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3001Walrus ResistThe Face of HeavenDeath MetalYes2016
3002War Of AgesSupreme ChaosMetalcoreYes2014
3003WarcryWotan Stands For VictoryBlack/Viking MetalNo2001
3004WardrunaRunaljod - Gap Var GinnungaAmbiantYes2009
3005Warfare 88/Forward AreaHate Punk In Your Face - Split CDNS PunkNo2005
3006Warfare88The White AlbumHatecoreYes
3007Warlord...And The Cannons Of Destruction Have BegunHeavy MetalYes1984
3008WarlordThe Holy EmpireHeavy MetalYes2013
3009WatainLawless DarknessBlack MetalYes2010
3010WaylanderHonour Amongst ChaosCeltic Black MetalYes2008
3011WaylanderReawakening Pride Once LostCeltic Black MetalYes1998
3012WaylanderThe Light, The Dark And The Endless KnotCeltic Black MetalNo2001
3013We Came As RomansPresent, Future, and PastMetalcore LiveYes2014
3014We Came As RomansTo Plant a SeedMetalcoreNo2009
3015We Came As RomansTracing Back RootsMetalcoreYes2013
3016We Came As RomansUnderstanding What We've Grown to BeMetalcoreNo2011
3017We Came As RomansWe Came As RomansMetalcoreYes2015
3018WeltmachtThe Call To BattleBlack MetalYes2001
3019West WallBlitzkrieg Symphony #1Death MetalNo2006
3020West WallConquest or DeathDeath MetalYes2009
3021West WallOn My ShieldDeath MetalYes2011
3022While Heaven WeptSuspended at AphelionPower MetalYes2014
3023While She SleepsThis Is the SixMetalcoreYes2012
3024WhisperedThousand SwordsMelodic Death MetalYes2010
3025White AngerVoice Of TodayHatecore/RACYes
3026White Knuckle DriverTime BombNS PunkNo2008
3027White LawWe're Coming For YouHatecore/RACYes2002
3028White PrideYour Loss Is Our GainHatecoreYes
3029White SkullEmbitteredPower MetalYes1997
3030White SkullI Won't Burn AlonePower MetalYes1995
3031White SkullPublic Glory Secret AgonyPower MetalYes2000
3032White SkullTales From The NorthPower MetalYes1999
3033White SkullThe Dark AgePower MetalYes2002
3034White SkullThe Ring Of The AncientsPower MetalYes2006
3035White SkullUnder This FlagPower MetalYes2012
3036White WashUnity Through AggressionNS Hardcore/PunkNo1999
3037White WashWeapons Of ChoiceNS Hardcore/PunkYes2002
3038White WizzardOver the TopPower MetalYes2010
3039White WolfWhen The Ropes Stretch TightRACYes1996
3040WhyzdomSymphony for a Hopeless GodPower MetalYes2015
3041WidomarHet Land Der KatharerBlack MetalYes2005
3042WidowLife's BloodPower MetalYes2011
3043WidowOn FirePower MetalYes2005
3044WildpathNon Omnis MoriarPower MetalYes2009
3045WildpathNyx SecretsPower MetalYes2006
3046Will Of The AncientsCold Grim TimesMelodic Black MetalYes2004
3047Will Of The AncientsWill Of The AncientsMelodic Black MetalYes2006
3048Wind RoseShadows over LothadruinPower MetalYes2012
3049Wind RoseWardens of the West WindPower MetalYes2015
3050Wind WraithThe Fortune Teller's GazePower MetalYes2001
3051WindfaererTenebrosumBlack/Folk MetalYes2015
3052Windir1184Black/Viking MetalYes2001
3053Winds Of PlagueDecimate the WeakBlack/Death MetalNo2008
3054Winter Of ApokalypseSolitary Winter NightBlack MetalYes2005
3055Winter's DawnThe Winter Is DawningPower MetalYes2009
3056Winter's VergeEternal DamnationPower MetalYes2008
3057Winter's VergeTales of TragedyPower MetalYes2010
3058WinterblutDer 6. DanachBlack MetalYes1999
3059WinterbornCold RealityPower MetalYes2006
3060WinterbornFarewell to SaintsPower MetalYes2009
3061WinterlandThe Snow Begins To FallPower MetalNo2007
3062Winters BaneHeart of a KillerPower MetalYes1993
3063WinterstormCathyronPower MetalYes2014
3064WintersunTime IMelodic Death MetalYes2012
3065WintersunWintersunMelodic Death MetalYes2004
3066WinterwitchTime Of The WolvesPagan Black MetalYes2004
3067WisdomMarching for LibertyPower MetalYes2013
3068WitchfyndeCloak & DaggerPower MetalYes1983
3069WitchkillerDay Of The SaxonsPower MetalNo1984
3070WitchkingHand of JusticePower MetalYes2008
3071With One Last BreathThe Fearless OnesMetalcoreYes2014
3072WitherscapeThe InheritanceMelodic Death MetalYes2013
3073Within TemptationHydraPower MetalYes2014
3074Wizard...Of Wariwulfs and BluotvarwesPower MetalYes2011
3075WizardBattle Of MetalPower MetalYes1997
3076WizardBound By MetalPower MetalYes1999
3077WizardGoochanPower MetalYes2007
3078WizardHead Of The DeceiverPower MetalNo2001
3079WizardMagic CirclePower MetalYes2005
3080WizardOdinPower MetalNo2003
3081WizardSon Of DarknessPower MetalYes1995
3082WizardThorPower MetalYes2009
3083WizardTrail of DeathPower MetalYes2013
3084WojnarPosrod Starych BorowFolk/AmbientYes2006
3085WolfchantBloody Tales of Disgraced LandsEpic Pagan MetalNo2005
3086Wolfchant Call of the Black WindsEpic Pagan MetalYes2011
3087WolfchantDetermined DamnationEpic Pagan MetalYes2009
3088WolfchantEmbraced by FireEpic Pagan MetalYes2013
3089WolfhordeTowards the Gates of NorthBlack/Folk MetalYes2016
3090WolfmareHand of GloryFolk/Pagan MetalYes2010
3091WolfmareWhitemare RhymesFolk/Pagan MetalYes2008
3092WolfnachtNight Of The WerewolfNS Black MetalNo2002
3093WolfnachtTöten Für W.O.T.A.N.NS Black MetalYes2003
3094WolfsmondTollwutBlack MetalYes2005
3095Wolven AncestrySilence of the BorealBlack MetalYes2009
3096Wolven AncestryThe Wrath Of GaiaBlack MetalNo2006
3097WoodlandDreamalityFolk MetalYes2009
3098Woods Of YpresPursuit Of The Sun & Allure Of The EarthMelodic Black MetalYes2004
3099Woods of YpresWoods IV: The Green AlbumMelodic Black MetalYes2009
3100WoodtempleHidden In Eternal ShadowPagan Black MetalYes2005
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