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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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1501EnisumArpitanian LandsAmbient/Black MetalYes2015
1502EnisumMoth's IllusionAmbient/Black MetalYes2019
1503EnisumSamoht NaraAmbient/Black MetalYes2014
1504EnisumSeasons of DesolationAmbient/Black MetalYes2017
1505EnsiferumDragonheadsViking MetalYes2006
1506EnsiferumEnsiferumViking MetalNo2000
1507EnsiferumFrom AfarViking MetalNo2009
1508EnsiferumIronViking MetalYes2004
1509EnsiferumOne Man ArmyViking MetalYes2015
1510EnsiferumOne More Magic PotionViking MetalYes2007
1511EnsiferumUnsung HeroesViking MetalYes2012
1512EnsiferumVictory SongsViking MetalYes2007
1513EnslavedEldBlack/Viking MetalYes1997
1514Enter My SilenceCoordinate: D1SA5T3RMelodic Death MetalYes2006
1515Enter My SilenceRemotecontrolled ScytheMelodic Death MetalYes2001
1516EnthronedProphecies Of Pagan FireBlack MetalYes1995
1517EntombedClandestineDeath MetalYes1991
1518EphelesSouviens-ToiBlack MetalYes2006
1519EpicaThe Quantum EnigmaPower MetalYes2014
1520EquilibriumArmageddonEpic Folk/Viking MetalYes2016
1521EquilibriumErdentempelEpic Folk/Viking MetalYes2014
1522EquilibriumRekreaturEpic Folk/Viking MetalYes2010
1523EquilibriumSagasEpic Folk/Viking MetalNo2008
1524EquilibriumTuris FratyrEpic Folk/Viking MetalYes2005
1525Equilibrium FallsFrames and HorizonsMelodic Death MetalYes2017
1526EradykateRektaliationBrutal Death MetalNo2003
1527Ereb AltorFire Meets IceBlack/Viking MetalYes2013
1528Ereb AltorNattramnBlack/Viking MetalYes2015
1529ErgotismNotre terre, nos aieux, notre fils et nos morts…Black MetalYes2015
1530ErgotismSang pariaBlack MetalYes2019
1531Eric PanicCatharsisPunkYes2004
1536EscutcheonBattle OrderMelodic Death MetalYes2009
1537Eskimo CallboyCrystalsMetalcoreYes2015
1538Eternal DarknessOut Of ControlPower MetalYes2000
1539Eternal DreamThe Fall of SalanthinePower MetalYes2012
1540Eternal DreamThe Seed Of NaryllPower MetalYes2009
1541Eternal HelcaraxeAgainst All OddsBlack MetalYes2012
1542Eternal HelcaraxeIn Times of DesperationBlack MetalYes2017
1543Eternal IdolThe Unrevealed SecretPower MetalYes2016
1544Eternal LiesSpiritual DeceptionMelodic Death MetalYes2002
1545Eternal MajestyFrom War To DarknessBlack MetalNo2003
1546Eternal MajestyNight ShadowsBlack MetalYes2005
1547Eternal OathGhostlandsMelodic Death MetalYes2013
1548Eternal Of SwedenChapter IPower MetalYes2012
1549Eternal Of SwedenHeaven's GatePower MetalYes2016
1550Eternal SolsticeHorrible WithinDeath MetalYes1995
1551Eternal Tears Of SorrowChaotic BeautyMelodic Death MetalYes2000
1552Eternal Tears Of SorrowChildren Of The Dark WatersMelodic Death MetalYes2009
1553Eternity's EndThe Fire WithinPower MetalYes2016
1554Eternity's EndUnyieldingPower MetalYes2018
1555EvergreyGlorious CollisionPower MetalYes2011
1556EvertaleOf Dragons and ElvesPower MetalYes2013
1557EverwinterFinal VictoryBlack MetalNo2003
1558Everyone Dies In UtahI Hope You Realize This Means WarMetalcoreYes2009
1559Everyone Dies In UtahNeutral GroundMetalcoreYes2013
1560Everyone Dies In UtahPolaritiesMetalcoreYes2012
1561Everyone Dies In UtahSeeing ClearlyMetalcoreYes2011
1562Evidence OneCriticize The TruthPower MetalYes2002
1563Evidence OneTattooed HeartPower MetalYes2004
1564Evil MasqueradeThe Digital CrucifixPower MetalYes2014
1565EvisciumUnderneath The BuriedBrutal Death MetalNo2004
1566Ex DeoRomulusDeath MetalYes2009
1567Ex-TumrecC'est NousPunkYes2002
1568ExcalionHigh TimePower MetalYes2010
1569ExcalionPrimal ExhalePower MetalYes2005
1570ExcalionWaterlinesPower MetalYes2007
1571ExhumedAnatomy Is DestinyDeath/Grind MetalYes2003
1572ExmortusRide ForthMelodic Death MetalYes2016
1573ExterioL'album Monstre (1ère Partie: Le Complot)PunkYes2008
1574ExterioL'album Monstre (2e Partie: La Trappe)PunkYes2009
1575ExterioL'Album Monstre (3e Partie : Feu-Vol-Vandalisme)PunkYes2009
1576ExterioVous Êtes IciPunkYes2003
1577Eye of the EnemyThe Vengeance ParadoxMelodic Death MetalYes2014
1578Eye of the EnemyWeight of RedemptionMelodic Death MetalYes2010
1579Eyes Set To KillMasksMetalcoreYes2013
1580F-MinusSuburban BlightStreet PunkYes2001
1581Face To FaceHow To Ruin EverythingPunkYes2002
1582FairylandOf Wars In OsyrhiaPower MetalNo2003
1583FairylandScore to a New BeginningPower MetalYes2009
1584FairylandThe Fall Of An EmpirePower MetalYes2006
1585Faithful DarknessArchgodMelodic Death MetalYes2014
1586Faithful DarknessIn Shadows Lies UtopiaMelodic Death MetalYes2008
1587FaithsedgeFaithsedgePower MetalYes2011
1588FalchionChronicles Of The DeadDeath/Folk MetalYes2008
1589FalchionGlory Of The SwordDeath/Folk MetalYes2003
1590FalchionLegacy Of HeathensDeath/Folk MetalNo2005
1591FalconerAmong Beggars And ThievesPower MetalYes2008
1592FalconerArmodPower MetalYes2011
1593FalconerBlack Moon RisingPower MetalYes2014
1594FalconerChapters From A Vale ForlornPower MetalYes2002
1595FalconerFalconerPower MetalYes2001
1596FalconerGrime Vs. GrandeurPower MetalYes2005
1597FalconerNorthwindPower MetalYes2006
1598FalconerThe Sceptre Of DeceptionPower MetalYes2003
1599Falkenbach...En Their Medh Riki Fara...Black/Folk MetalYes1996
1600FalkenbachAsaBlack/Folk MetalYes2013
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