2883ThunderstoneThunderstonePower MetalYes2002
2884ThundraIgnored By FearBlack/Viking MetalYes2009
2885ThundraWorshipped By ChaosBlack/Viking MetalYes2006
2886ThurisazCircadian RhythmBlack/Death MetalNo2007
2887ThurisazThe Pulse of MourningBlack/Death MetalYes2015
2888Thy MajestieDawnEpic Power MetalYes2008
2889Thy MajestieEchoes Of WarEpic Power MetalYes2003
2890Thy MajestieHastings 1066Epic Power MetalYes2002
2891Thy MajestieJeanne D'ArcEpic Power MetalYes2005
2892Thy MajestieShiHuangDiEpic Power MetalYes2012
2893Thy MajestieThe Lasting PowerEpic Power MetalNo2000
2894Thy SerpentForests Of WitcheryBlack MetalYes1996
2895Thy Winter KingdomOpus II - InnerspectrumBlack MetalNo2004
2896Thyestean FeastCycles Of WorldburnMelodic Black MetalYes2002
2897ThyrfingDe ödeslösaViking MetalYes2013
2898ThyrfingFarsotstiderViking MetalYes2005
2899ThyrfingHednalandViking MetalYes1999
2900ThyrfingHels ViteViking MetalYes2008
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