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701Blink-182Greatest HitsPop PunkNo2005
702BlitzkriegBack from HellPower MetalYes2013
703BlitzkriegTheatre Of The DamnedPower MetalYes2007
704BlodarvBeyond LifeBlack MetalYes2004
705BlodsritHelveteshymnerBlack MetalYes2004
706Blood For BloodLivin' in ExilePunk/HardcoreYes1999
707Blood For BloodOutlaw AnthemsPunk/HardcoreYes2002
708Blood For BloodRevenge on SocietyPunk/HardcoreYes1998
709Blood For BloodSerenityPunk/HardcoreYes2004
710Blood For BloodSpit My Last BreathPunk/HardcoreYes1997
711Blood Of The MartyrsCompletionistMetalcoreYes2013
712BloodbathResurrection Through CarnageDeath MetalYes2002
713BloodbathThe Fathomless MasteryDeath MetalYes2008
714BloodboilThe Art of the FleshBrutal Death MetalYes2000
715BloodboundBook Of The DeadPower MetalYes2007
716BloodboundIn the Name of MetalPower MetalYes2012
717BloodboundNosferatuPower MetalYes2005
718BloodboundStormbornPower MetalYes2014
719BloodboundTabula RasaPower MetalYes2009
720BloodboundUnholy CrossPower MetalYes2011
721BloodchurnRavenous ConsumptionBrutal Death MetalYes2005
722BloodredNemesisBlack/Death MetalYes2016
723BloodredThe Raven's ShadowBlack/Death MetalYes2020
724BloodstainedWar SongsHeavy MetalNo2006
725BloodthroneShield of HateBlack/Death MetalNo2003
726BloodworkThe Final End PrinicpleMelodic Death MetalYes2009
727BloodworkZeroMelodic Death MetalYes2013
728Blue Eyed DevilsMurder SquadHatecoreYes1996
729Blue Eyed DevilsOn The AttackHatecoreYes
730BlutschreiThe Voice Of Forbidden PrideBlack MetalYes2006
731Bob BissonnetteBarbes des sériesQuebecoisNo2012
732Bob BissonnetteRecrue de l'annéeQuebecoisNo2010
733Bob BissonnetteRockstarQuebecoisNo2014
734Böhse OnkelzAdiosPunk/Hard RockYes2004
735Böhse OnkelzBöse Menschen - Böse LiederPunk/Hard RockYes1985
736Böhse OnkelzDer Nette Mann & DemosPunk/Hard RockYes1984
737Böhse OnkelzDopaminPunk/Hard RockYes2002
738Böhse OnkelzE.I.N.S.Punk/Hard RockYes1996
739Böhse OnkelzEin Böses MärchenPunk/Hard RockYes2000
740Böhse OnkelzEs Ist SoweitPunk/Hard RockYes1990
741Böhse OnkelzHeilige LiederPunk/Hard RockYes1992
742Böhse OnkelzHier Sind Die OnkelzPunk/Hard RockYes1995
743Böhse OnkelzKneipenterroristenPunk/Hard RockYes1988
744Böhse OnkelzLive In ViennaPunk/Hard RockYes1992
745Böhse OnkelzLügenmarschPunk/Hard RockYes1989
746Böhse OnkelzMementoPunk/Hard RockYes2016
747Böhse OnkelzMexicoPunk/Hard RockYes1985
748Böhse OnkelzOnkelz Wie WirPunk/Hard RockYes1987
749Böhse OnkelzSchwarzesPunk/Hard RockYes1993
750Böhse OnkelzViva Los TiozPunk/Hard RockYes1997
751Böhse OnkelzWeißPunk/Hard RockYes1993
752Böhse OnkelzWir Ham' Noch Lange Nicht GenugPunk/Hard RockYes1991
753Bolt ThrowerFor VictoryDeath MetalYes1994
754Bolt ThrowerHonour Valour PrideDeath MetalNo2001
755Bolt ThrowerThe IVth CrusadeDeath MetalNo1992
756Bolt ThrowerThose Once LoyalDeath MetalNo2005
757Bolt ThrowerWar MasterDeath MetalYes1991
758BorealisFall from GracePower MetalYes2011
759BorealisPurgatoryPower MetalYes2015
760BorgneRègne des mortsBlack MetalYes2015
761BorknagarUniversalBlack/Viking MetalYes2010
762BorknagarUrdBlack/Viking MetalYes2012
763BorknagarWinter ThriceBlack/Viking MetalYes2016
764BornholmInexorable DefianceBlack MetalYes2013
765BornholmMarch for Glory and RevengeBlack MetalYes2009
766BornholmOn The Way Of The Hunting MoonBlack MetalYes2003
767Bouncing SoulsHopeless RomanticPunkYes1999
768Bouncing SoulsHow I Spent My Summer VacationPunkYes2001
769Bouncing SoulsThe Bouncing SoulsPunkYes1999
770Bouncing SoulsTie One On (Live)Punk LiveYes1998
771Bound For GloryBeer Bottles And Hockey SticksHatecore/RACYes2002
772Bound For GloryBehold The Iron CrossHatecore/RACNo1996
773Bound For GloryDeath and DefianceHatecore/RACYes2014
774Bound For GloryFeed the MachineHatecore/RACYes2011
775Bound For GloryGlory AwaitsHatecore/RACYes1997
776Bound For GloryHate Train RollingHatecore/RACNo1999
777Bound For GloryOver The TopHatecore/RACYes1993
778Bound For GloryThe Fight Goes OnHatecore/RACNo1994
779Bound For GloryWarriors GloryHatecore/RACYes1990
780Bound For GloryWhen The Hammer FallsHatecore/RACYes1992
781BrainstormFiresoulPower MetalYes2014
782BrainstormMemorial RootsPower MetalYes2009
783BrainstormOn the Spur of the MomentPower MetalYes2011
784BrainstormScary CreaturesPower MetalYes2016
785BrainwashMoments Of TruthHatecoreYes
786Bran BarrLes Chroniques De NaergCeltic Folk/Black MetalYes2000
787Bran BarrSidhCeltic Folk/Black MetalYes2010
788Breakdown Of SanityPerceptionMetalcoreYes2013
789Breakdown Of SanityThe Last SunsetMetalcoreYes2009
790Breakdown Of Sanity[MIRRORS]MetalcoreYes2011
791Breakdowns At Tiffany'sConstantsMetalcoreYes2014
792Brief RespiteLullaby To The MoonMelodic Death MetalNo2005
793Brief RespiteUnevenessMelodic Death MetalNo2007
794BrodequinFestival Of DeathBrutal Death MetalYes2001
795BrodequinInstruments Of TortureBrutal Death MetalNo2003
796BrodequinMethods Of ExecutionBrutal Death MetalYes2004
797Broken ArrowAbyss Of DarknessPower MetalYes2003
798Bruce DickinsonTyranny Of SoulsPower MetalYes2005
799Bruised But Not BrokenRelevant LettersMetalcoreYes2015
800Brume D'AutomneFiers Et VictorieuxBlack MetalNo2005
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