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2401RahowaCult of the Holy WarRACYes1995
2402RahowaDeclaration of WarRACYes1993
2403RaintimeFlies & LiesMelodic Death MetalYes2007
2404RaintimePsychromaticMelodic Death MetalYes2010
2405RaintimeTales From SadnessMelodic Death MetalNo2005
2406Raised FistDedicationHardcoreYes2002
2407Raised FistIgnoring The GuidelinesHardcoreYes2000
2408Raising FearAvalonPower MetalYes2006
2409Raising FearMythosPower MetalYes2005
2410RamLightbringerPower MetalYes2009
2411Rancid...And Out Come The WolvesPunkNo1995
2412RancidRancid 2000PunkYes2000
2413RavageInfernal DevastationDeath MetalYes2004
2414Ravage (USA)The End of TomorrowPower MetalYes2009
2415RavenheartValley of the DamnedPower MetalYes2008
2416RaventaleDark Substance of DharmaBlack MetalYes2015
2417RaventaleMémoiresBlack MetalYes2013
2418RaventhroneEndless Conflict TheoremFolk/Epic Black MetalNo2002
2419RaventhroneMalice in WonderlandFolk/Epic Black MetalNo1998
2420RavnkaldPure Pagan BloodPagan Black MetalYes2015
2421Reach The SkyThe Transient HeartsHardcoreYes2002
2422Ready, Set, FallMementoMetalcoreYes2014
2423RebaelliunAnnihilationDeath MetalNo2001
2424RebaelliunBurn The Promised LandDeath MetalYes1999
2425RebaelliunThe Hell's DecreesDeath MetalYes2016
2426RebellionArise - From Ginnungagap To Ragnarok - History of the Vikings, Vol. IIIPower MetalYes2009
2427RebellionArminius: Furor TeutonicusPower MetalYes2012
2428RebellionMiklagard - The History of the Vikings - Volume IIPower MetalYes2007
2429RebellionSagas Of Iceland - The History Of The Vikings - Volume IPower MetalYes2005
2430RebellionShakespeare's Macbeth - A Tragedy in SteelPower MetalYes2002
2431RebellionWyrd bið ful aræd - The History of the SaxonsPower MetalYes2015
2432Recueil MorbideWaste Of SensesBrutal Death MetalYes2006
2433RedstormNo Exeption Of A Victim Of CrimePower MetalYes1989
2434RegorgeKingdoms Of DerisionDeath/Grind MetalNo2002
2435ReinXeedA New WorldPower MetalYes2013
2436ReptilianCastle Of YesterdayPower MetalYes2001
2437RepudilationRepudilationBrutal Death MetalNo2001
2438ResetNo Worries - IncompletPunkYes1997
2439ResurgencyNo Worlds... nor Gods BeyondDeath MetalYes2017
2440ResurrectedBlood SpilledDeath/Grind MetalYes2003
2441Resurrection KingsResurrection KingsPower MetalYes2016
2442RetriemLead To Your DestinyPower MetalYes2004
2443RevengeDeath SentencePower MetalYes2009
2444Revolution RenaissanceAge of AquariusPower MetalYes2009
2445Revolution RenaissanceNew EraPower MetalYes2008
2446Revolution RenaissanceTrinityPower MetalYes2010
2447RhapsodyDawn Of VictoryPower MetalNo2000
2448RhapsodyLegendary TalesPower MetalNo1997
2449RhapsodyLive In Canada 2005 - The Dark SecretPower Metal LiveYes2006
2450RhapsodyPower Of The DragonflamePower MetalNo2002
2451RhapsodyRain Of A Thousand FlamesPower MetalNo2001
2452RhapsodySymphony Of Enchanted LandsPower MetalNo1998
2453RhapsodySymphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark SecretPower MetalNo2004
2454RhapsodyThe Dark SecretPower MetalNo2004
2455Rhapsody Of FireDark Wings of SteelPower MetalYes2013
2456Rhapsody Of FireFrom Chaos to EternityPower MetalYes2011
2457Rhapsody Of FireInto the LegendPower MetalYes2016
2458Rhapsody Of FireLegendary YearsPower MetalYes2017
2459Rhapsody Of FireThe Cold Embrace of FearPower MetalYes2010
2460Rhapsody Of FireThe Frozen Tears Of AngelsPower MetalNo2010
2461Rhapsody Of FireTriumph Or AgonyPower MetalNo2006
2462Rhymes Of DestructionA Sun RevolutionPagan Black MetalNo1999
2463Ride The SkyNew ProtectionPower MetalYes2007
2464RigerStreyfPagan Black MetalYes2009
2465RimfrostVeraldar NagliBlack MetalYes2009
2466Ring of FireBattle of LeningradPower MetalYes2014
2467RingwraithTales From Middle EarthBlack MetalYes2004
2468Rise AgainstAppeal To ReasonPunkYes2008
2469Rise AgainstSiren Song Of The Counter-CulturePunkYes2004
2470Rise AgainstThe Black MarketPunkYes2014
2471Rise AgainstThe UnravelingPunkYes2001
2472Rise To FallEnd vs BeginningMelodic Death MetalYes2015
2473Rise To FallRestore The BalanceMelodic Death MetalYes2008
2474Rising KingdomCurse Of MindPower MetalYes2008
2475RivendellElven TearsFolk/Epic Black MetalYes2003
2476RivendellFarewell - The Last DawnFolk/Epic Black MetalNo2005
2477RivendellPoems Of Mountains And ForestsFolk/Epic Black MetalYes1998
2478RivendellThe Ancient GloryFolk/Epic Black MetalNo2000
2479RogashMalevolenceDeath MetalYes2016
2480Ross The BossHailstormPower MetalYes2010
2481Ross The BossNew Metal LeaderPower MetalYes2008
2482Rot In Pieces/HypoptalasiasSplit CDDeath/Grind MetalNo2002
2483Rough DiamondServants Of WarPower MetalYes2007
2484Rough SilkA New BeginningPower MetalYes2009
2485Royal JesterNight is YoungPower MetalYes2010
2486RunenblutDie Stimme Des BlutesBlack MetalYes2005
2487Runes Of DiancehtEternal Call Of DarknessPagan Black MetalYes2004
2488RunicAwaiting The Sound Of The UnavoidableBlack/Viking MetalNo2001
2489RunicLiar FlagsBlack/Viking MetalYes2006
2490Running WildBlack Hand InnPower MetalYes1994
2491Running WildLive 2002Power MetalNo2002
2492Running WildPort RoyalPower MetalYes1988
2493Running WildResilientPower MetalYes2013
2494Running WildShadowmakerPower MetalYes2012
2495Running WildThe RivalryPower MetalYes1997
2496Running WildVictoryPower MetalNo2000
2497SabatonAttero DominatusPower MetalYes2006
2498SabatonCoat of ArmsPower MetalYes2010
2499SabatonHeroesPower MetalYes2014
2500SabatonMetalizerPower MetalYes2007
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