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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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201AlmahAlmahPower MetalYes2007
202AlmahE.V.OPower MetalYes2016
203AlmahFragile EqualityPower MetalYes2008
204AlmahMotionPower MetalYes2011
205AlmahUnfoldPower MetalYes2013
206AlmanacKingslayerPower MetalYes2017
207AlmanacRush of DeathPower MetalYes2020
208AlmanacTsarPower MetalYes2016
209AlmofarC'Est l'Aube Grise, Mon Âme Est TristeAmbientYes2011
210AlmofarC'est la Peste! Sauve Qui Peut!AmbientYes2010
211AlmofarComme Le Cor Retentit Dans L'Haut de la TourAmbientYes2013
212AlmofarL'Ange de la MélancolieAmbientYes2011
213AlogiaSecret Spheres of ArtPower MetalYes2005
214Altú Págánach15 Years: The Complete DiscographyBlack/Folk MetalYes2016
215AlvergEldeBlack MetalYes2009
216AlwaarMarches and RequiemsBlack MetalYes2015
217AmarantheAmarantheMelodic Death MetalYes2011
218AmarantheMassive AddictiveMelodic Death MetalYes2014
219AmarantheMaximalismMelodic Death MetalYes2016
220AmarantheThe NexusMelodic Death MetalYes2013
221Amberian DawnCircus BlackPower MetalYes2012
222Amberian DawnEnd of EdenPower MetalYes2010
223Amberian DawnInnuendoPower MetalYes2015
224Amberian DawnMagic ForestPower MetalYes2014
225Amberian DawnRe-EvolutionPower MetalYes2013
226Amberian DawnRiver of TuoniPower MetalYes2008
227Amberian DawnThe Clouds of Northland ThunderPower MetalYes2009
228American EagleDemoRACYes
229American StandardFor My NationNS PunkNo2004
230Amon AmarthDeceiver of the GodsDeath/Viking MetalNo2013
231Amon AmarthFate Of NornsDeath/Viking MetalNo2004
232Amon AmarthJomsvikingDeath/Viking MetalYes2016
233Amon AmarthOnce Sent From The Golden HallDeath/Viking MetalYes1998
234Amon AmarthSurtur RisingDeath/Viking MetalYes2011
235Amon AmarthThe AvengerDeath/Viking MetalYes2000
236Amon AmarthThe CrusherDeath/Viking MetalNo2001
237Amon AmarthTwilight Of The Thunder GodDeath/Viking MetalNo2008
238Amon AmarthVersus The WorldDeath/Viking MetalNo2002
239Amon AmarthWith Oden On Our SideDeath/Viking MetalNo2006
240Amor's ArrowsPower of the True Endless LovePower MetalYes2015
241AmoralFallen Leaves & Dead SparrowsPower MetalYes2014
242An Abstract IllusionIlluminate the PathMelodic Death MetalYes2016
243AnakaThe Glorified CrusadePower MetalYes2009
244AncalagonFirst Age: Entering LegendaPagan Black MetalYes2001
245AncestralThe Ancient CursePower MetalYes2007
246Ancestral ProphecyGleams Of A Distant PastBlack MetalYes2003
247AncestrumOur Heathen SoilPagan Black MetalYes2015
248AncestrumSpells by the Northern WindsPagan Black MetalYes2011
249Ancient BardsA New Dawn EndingPower MetalYes2014
250Ancient MoonVvltvreBlack MetalYes2015
251Ancient RitesDim CarcosaBlack/Viking MetalYes2001
252Ancient RitesFatherlandBlack/Viking MetalYes1998
253Ancient RitesLaguzBlack/Viking MetalYes2015
254Ancient RitesRubiconBlack/Viking MetalNo2006
255Ancient SpheresTales of SuwohBlack MetalYes2013
256Ancient WisdomFor Snow Covered The NorthlandBlack MetalYes1996
257AncillottiStrike BackPower MetalYes2016
258AncillottiThe Chain Goes OnPower MetalYes2014
259Andras...Of Old WisdomPagan Black MetalNo2005
260AndrasIron WayPagan Black MetalNo2008
261AndrasWarlordPagan Black MetalYes2010
262Andre MatosMentalizePower MetalYes2009
263Andre MatosTime To Be FreePower MetalYes2007
264Andrew W.K.I Get WetMetalYes2001
265Anette OlzonShinePower MetalYes2014
266AngantyrForvistBlack MetalYes2012
267AngantyrHævnBlack MetalYes2007
268AngantyrKampen fortsætterBlack MetalYes2000
269AngantyrSejrBlack MetalYes2004
270AngantyrSvigBlack MetalYes2010
271AngantyrUlykkeBlack MetalYes2018
272AngarthalUranus and GaiaPower MetalYes2016
273Angel DustOf Human BondagePower MetalYes2002
274Angel's RevengeBlood Sweat and FearsPower MetalYes2015
275Angeli di PietraAnthems of ConquestFolk/Power MetalYes2011
276Angeli di PietraStorm Over ScaldisFolk/Power MetalYes2009
277Angels HeartSixty-Eight CutlassPunkYes2003
278Anger WithinFight - Live - Act - GiveHatecoreYes2005
279AngraAngels CryPower MetalYes1993
280AngraAquaPower MetalYes2010
281AngraAurora ConsurgensPower MetalYes2006
282AngraFireworksPower MetalYes1998
283AngraHoly LandPower MetalYes1996
284AngraRebirthPower MetalYes2001
285AngraSecret GardenPower MetalYes2015
286AngraTemple Of ShadowsPower MetalYes2004
287AngraØmniPower MetalYes2018
288AngrenostKings of the Ancient NorthBlack MetalYes2010
289Angry AryansOld School HateHatecoreYes
290Angry AryansRacially Motivated ViolenceHatecoreYes1999
291Angry AryansToo White For YouHatecoreYes
292AnhkrehgLe Mensonge De MassadaBlack MetalNo1997
293Anima TempoCaged in MemoriesProgressive MetalYes2016
294Annotations Of An AutopsyII: The Reign of DarknessDeath MetalYes2010
295AnnthennathStates of Liberating DepartureBlack MetalYes2010
296AnonymusChapter Chaos BeginsTrash MetalNo2006
297AnonymusDaemoniumTrash MetalYes2002
298AnonymusEnvers et contre tousTrash MetalYes2015
299AnonymusInstinctThrash MetalYes1999
300AnonymusStressThrash MetalYes1997
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