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1201FinntrollMidnattens WidunderBlack Metal FolkloriqueNo1999
1202FinntrollNatten med de levande FinntrollBlack Metal FolkloriqueYes2014
1203FinntrollNattföddBlack Metal FolkloriqueYes2004
1204FinntrollNifelvindBlack Metal FolkloriqueYes2010
1205FinntrollUr Jordens DjupBlack Metal FolkloriqueYes2007
1206FinntrollVisor Om SlutetBlack Metal FolkloriqueYes2003
1207Finsterforst...Zum Tode HinViking MetalYes2009
1208FinsterforstMach dich freiViking MetalYes2015
1209FinsterforstWeltenkraftViking MetalNo2007
1210FinsterforstWiege Der FinsternisViking MetalYes2005
1211Fit For A KingSlave To NothingMetalcoreYes2014
1212Five Iron FrenzyMiniature Golf Of AmericaPunkYes1998
1213FjoergynMonument EndeEpic Folk/Viking MetalYes2013
1214FjoergynSade Et MasochEpic Folk/Viking MetalYes2007
1215FleshgrindThe Seeds Of Abysmal TormentBrutal Death MetalYes2000
1216Folk StoneFolk StoneFolk MetalYes2008
1217FolkearthA Nordic PoemFolk MetalYes2004
1218FolkearthBy The Sword Of My FatherFolk MetalYes2006
1219FolkearthDrakkars In The MistFolk MetalYes2007
1220FolkearthSons of the NorthFolk MetalYes2011
1221FolkodiaThe Fall of the MagogFolk/Viking MetalYes2013
1222FolkvangWorld Of WisdomBlack MetalYes2004
1223Fool's GameReality DivinePower MetalYes2009
1224For All EternityMetanoiaMetalcoreYes2015
1225For All Those SleepingCross Your FingersMetalcoreYes2010
1226For All Those SleepingIncomplete MeMetalcoreYes2014
1227For All Those SleepingOutspokenMetalcoreYes2012
1228For Selena and SinPrimrose PathPower MetalYes2009
1229For The Fallen DreamsHeavy HeartsMetalcoreYes2014
1230For TodayFight the SilenceMetalcoreYes2014
1231ForefatherCurse of the CwelledPagan Black/Heavy MetalYes2015
1232ForefatherDeep Into TimePagan Black/Heavy MetalYes1999
1233ForefatherLast of the LinePagan Black/Heavy MetalYes2011
1234ForefatherOurs Is The KingdomPagan Black/Heavy MetalYes2004
1235ForefatherSteadfastPagan Black/Heavy MetalNo2008
1236ForefatherThe Fighting ManPagan Black/Heavy MetalYes2000
1237Forest Of ImpaledForward The SpearsBlack/Death MetalYes2002
1238Forest Of WitcheryInvokation of the Ancient OneBlack/Death MetalYes2004
1239Forever StormSoul RevolutionPower MetalYes2009
1240Forever The LightContinuanceMetalcoreYes2011
1241Forever's EdgeChaotic SilencePower MetalYes2010
1242Forgotten DarknessNacht Aus BlutBlack MetalYes2004
1243Forgotten RealmPower And GloryPower MetalYes2008
1244Forgotten TalesAll The SinnersPower MetalYes2004
1245Forgotten TalesThe PromisePower MetalYes2001
1246Forgotten TalesWe Shall See The LightPower MetalYes2010
1247Forgotten TombSpringtime DepressionBlack MetalYes2003
1248FornostDer Wind Hat Mir Ein Lied ErzähltBlack MetalYes2003
1249ForteresseLes Hivers De Notre ÉpoqueAmbient Black MetalNo2008
1250Four AnswersFar GonePunkNo
1251Four Letter LieLet Your Body Take OverMetalcoreYes2006
1252Four Year StrongFour Year StrongPunkYes2015
1253Fractal GatesBeyond the SelfMelodic Death MetalYes2013
1254Fraternité BlancheEighty HatecoreHatecoreYes
1255Freedom CallBeyondPower MetalYes2014
1256Freedom CallCrystal EmpirePower MetalYes2001
1257Freedom CallDimensionsPower MetalYes2007
1258Freedom CallEternityPower MetalYes2002
1259Freedom CallLand of the Crimson DawnPower MetalYes2012
1260Freedom CallLegend of the ShadowkingPower MetalYes2010
1261Freedom CallStairway To FairylandPower MetalYes1999
1262Freedom CallThe Circle Of LifePower MetalYes2005
1263FreterniaA Nightmare StoryPower MetalNo2002
1264FreterniaWarchants & FairytalesPower MetalNo2000
1265FrontlineNor Cal Hate CoreHatecore/RACYes2004
1266FrosttideBlood OathFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2015
1267Frozen IllusionHatespawnedDeath MetalNo1999
1268Frozen ShadowsDans Les Bras Des ImmortelsBlack MetalYes1999
1269Frozen ShadowsHantisesBlack MetalNo2004
1270Fuck I'm DeadBring On The DeadGrindcoreYes2002
1271Fueled By HateFilled With RageHatecoreYes
1272FullforceNext LevelPower MetalYes2012
1273FullmoonUnited Aryan EvilNS Black MetalYes1995
1274FuriaA La Quete Du PasséMelodic Death/Black MetalYes2001
1275FuriaKherosMelodic Death/Black MetalYes2006
1276FuriaUn Lac De Larmes Et De SangMelodic Death/Black MetalYes2003
1277Furor GallicoSongs from the EarthFolk MetalYes2015
1278Furthest ShoreChronicles Of Hethenesse Book 1 - The Shadow DescendsViking MetalYes1999
1279Gaia EpicusVictoryPower MetalYes2007
1280GalloglassHeavenseekerPower MetalYes2005
1281GalloglassLegends From Now And NevermorePower MetalYes2003
1282GalneryusUnder the Force of CouragePower MetalYes2015
1283Galy Records2003 SamplerCompilation MetalNo2003
1284Galy RecordsSampler Volume 2Compilation MetalNo2005
1285Gamma RayLand Of The Free IIPower MetalYes2007
1286Gamma RayMajesticPower MetalNo2005
1287Gamma RayNo World OrderPower MetalYes2001
1288Gamma RayTo the MetalPower MetalYes2010
1289GarwallAbyssus Abyssum InvocatBlack MetalYes2002
1290GarwallBlack BeastBlack MetalNo2004
1291Gates Of IshtarA Bloodred PathMelodic Black MetalYes1996
1292Gates Of WinterLux AeternaPower MetalYes2008
1293GeimhreMollachdNS Black MetalNo2005
1294GeistGaleereBlack MetalYes2009
1295Geist of TrinityChainsMelodic Death MetalYes2016
1296GernotshagenMäre aus Wäldernen HallenPagan Black MetalYes2007
1297GernotshagenWeltenbrandPagan Black MetalYes2011
1298Get ScaredDemonsMetalcoreYes2015
1299GFKIn Defence Of PoliticsHardcoreYes2002
1300GhandiDestruction Forever ?Power MetalYes1988
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