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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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3001One WithoutThoughts Of A Secluded MindGothic MetalYes2009
3002Opera MagnaEl último caballeroPower MetalYes2006
3003Opera MagnaPoePower MetalYes2010
3004Operatika ElementThe CallingPower MetalYes2008
3005Operation IvyEnergyPunk/SkaYes1989
3006OphyukusDemoDeath MetalNo2001
3007Orden OganEaston HopePower MetalYes2010
3008Orden OganRavenheadPower MetalYes2015
3009Orden OganTo the EndPower MetalYes2012
3010Orient FallFractalsMetalcoreYes2015
3011OriginEchoes Of DecimationDeath/Grind MetalYes2005
3012OrlogReinigende FeuerPagan Black MetalYes2006
3013Osculum InfameDor-Nu-FauglithBlack MetalYes1997
3014Osculum InfameThe Axis of BloodBlack MetalYes2015
3015OtargosTen Eyed NemesisBlack MetalYes2005
3016Our Last NightAge of IgnoranceMetalcoreYes2012
3017Our Last NightBuilding Cities from ScratchMetalcoreYes2005
3018Our Last NightThe Ghosts Among UsMetalcoreYes2008
3019Our Last NightWe Will All EvolveMetalcoreYes2010
3020OutlawOld School Of HateHatecoreNo
3021Outline In ColorMasksMetalcoreYes2014
3022Outline In ColorStruggleMetalcoreYes2016
3023OverMasterMadness of WarPower MetalYes2010
3024OversightSilent DaysPunkYes1999
3025PagalguennaDreamsBlack/Viking MetalYes2007
3026Pagan BloodThe Last EmpirePagan Black MetalYes2009
3027Pagan HellfireAt the Resting Depths EternalBlack MetalYes2018
3028Pagan HellfireIn Desolation, In RuinsBlack MetalYes2005
3029Pagan HellfireSolidarityBlack MetalYes2008
3030Pagan HellfireThe Will of NightBlack MetalYes2006
3031Pagan ReignТвердьPagan Black MetalYes2006
3032Pagan ReignAncient FortressPagan Black MetalYes2006
3033Pagan ReignOnce AgainPagan Black MetalYes2018
3034Pagan ReignSpark of Glory and Revival of Ancient GreatnessPagan Black MetalNo2003
3035Pagan ReignYdeli Biloy Veri (Destiny Of Ancient Fate)Pagan Black MetalNo2004
3036Pagan's MindCelestial EntrancePower MetalYes2002
3037Pagan's MindEnigmatic: CallingPower MetalYes2005
3038Pagan's MindFull Circle - Live at Center StagePower MetalYes2015
3039Pagan's MindGod's EquationPower MetalYes2007
3040Pagan's MindHeavenly EcstasyPower MetalYes2011
3041Pagan's MindInfinity DivinePower MetalYes2000
3042PaganlandWind of FreedomPagan Black MetalYes2013
3043PalassQueen Of The WorldPower MetalYes1989
3044PandaemoniumAnd The Runes Begin To PrayPower MetalYes1999
3045PandaemoniumReturn To RealityPower MetalYes2005
3046PanopticonRoads to the NorthAtmospheric Black MetalYes2014
3047PanteonSeptumBlack MetalYes2009
3048PantheonAryan RebirthNS Black MetalNo2005
3049PantheonDraugrs DaugNS Black MetalNo2002
3050PantheonKrihapentsworNS Black MetalYes2002
3051ParagonChalice Of Steel Power MetalYes1999
3052ParagonControlled DemolitionPower MetalYes2019
3053ParagonForce of DestructionPower MetalYes2012
3054ParagonForgotten PropheciesPower MetalYes2007
3055ParagonHell Beyond HellPower MetalYes2016
3056ParagonLaw of the BladePower MetalYes2002
3057ParagonRevengePower MetalYes2005
3058ParagonScreenslavesPower MetalYes2008
3059ParagonSteelboundPower MetalYes2001
3060ParagonThe Dark LegacyPower MetalYes2003
3061ParagonThe Final CommandPower MetalYes1998
3062ParagonWorld of SinPower MetalYes1995
3063Parkway DriveAtlasMetalcoreYes2012
3064Parkway DriveDeep BlueMetalcoreYes2010
3065Parkway DriveDon't Close Your EyesMetalcoreYes2004
3066Parkway DriveHorizonsMetalcoreYes2007
3067Parkway DriveIreMetalcoreYes2015
3068Parkway DriveKilling with a SmileMetalcoreYes2005
3069Path of GolcondaReturnMelodic Black/Death MetalYes2009
3070PathfinderBeyond the Space, Beyond the TimePower MetalYes2010
3071PathfinderFifth ElementPower MetalYes2012
3072PathologyThrone of ReignBrutal Death MetalYes2014
3073Paths Of PossessionPromises In BloodDeath MetalNo2005
3074PathwaysEverything Has ChangedMetalcoreYes2013
3075Patriots CallWe've Not Yet Begun To FightNS PunkNo
3076PegazusBreaking the ChainsPower MetalYes1999
3077PegazusIn Metal We TrustPower MetalYes2011
3078PegazusThe Headless HorsemanPower MetalYes2002
3079PegazusWings of DestinyPower MetalYes1997
3080PenelopeFace Au Silence Du MondePunkYes2001
3081PenelopeJ'ai Fait Fuir La VisitePunkNo1999
3082PenetratorPenetratorPower MetalYes2005
3083PennywiseAbout TimePunkYes1995
3084PennywiseAll or NothingPunkYes2012
3085PennywiseFrom The AshesPunkNo2003
3086PennywiseFull CirclePunkYes1997
3087PennywiseLand Of The FreePunkNo2001
3089PennywiseReason To BelievePunkYes2008
3090PennywiseStraight AheadPunkYes1999
3091PennywiseThe FusePunkYes2005
3092PennywiseUnknown RoadPunkYes1993
3094PersefoneSpiritual MigrationMelodic Death MetalYes2013
3095PersuaderEvolution PurgatoryPower MetalNo2004
3096PersuaderThe Fiction MazePower MetalYes2014
3097PersuaderThe HunterPower MetalNo2000
3098PersuaderWhen Eden BurnsPower MetalYes2006
3099Perzonal WarThe Last SunsetPower MetalYes2015
3100PessimistBlood For The GodsBrutal Death MetalNo1999
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