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701CliteaterFrom Enslavement to ClitorationBrutal Death MetalYes2016
702CloudscapeVoice of ReasonPower MetalYes2016
703Cloven HoofEye Of The SunPower MetalYes2006
704Cock And Ball TortureOpus(sy) VIGore/Grind MetalYes2000
705Cock SparrerEngland Belongs To MePunkYes1997
706Cold Northern VengeanceMaelstromBlack MetalYes2015
707Cold Northern VengeanceThe Arising Dungeon CultBlack MetalYes2005
708ColdseedCompletion Makes the TragedyMelodic Death MetalYes2006
709Combat 84Tooled UpRAC/OIYes2000
710Concerto MoonGate Of TriumphPower MetalYes2001
711Condemned 84Face The AggressionRAC/OiYes1988
712ConfessionThe Long Way HomeMetalcoreYes2011
713ConfideAll Is CalmMetalcoreYes2013
714ConorachTales from the TavernPower MetalYes2008
715ConquestEmpirePower MetalYes2009
716ConquestTaste of LifePower MetalYes2015
717CopremesisDemonstrating The FistDeath/Grind MetalYes2003
718CoronatusRecreatio CarminisPower MetalYes2013
720CounterpartsThe Difference Between Hell and HomeMetalcoreYes2013
721Cradle Of FilthBitter Suites To SuccubiMelodic Black MetalNo2001
722Cradle Of FilthCruelty And The BeastMelodic Black MetalNo1998
723Cradle Of FilthDamnation And A DayMelodic Black MetalYes2003
724Cradle Of FilthDarkly, Darkly, Venus AversaMelodic Black MetalYes2010
725Cradle Of FilthDusk... And Her EmbraceMelodic Black MetalNo1996
726Cradle Of FilthDusk... and Her Embrace - The Original SinMelodic Black MetalYes2016
727Cradle Of FilthFrom The Cradle To EnslaveMelodic Black MetalYes1999
728Cradle Of FilthGodspeed On The Devil's ThunderMelodic Black MetalNo2008
729Cradle Of FilthHammer of the WitchesMelodic Black MetalYes2015
730Cradle Of FilthLive Bait For The DeadMelodic Black Metal LiveYes2002
731Cradle Of FilthLovecraft & Witch HeartsMelodic Black MetalNo2002
732Cradle Of FilthMidianMelodic Black MetalNo2000
733Cradle Of FilthNymphetamineMelodic Black MetalYes2004
734Cradle Of FilthThe Principle Of Evil Made FleshMelodic Black MetalYes1994
735Cradle of FilthThornographyMelodic Black MetalYes2006
736Cradle Of FilthVempire Or Dark Faerytales In PhallusteinMelodic Black MetalYes1996
737Crescent ShieldThe Last Of My KindPower MetalYes2006
738Crescent ShieldThe Stars Of Never SeenPower MetalYes2009
739CrimfallAs The Path Unfolds...Folk/Viking MetalYes2009
740Crimson CultCrimson CultPower MetalYes2009
741Crimson MoonlightDivine DarknessBlack MetalYes2016
742Crimson MoonlightEternal EmperorBlack MetalYes1998
743Crimson MoonlightThe Covenant ProgressBlack MetalYes2003
744CrimsonfireCrimsonfirePower MetalYes2005
745CristalysSuréminenceBlack MetalYes2009
746CromThe Fallen BeautyViking MetalYes2003
747CromVengeanceViking MetalYes2008
750Crossing EdgeBreakoutMetalcoreYes2015
751Crown The EmpireThe Resistance: Rise of the RunawaysMetalcoreYes2015
752CruachanBlood on the Black RobeFolk MetalYes2011
753CruachanFolk LoreFolk MetalYes2002
754CruachanPaganFolk MetalYes2004
755CruachanThe Middle KingdomFolk MetalNo2000
756CruachanThe Morrigan's CallFolk MetalYes2006
757CruachanTuatha Na GaelFolk MetalYes1995
758Crumble LaneOf Miles And MenPunkYes2004
759CrusaderSkincladPower MetalNo2007
760Cryonic TempleBlood, Guts And GloryPower MetalYes2003
761Cryonic TempleChapter OnePower MetalYes2002
762Cryonic TempleImmortalPower MetalYes2008
763Cryonic TempleIn Thy PowerPower MetalYes2005
764Cryptic WintermoonThe Age Of CataclysmBlack MetalNo1999
765Cryptik HowlingVitium IntusMelodic Black MetalNo2006
766CryptopsyBlasphemy Made FleshDeath MetalYes1995
767CryptopsyCryptopsyDeath MetalYes2012
768CryptopsyNone So VileDeath MetalYes1996
769CryptopsyOnce Was NotDeath MetalNo2005
770Crystal AbyssWord Of The Darkest AgesSymphonic Black MetalYes2006
771Crystal BallDawnbreakerPower MetalYes2013
772Crystal BallLiferiderPower MetalYes2015
773Crystal EyesChainedPower MetalYes2008
774Crystal EyesVengeance DescendingPower MetalYes2003
775Crystal ViperLegendsPower MetalYes2010
776Crystal ViperMetal NationPower MetalYes2009
777Crystal ViperPossessionPower MetalYes2013
778Crystal ViperThe Curse Of Crystal ViperPower MetalYes2007
779CrystaliumDe Aeternitate CommandoBlack MetalNo2002
780CrystaliumDiktat OmegaBlack MetalNo2003
781CrystaliumPar Le Sang, Le Feu & Le Fer - Baise De La Charogne A L'AngeBlack MetalYes2001
782CrystallionA Dark Enchanted Crystal NightPower MetalYes2006
783CrystallionHattinPower MetalYes2008
784CrystallionHundred DaysPower MetalYes2009
785CrystallionKillerPower MetalYes2013
786CrystalmoorsAntiqvam Exqvirite MatremCeltic Black MetalYes2008
787CrystalmoorsThe Unconquered LandCeltic Black MetalYes2003
788CumgunAK47 BlowjobsGrindcoreYes2004
789CumgunSuck The Guts From My SlutGrindcoreNo2005
790Cunt GrinderReign Is ContinuedGore/Grind MetalYes2003
791Cut ThroatAmerican NightmareNS Punk/RockNo2003
792CyhiriaethLands Of The Ancient CultPagan Black MetalYes2005
793CyhiriaethThe Aeon Of The Purifying FirePagan Black MetalYes2006
794DagonTerraphobicMelodic Death MetalYes2009
795DagorladThe End Of The Dark AgesAtmospheric Black MetalNo2002
796Daily Broken DreamFreedomHatecoreYes2009
797DalriadaÁldásFolk MetalYes2015
798DalriadaArany - AlbumFolk MetalYes2009
799DalriadaForrásFolk MetalYes2016
800DalriadaSzelekFolk MetalYes2008
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