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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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3001Trick Or TreatEvil Needs Candy TooPower MetalYes2005
3002Trick Or TreatTin SoldiersPower MetalYes2009
3003TriglavWhen The Sun Is Rising Above The EarthBlack MetalYes2006
3004Trinity SiteAfter the SunMelodic Death MetalYes2017
3005TriosphereThe Heart of the MatterPower MetalYes2014
3006TriskčleLes Murmures De La ForętPagan Black MetalNo2003
3007TriskčleOriginesPagan Black MetalYes2004
3008TrollDrep De KristneBlack MetalYes1996
3009TrollfestKaptein KaosFolk MetalYes2014
3010TrymheimBegynnelseFolk/Viking MetalYes2003
3011Tuatha De DanannThe Delirium Has Just Began...Folk MetalNo2002
3012Tuatha De DanannTuatha De Danann EPFolk MetalYes1999
3013TurisasBattle MetalBlack/Viking MetalNo2004
3014TurisasStand Up and FightBlack/Viking MetalYes2011
3015TurisasThe Varangian WayBlack/Viking MetalNo2007
3016TurisasTurisas2013Black/Viking MetalYes2013
3017Twilight GuardiansSin TradePower MetalYes2006
3018Twilight GuardiansWastelandPower MetalYes2004
3019Twin ObscenityFor Blood, Honour And SoilPagan/Viking Black MetalNo1998
3020Twisted Tower DireCrest Of The MartyrsPower MetalYes2003
3021Twisted Tower DireMake It DarkPower MetalYes2011
3022Twisted Tower DireNetherworldsPower MetalYes2007
3023Twisted Tower DireThe Isle Of HydraPower MetalYes2001
3024TũrBy the Light of the Northern StarViking MetalYes2009
3025TũrLandViking MetalYes2008
3026TũrRagnarokViking MetalYes2006
3027TũrThe Lay of ThrymViking MetalYes2011
3028TũrValkyrjaViking MetalYes2013
3030Ultime AssautDelivranceRAC/OIYes1992
3031Ultra VomitM. PatateGrind/Brutal Death MetalYes2004
3032UmbakrailIn Unity PaienneBlack MetalNo2000
3033UmbakrailRendons ā CésarBlack MetalYes2007
3034Undead CorporationFlashbackMetalcoreYes2015
3035UnexpectUtopiaSymphonic Black MetalNo1999
3036Unexpect_We, InvadersSymphonic Black MetalNo2003
3037UnhealtyLive At Rouyn-Noranda (06-11-04)Brutal Death MetalYes2004
3038UnheilvollSolitudeBlack MetalYes2005
3039United YouthRunning AwayPunkNo2004
3040Unleash the ArchersBehold the DevastationMelodic Death MetalYes2009
3041Unleash the ArchersTime Stands StillMelodic Death MetalYes2015
3042UnleashedHammer BattalionDeath MetalYes2008
3043UnshineDark Half RisingFolk/Power MetalYes2013
3044Until RainAnthem to CreationProgressive MetalYes2013
3045UrnEpiphanyFolk MetalYes2015
3046Uruk HaiUnholy Medieval CongregationBlack MetalYes2006
3047Us, From OutsideInspired by the Threat of FailureMetalcoreYes2011
3048UsurperCryptobeastBlack/Trash MetalYes2005
3049Utlagr1066 - Blood And Iron In HastingsBlack MetalYes2007
3050UtlagrTraditions NormandesBlack MetalNo2005
3051VaderDe ProfundisDeath/Trash MetalYes1995
3052VaingloryVaingloryPower MetalYes2007
3053ValarMagic And WyrmfireBlack MetalNo2001
3054ValhallaThe AftermathPower MetalYes2005
3055Valhalla (Australia)New BeginningsMetalcoreYes2015
3056ValhôllA la Mémoire de Nos AncętresBlack MetalYes2009
3057ValknachtChants de guerrePagan Black MetalYes2011
3058Valley's EveDeception Of PainPower MetalYes2002
3059VallorchUntil Our Tale Is ToldFolk MetalYes2015
3060Van CantoA Storm To ComeA Cappella Epic Power MetalYes2006
3061Van CantoDawn of the BraveA Cappella Epic Power MetalYes2014
3062Van CantoHeroA Cappella Epic Power MetalYes2008
3063Van CantoTribe of ForceA Cappella Epic Power MetalYes2010
3064Van CantoVoices of FireA Cappella Epic Power MetalYes2016
3065VanadiumBorn to FightPower MetalYes1986
3066Vanden PlasChronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld (Path 1)Power MetalYes2014
3067Vanden PlasChronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld IIPower MetalYes2015
3068VanirThe Glorious DeadViking/Folk MetalYes2014
3069Vanishing PointDistant Is the SunPower MetalYes2014
3070Vanishing PointEmbrace The SilencePower MetalYes2005
3072Vans Warped Tour2001Compilation Punk/SkaNo2001
3073Vans Warped Tour2002Compilation Punk/SkaNo2002
3074Vans Warped Tour2003Compilation Punk/SkaNo2003
3075VardanFuneral Night and Majestic FlamesBlack MetalYes2014
3076VardanWinter WoodsBlack MetalYes2015
3077VeilDolorNS Black MetalNo2004
3078Veil Of MayaMatriarchMetalcoreYes2015
3079VengefulTragedy Lies AheadMelodic Death MetalNo2005
3080Verbal DeceptionAurum Aetus PiraticusDeath/Folk MetalNo2006
3081Verse VicaEndeavorMetalcoreYes2014
3082Vesperian SorrowRegenesis CreationSymphonic Black MetalNo2006
3083VexillumThe BivouacPower MetalYes2012
3084VexillumThe Wandering NotesPower MetalYes2011
3085VexillumUnumPower MetalYes2015
3086VhäldemarFight To The EndPower MetalYes2002
3087VhäldemarMetal Of The WorldPower MetalYes2011
3088Vice HumanVice HumanPower MetalYes1984
3089VictoriusHeart of the PhoenixPower MetalYes2017
3090VileDepopulateBrutal Death MetalNo2002
3091VileThe New Age Of ChaosBrutal Death MetalYes2005
3092VindsvalImperium GrotesqueSymphonic Black MetalYes1999
3093VinterlandWelcome My Last ChapterBlack MetalYes1996
3094VinterriketWinterschattenAmbient/Black MetalYes2003
3095VintersorgSolens rötterFolk/Viking MetalYes2007
3096VintersorgTill fjälls, del IIFolk/Viking MetalYes2017
3097Virgin SteeleNocturnes of Hellfire & DamnationPower MetalYes2015
3098Virgin SteeleThe Black Light BacchanaliaPower MetalYes2010
3099Virus IVDark SunPower MetalYes2008
3100Vision Divine9 Degrees West of the MoonPower MetalYes2009
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