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1601Iron MaskFifth Son of WinterdoomPower MetalYes2013
1602Iron MaskShadow of the Red BaronPower MetalYes2009
1603Iron SaviorMegatropolisPower MetalYes2007
1604Iron SaviorRise of the HeroPower MetalYes2014
1605Iron SaviorThe LandingPower MetalYes2011
1606Iron SaviorTitancraftPower MetalYes2016
1607Iron YouthDurch Das Volk - Mit Dem Volk - Für Das VolkHatecoreYes1998
1608Iron YouthRespect-Defend-CreateHatecoreYes2001
1609IscariotaHistoria życiaPower MetalYes2015
1610IsengardHøstmørkeBlack MetalYes1995
1611IskaldNedom og NordBlack MetalYes2014
1612IskaldNorthern TwilightBlack MetalYes2006
1613IskaldShades Of MiseryBlack MetalYes2006
1615It Dies TodaySirensMetalcoreYes2006
1616It Lies WithinParamountMetalcoreYes2016
1617It PrevailsPerditionMetalcoreYes2015
1618Ivory TowerBeyond The StarsProgressive Power MetalYes2000
1619Ivory TowerIvory TowerProgressive Power MetalYes1998
1620Jacobs DreamBeneath the ShadowsPower MetalYes2009
1621James LabrieImpermanent ResonancePower/Melodic Death MetalYes2013
1622James LabrieStatic ImpulsePower/Melodic Death MetalNo2010
1623Jew SlaughterAlcoholocaustOI/RACYes
1624Judas IscariotDistant In Solitary NightBlack MetalNo1999
1625JudicatorAt the Expense of HumanityPower MetalYes2015
1626Jughead's RevengeJust Joined - IncompletePunkYes1998
1627Jungle RotOrder Shall PrevailDeath MetalYes2015
1628Jungle RotTerror RegimeDeath MetalYes2013
1629Jungle RotWhat Horrors AwaitDeath MetalYes2009
1630JørnLonely Are The BravePower MetalYes2008
1631JørnSpirit BlackPower MetalYes2009
1632JørnTravellerPower MetalYes2013
1633KaledonLegend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter 4: Twilight of the GodsPower MetalYes2006
1634KaledonLegend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter 6: The Last Night on the BattlefieldPower MetalYes2010
1635Kalmah12 GaugeMelodic Death MetalYes2010
1636KalmahSeventh SwamphonyMelodic Death MetalYes2013
1637KalmahSwamplordMelodic Death MetalYes2000
1638KalmahThey Will ReturnMelodic Death MetalYes2002
1639KamaedzitcaDzieci LiesaPagan Black MetalYes2004
1640KamelotEpicaPower MetalYes2003
1641KamelotGhost OperaPower MetalYes2007
1642KamelotHavenPower MetalYes2015
1643KamelotPoetry for the PoisonedPower MetalYes2010
1644KamelotSilverthornPower MetalNo2012
1645KamelotThe Black HaloPower MetalYes2005
1646KampfarHeimgangBlack/Viking MetalYes2008
1647KampfarKvassBlack/Viking MetalNo2006
1648KampfarMareBlack/Viking MetalYes2011
1649KampfarProfanBlack/Viking MetalYes2015
1650Katagory VHymns Of DissensionPower MetalYes2007
1651KataklysmOf Ghosts and GodsDeath MetalYes2015
1652KataklysmPrevailDeath MetalYes2008
1653KataklysmShadows And DustDeath MetalYes2002
1654KatanaHeads Will RollPower MetalYes2011
1655KatharsisKruzifixxionBlack MetalYes2003
1656KatraOut of the AshesPower MetalYes2010
1657KerionCloudRiders Part 1: Road to SkycityPower MetalYes2012
1658KerionCloudRiders Part 2: TechnowarsPower MetalYes2015
1659KerionHoly Creatures QuestPower MetalYes2007
1660KerionThe Last SunsetPower MetalYes2005
1661Khann RabattÉponymePunk/SkaNo
1662Kill The RomanceTake Another LifeMelodic Death MetalYes2007
1663KillersDanger De ViePower MetalYes1986
1664Killswitch EngageDisarm the DescentMetalcoreYes2013
1665Killswitch EngageIncarnateMetalcoreYes2016
1666King LeoricThunderforcePower MetalYes2005
1667Kingdom Of GiantsEvery Wave Of SoundMetalcoreYes2013
1668KingscrossingKingscrossingPower MetalYes2006
1669Kiske - SomervilleCity of HeroesPower MetalYes2015
1670Kiske - SomervilleKiske / SomervillePower MetalYes2010
1671Kivimetsän DruidiBetrayal, Justice, RevengeBlack/Folk MetalYes2010
1672Kivimetsän DruidiMustan Valtikan AikaBlack/Folk MetalYes2006
1673Kivimetsän DruidiShadowheartBlack/Folk MetalYes2008
1674Knights Of The Fallen EmpireThe Awakening - Chapter OnePower MetalYes2010
1675KorpiklaaniKarkeloFolk MetalYes2009
1676KorpiklaaniKorven KuningasFolk MetalYes2008
1677KorpiklaaniNoitaFolk MetalYes2015
1678KorpiklaaniSpirit Of The ForestFolk MetalYes2003
1679KorpiklaaniTales Along This RoadFolk MetalYes2006
1680KorpiklaaniTervaskantoFolk MetalNo2007
1681KorpiklaaniVoice Of WildernessFolk MetalYes2004
1682KorpiusApocalyptic VisionDeath MetalNo2007
1683KotipeltoColdnessPower MetalYes2004
1684KotipeltoSerenityPower MetalYes2007
1685KotipeltoWaiting For The DawnPower MetalNo2002
1686KraaniumChronicles of PerversionBrutal Death MetalYes2015
1687KreatorHordes Of ChaosTrash MetalNo2009
1688KreatorLive KreationTrash Metal LiveYes2003
1689KreatorPhantom AntichristTrash MetalYes2012
1690KrisiunForged in FuryDeath MetalYes2015
1691KrisiunWorks Of CarnageDeath MetalYes2003
1692KrodaCry to Me, River...Folk/Pagan Black MetalNo2004
1693KrodaFimbulvinterFolk/Pagan Black MetalYes2007
1694KrodaLive in LembergFolk/Pagan Black MetalYes2008
1695KrodaTowards The Firmaments Verge Of Life...Folk/Pagan Black MetalNo2005
1696KromlekFinis TerræBlack/Viking MetalYes2011
1697KromlekKveldridhurBlack/Viking MetalYes2005
1698KromlekStrange Rumours... Distant TremorsBlack/Viking MetalYes2007
1699Labÿrinth6 Days To NowherePower MetalYes2007
1700LabÿrinthReturn To Heaven DeniedPower MetalNo1998
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