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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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1001Dream EvilGold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)Power MetalYes2008
1002Dream EvilIn the NightPower MetalYes2010
1003Dream EvilThe Book Of Heavy MetalPower MetalNo2004
1004Dream EvilUnitedPower MetalNo2006
1005Dream On, DreamerHeartbound MetalcoreYes2011
1006Dream On, DreamerHopeMetalcoreYes2010
1007Dream On, DreamerLovelessMetalcoreYes2013
1008Dream On, DreamerSongs of SoulitudeMetalcoreYes2015
1009Dream QuestCentraliaPower MetalYes2006
1010Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver LiningsProgressive MetalNo2009
1011Dream TheaterDream TheaterProgressive MetalYes2013
1012Dream TheaterThe AstonishingProgressive MetalYes2016
1013DreamcatcherWanderer Of The OceanPower MetalNo2005
1014DreamlandEye For An EyePower MetalYes2007
1015DreamshadeThe Gift of LifeMelodic Death MetalYes2010
1016DreamtaleBeyond RealityPower MetalYes2002
1017DreamtaleEpsilonPower MetalYes2011
1018DreamtaleWorld Changed ForeverPower MetalYes2013
1019Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's NeverlandOphidiaPower MetalYes2010
1020Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's NeverlandReversing TimePower MetalYes2008
1021DriverSons of ThunderPower MetalYes2008
1022Dropkick MurphysThe Warrior's CodePunkYes2005
1023Drowning The LightFrom the AbyssBlack MetalYes2015
1024DrudkhБорозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)Black MetalYes2015
1025DrudkhAutumn AuroraBlack MetalNo2003
1026DrudkhBlood In Our WellsBlack MetalYes2006
1027DrudkhEstrangementBlack MetalYes2007
1028DrudkhForgotten LegendsBlack MetalYes2004
1029DrudkhHandful of StarsBlack MetalYes2010
1030DrudkhMicrocosmosBlack MetalYes2009
1031DrudkhSongs Of Grief And SolitudeBlack MetalYes2006
1032Dub BukМертві сорому не ймутьFolk Black MetalYes2010
1033Dub BukIdu na Wy!Folk Black MetalNo2002
1034Dub BukMisyac PomstyFolk Black MetalNo1999
1035Dub BukRus Ponad Vse!Folk Black MetalNo2003
1036DurandalSoleil NoirHatecoreYes2000
1037DvalinAus dem SchattenFolk MetalYes2016
1038Dying FetusDescend into DepravityDeath/Grind MetalYes2009
1039Dying FetusDestroy The OppositionDeath/Grind MetalYes2002
1040Dying FetusKilling On AdrenalineDeath/Grind MetalYes2000
1041Dying FetusStop At NothingDeath/Grind MetalYes2003
1042Dying FetusWar Of AttritionDeath/Grind MetalNo2007
1043Dying HumanityDeadenedMelodic Death MetalYes2015
1044DyscordiaWords in RuinProgressive MetalYes2016
1045DyscrasiaSeptical Stomach-Pumped RemnantsBrutal Death MetalYes2003
1046DyslesiaIn Veins, Hearts And MindsPower MetalYes2008
1047EagleheartMoment Of LifePower MetalYes2008
1048Ease Of DisgustBlack FlameDeath MetalYes2014
1049East End RadicalsZero HourPunkYes2015
1050Echo Of DalriadaFergetegEpic Folk MetalYes2004
1051Echo of DalriadaJégbontóEpic Folk MetalYes2006
1052EclipseClandestine ResurrectionPower MetalYes2015
1053Eclipse EternalReign Of The Unholy Blackened EmpireEpic Black MetalNo2004
1054Eden's CurseEden's CursePower MetalYes2007
1055Eden's CurseTrinityPower MetalYes2011
1056EdenbridgeMyEarthDreamPower MetalYes2008
1057EdenbridgeSolitairePower MetalYes2010
1058EdguyAge of the JokerPower MetalYes2011
1059EdguyBurning Down The Opera LivePower Metal LiveNo2003
1060EdguyHellfire ClubPower MetalYes2004
1061EdguyMandrakePower MetalYes2001
1062EdguyRocket RidePower MetalYes2006
1063EdguyThe Savage PoetryPower MetalYes2000
1064EdguyTheater Of SalvationPower MetalYes1999
1065EdguyTinnitus SanctusPower MetalYes2008
1066EdguyVain Glory OperaPower MetalYes1998
1067EinherjerAv oss, for ossBlack/Viking MetalYes2014
1068EinherjerDragons Of The NorthBlack/Viking MetalYes1996
1069EinherjerNorwegian Native ArtBlack/Viking MetalYes2005
1070EkzistenciaThe Sovereign Of ThunderstormPower MetalYes2008
1071ElementsNorthern EchoesPower MetalYes2009
1072ElexorienElexorienFolk MetalYes2007
1073ElfforThe Unblessed WoodsAmbiant/Black MetalYes2006
1074ElivagarFollowers Of Ancient TalesMelodic Death/Folk MetalYes2007
1075EljudnerPromo 2003Folk Black MetalYes2003
1076EluveitieEverything Remains as It Never WasFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2010
1077EluveitieEvocation I - The Arcane DominionFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2009
1078EluveitieSlaniaFolk/Melodic Death MetalNo2008
1079EluveitieSpiritFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2006
1080EluveitieVênFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2004
1081ElvenkingHeathenreelEpic Power MetalYes2001
1082ElvenkingRed Silent TidesEpic Power MetalYes2010
1083ElvenkingThe ScytheEpic Power MetalNo2007
1084ElvenkingThe Winter WakeEpic Power MetalYes2006
1085ElvenkingTwo Tragedy Poets (...And a Caravan of Weird Figures)Epic Power MetalYes2008
1086ElvenkingWyrdEpic Power MetalYes2004
1087ElvenpathGatewaysPower MetalYes2004
1088ElvenpathSpyrolPower MetalYes2008
1089EmbeddedBloodgeoningDeath MetalYes2016
1090Emerald MindTales of SoveenaPower MetalYes2009
1091Emerald SunEscape From TwilightPower MetalYes2007
1092Emerald SunRegenerationPower MetalYes2011
1093Emergency GateRewakeMelodic Death MetalYes2009
1094Emergency GateThe Nemesis ConstructMelodic Death MetalYes2010
1095Empathy DeniedDemoBrutal Death MetalNo2006
1096EmperorIn The Nightside EclipseBlack MetalYes1994
1097Empire FailsPromoPower MetalYes2006
1098Empires Of EdenReborn In FirePower MetalYes2010
1099Empires Of EdenSongs Of War And VengeancePower MetalYes2009
1100EmptinessGuilty To ExistDeath MetalYes2004
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