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2701SuffocationDespise The SunBrutal Death MetalYes1997
2702SuffocationEffigy Of The ForgottenBrutal Death MetalNo1991
2703SuffocationLive at Baltimore DeathfestBrutal Death Metal LiveYes
2704SuffocationPierced From WithinBrutal Death MetalYes1995
2705SuffocationSouls To DenyBrutal Death MetalYes2004
2706SuffocationSuffocationBrutal Death MetalYes2006
2707Suicide MachinesBattle HymnsPunk/SkaYes1998
2708Suicide MachinesDestruction By DefinitionPunk/SkaNo1996
2709Suicide SilenceSuicide SilenceDeathcoreYes2005
2710SuidakraAuld Lang SyneFolk Black/Death MetalYes1998
2711SuidakraBook of DowthFolk Black/Death MetalYes2011
2712SuidakraCaledoniaFolk Black/Death MetalYes2006
2713SuidakraCommand To ChargeFolk Black/Death MetalYes2005
2714SuidakraCrógachtFolk Black/Death MetalYes2009
2715SuidakraEmprise To AvalonFolk Black/Death MetalNo2002
2716SuidakraEternal DefianceFolk Black/Death MetalYes2013
2717SuidakraLays From AfarFolk Black/Death MetalYes1999
2718SuidakraLupine EssenceFolk Black/Death MetalYes1997
2719SuidakraRealms of OdoricFolk Black/Death MetalYes2016
2720SuidakraSigns For The FallenFolk Black/Death MetalYes2003
2721SuidakraThe ArcanumFolk Black/Death MetalYes2000
2722SummonFallenBlack/Death MetalYes2005
2723SummoningDol GuldurEpic/Atmospheric Black MetalNo1996
2724SummoningLet Mortal Heroes Sing Your FameEpic/Atmospheric Black MetalYes2001
2725SummoningLugburzEpic/Atmospheric Black MetalYes1995
2726SummoningOath BoundEpic/Atmospheric Black MetalNo2006
2727SummoningOld Mornings DawnEpic/Atmospheric Black MetalYes2013
2728SuperchristDefenders of the FilthPower MetalYes2009
2729Superior(Sad) EarthMetalcoreYes2015
2730Supreme MajestyTales Of A Tragic KingdomPower MetalYes2001
2731SvartahridEx InferiBlack MetalYes2010
2732SvartahridMalicious PrideBlack MetalYes2008
2733SvartbyKom I Min KittelFolk MetalYes2007
2734SvartbyRiv, Hugg och BitFolk MetalYes2009
2735SvartbySwamp, My NeighbourFolk MetalYes2015
2736Svartsot Mulmets ViserFolk/Viking MetalYes2010
2737SvartsotRavnenes SagaFolk/Viking MetalYes2007
2738SvartsynBlack TestamentBlack MetalYes2013
2739SvartsynBloodlineBlack MetalNo2005
2740SvartthronInto VacultyAmbiant/Black MetalYes2007
2741SwornBastards and ConquerorsMelodic Black/Death MetalYes2009
2742SwornThe AlleviationMelodic Black/Death MetalYes2007
2743SybreedThe Pulse of AwakeningIndustrial/Groove MetalYes2009
2744SycronomicaSycroscopeMelodic Black MetalYes2009
2745SymfoniaIn ParadisumPower MetalYes2011
2746SymphonityVoice From The SilencePower MetalYes2008
2747Symphony XIconoclastProgressive Power MetalNo2011
2748Symphony XParadise LostProgressive Power MetalYes2007
2749Symphony XThe OdysseyProgressive Power MetalNo2002
2750Symphony XUnderworldProgressive Power MetalYes2015
2751SymphorceUnrestrictedPower MetalYes2010
2752Tagada JonesManipuleHardcoreYes2001
2753Tagada JonesVirusHardcoreYes1999
2754TalamyusAs Long As It Flows...Viking MetalNo2005
2755TalamyusHonour Is Our Code, Death Is the RewardViking MetalYes2016
2756TalamyusIn These Days of ViolenceViking MetalNo2007
2757TankValley of TearsPower MetalYes2015
2758TankWar MachinePower MetalYes2010
2759TarjaColours in the DarkPower MetalYes2013
2760TarotCrows Fly BlackPower MetalYes2006
2761TarotGravity Of LightPower MetalYes2010
2762TeardownAgainst The Dying LightHatecoreYes
2763Tears Of MagdalenaMyths And LegendsSymphonic Power/Gothic MetalYes2008
2764TemnozorFolkstorm Of The Azure NightsNS Black/Folk MetalNo2005
2765TemnozorHaunted DreamscapesNS Black/Folk MetalYes2010
2766TemnozorHorizons...NS Black/Folk MetalNo2003
2767TemnozorSorcery Of FragmentsNS Black/Folk MetalYes2003
2768Ten Foot PoleBad Mother TruckerPunkYes2002
2769Ten Foot PoleRevPunkYes1994
2770TenebrousArias Toward The Black SunNS Black MetalNo2005
2771Terror 2000Faster DisasterThrash/Death MetalYes2002
2772Terror 2000Slaughterhouse SupremacyThrash/Death MetalYes2000
2773ThaurorodAnteinfernoPower MetalYes2013
2774ThaurorodUpon Haunted BattlefieldsPower MetalYes2010
2775The AgonistEye of ProvidenceMetalcoreYes2015
2776The AgonistLullabies for the Dormant MindMetalcoreYes2009
2777The AgonistOnce Only ImaginedMetalcoreYes2007
2778The AgonistPrisonersMetalcoreYes2012
2779The Amity AfflictionGlory DaysMetalcoreYes2010
2780The Amity AfflictionSevered TiesMetalcoreYes2008
2781The Amity AfflictionYoungbloodsMetalcoreYes2010
2782The Arcane OrderCult of NoneMelodic Death MetalYes2015
2783The Black Dahlia MurderEverblackMelodic Death MetalYes2013
2784The Black PacificThe Black PacificPunkNo2010
2785The CasualtiesChaos SoundStreet PunkYes2016
2786The CasualtiesWho's In Control?Street PunkYes2000
2787The ClaymoreMonumentPower MetalYes2005
2788The ClaymoreSygnPower MetalYes2008
2789The Color MoraleHold on Pain EndsMetalcoreYes2014
2790The Color MoraleKnow HopeMetalcoreYes2013
2791The Color MoraleMy Devil In Your EyesMetalcoreYes2011
2792The Color MoraleWe All Have DemonsMetalcoreYes2009
2793The Couch Addiction/Yesterday's RingDare To Care Split SeriesSka/Emo SplitNo2001
2794The DelegatesThe Incomplete Guide To Fitting InSkaYes
2795The Devil Wears Prada8:18MetalcoreNo2013
2796The Devil Wears PradaDead & AliveMetalcoreNo2012
2797The Devil Wears PradaWith Roots Above and Branches BelowMetalcoreYes2009
2798The Eyes Of A TraitorBreathlessMetalcoreYes2010
2799The GamblersGamblers' ParadiseSkaYes
2800The GamblersHave You Ever ThoughtSkaNo2003
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