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2401RogashMalevolenceDeath MetalYes2016
2402Ross The BossHailstormPower MetalYes2010
2403Ross The BossNew Metal LeaderPower MetalYes2008
2404Rot In Pieces/HypoptalasiasSplit CDDeath/Grind MetalNo2002
2405Rough DiamondServants Of WarPower MetalYes2007
2406Rough SilkA New BeginningPower MetalYes2009
2407Royal JesterNight is YoungPower MetalYes2010
2408RunenblutDie Stimme Des BlutesBlack MetalYes2005
2409Runes Of DiancehtEternal Call Of DarknessPagan Black MetalYes2004
2410RunicAwaiting The Sound Of The UnavoidableBlack/Viking MetalNo2001
2411RunicLiar FlagsBlack/Viking MetalYes2006
2412Running WildBlack Hand InnPower MetalYes1994
2413Running WildLive 2002Power MetalNo2002
2414Running WildPort RoyalPower MetalYes1988
2415Running WildResilientPower MetalYes2013
2416Running WildShadowmakerPower MetalYes2012
2417Running WildThe RivalryPower MetalYes1997
2418Running WildVictoryPower MetalNo2000
2419SabatonAttero DominatusPower MetalYes2006
2420SabatonCoat of ArmsPower MetalYes2010
2421SabatonHeroesPower MetalYes2014
2422SabatonMetalizerPower MetalYes2007
2423SabatonSwedish Empire LivePower Metal LiveYes2013
2424SabatonThe Art Of WarPower MetalYes2008
2425Sacred BloodAlexandrosPower MetalYes2012
2426Sacred BloodThe Battle of Thermopylae: The ChroniclePower MetalNo2008
2427Sacred SteelCarnage VictoryPower MetalYes2009
2428Sacred SteelSlaughter ProphecyPower MetalNo2002
2429Sacred SteelThe Bloodshed SummoningPower MetalYes2013
2430Sadistik ExekutionFukkBlack MetalYes2002
2431Saint DeamonIn Shadows Lost From The BravePower MetalYes2008
2432Saint DeamonPandeamoniumPower MetalYes2009
2433SaltusS³owiañska DumaNS Black/Death MetalNo1999
2434SanatoriumArrival Of The Forgotten OnesBrutal Death MetalNo1999
2435SanatoriumCelebration Of ExhumationBrutal Death MetalYes2004
2436SanatoriumGoresoaked ReincarnationBrutal Death MetalYes2003
2437SanatoriumInternal Womb CannibalismBrutal Death MetalNo2001
2438SanctuaryThe Year the Sun DiedPower MetalYes2014
2439Sarah Where Is My TeaDesolateMetalcoreYes2011
2440SarnathShadowlandBlack MetalYes2006
2441Satan Jokers Les Fils du MétalPower MetalYes1983
2442Satanic SurfersHero Of Our TimePunkYes1995
2443Satanic SurfersUnconsciously ConfinedPunkYes2002
2444SatarielHydraMelodic Death MetalYes2005
2445SathanasBlack EarthBlack/Death MetalNo1996
2446SathanasThy Dark HeavensBlack/Death MetalNo2001
2447SatyriconRebel ExtravaganzaBlack MetalYes1999
2448Savage BladeWe Are the HammerPower MetalYes2009
2449Savage CircusDreamland ManorPower MetalYes2005
2450Savage CircusOf Doom and DeathPower MetalYes2009
2451Save Our LandWarmakerHatecore/MetalNo2003
2452Saving GraceThe UrgencyHardcoreYes2014
2453SaxonInto The LabyrinthPower MetalYes2009
2454SaxoriorNever Ending BattlesMelodic Black MetalYes2004
2455SaxoriorSaksenMelodic Black MetalYes2015
2456ScannerThe JudgementPower MetalYes2015
2457Scar SymmetryDark Matter DimensionsMelodic Death MetalNo2009
2458Scar SymmetryPitch Black ProgressMelodic Death MetalYes2006
2459Scar SymmetrySymmetric In DesignMelodic Death MetalNo2005
2460Scar SymmetryThe Unseen EmpireMelodic Death MetalYes2011
2461SchattentantzGalgenfristFolk MetalYes2001
2463Scream MakerBack Against the WorldPower MetalYes2016
2464Screeching WeaselAnthem for a New TomorrowPunkYes1993
2465Screeching WeaselBark Like a DogPunkYes1996
2466Screeching WeaselBoogadaboogadaboogada!PunkYes1988
2467Screeching WeaselEmoPunkYes1999
2468Screeching WeaselFirst World ManifestoPunkYes2011
2469Screeching WeaselHow to Make Enemies and Irritate PeoplePunkYes1994
2470Screeching WeaselMy Brain HurtsPunkYes1991
2471Screeching WeaselRamonesPunkYes1992
2472Screeching WeaselScreeching WeaselPunkYes1987
2473Screeching WeaselTeen Punks in HeatPunkYes2000
2474Screeching WeaselTelevision City DreamPunkYes1998
2475Screeching WeaselWigglePunkYes1993
2476SeanceAwakening Of The GodsDeath MetalYes2009
2477Sear BlissGlory And PerditionBlack MetalYes2004
2478Secret SignsUnder Dark SkiesPower MetalYes2015
2479Secret SphereA Time Never Come - 2015 EditionPower MetalYes2015
2480Secret SphereArchetypePower MetalYes2010
2481Secret SpherePortrait of a Dying HeartPower MetalYes2012
2482Secret SphereSweet Blood TheoryPower MetalYes2008
2483SecretsFragile FiguresMetalcoreYes2013
2484Sect Of ExecrationBaptized Through BlasphemyBrutal Death MetalYes2002
2485Section 88British BootboysRAC/OIYes2003
2486Sector SevenSector SevenPunkYes2002
2487Seigneur VolandSeigneur VolandNS Black MetalNo2001
2488Seigneur VolandSeigneur Voland - Final StandNS Black MetalYes2003
2489SelbstmordSpectre Of HateNS Black MetalYes2002
2490SentencedCrimsonGothic MetalNo2000
2491SentencedThe Cold White LightGothic MetalNo2002
2492SentencedThe Funeral AlbumGothic MetalYes2005
2493SepsismTo Prevail In DisgustBrutal Death MetalNo2003
2494Septycal GorgeGrowing Seeds Of DecayBrutal Death MetalNo2006
2495SerenityCodex AtlanticusProgressive Power MetalYes2016
2496SerenityDeath & LegacyPower MetalYes2011
2497SerenityFallen SanctuaryProgressive Power MetalYes2008
2498SerenityWords Untold & Dreams UnlivedProgressive Power MetalNo2007
2499SeriannaDefine MeMetalcoreYes2013
2500SethL'ExcellenceBlack MetalYes2000
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