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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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801Brutal AttackAlways Outnumbered, Never OutgunnedRACYes
802Brutal CombatCharles MartelHatecore/RACYes1986
803Brutality Will PrevailSuspension of ConsciousnessHardcoreYes2014
804BrutusMurwgebeuktBrutal Death MetalYes2016
805BrutusSlachtbeestBrutal Death MetalNo2003
806BrymirBreathe Fire to the SunViking MetalYes2011
807BrymirSlayer of GodsViking MetalYes2016
808BrymirWings of FireViking MetalYes2019
809BucovinaNestrămutatFolk MetalYes2015
810Bull BrigadeVita LibertàPunkYes2016
811Bullet For My ValentineScream Aim FireMetalcoreNo2008
812Bullet For My ValentineTemper TemperMetalcoreNo2013
813Bullet For My ValentineThe PoisonMetalcoreYes2005
814Bullet For My ValentineVenomMetalcoreYes2015
815Bully BoysHard Times, Hard MeasuresRAC/OIYes2007
816Bully BoysWhite Kids Gonna FightRAC/OINo1999
817Bunker 84LibertéRACYes1988
818Burden of GriefFollow the FlamesMelodic Death MetalYes2010
819Burden Of GriefUnchainedMelodic Death MetalYes2014
820Buried In VeronaFacelessMetalcoreYes2014
821Buried In VeronaNotoriousMetalcoreYes2012
822Buried In VeronaVultures Above, Lions BelowMetalcoreYes2015
823Burning HeadsTarantoPunkYes2003
824Burning PointBurning PointPower MetalYes2015
825Burning PointEmpyrePower MetalYes2009
826Burning PointFeeding The FlamesPower MetalYes2003
827Bury TomorrowEarthboundMetalcoreYes2016
828Bury TomorrowPortraitsMetalcoreYes2009
829Bury TomorrowRunesMetalcoreYes2014
830Bury TomorrowThe Union of CrownsMetalcoreYes2012
831BurzumBelusBlack MetalYes2010
832BurzumBurzum-AskeBlack MetalYes1991
833BurzumDet Som Engang VarBlack MetalNo1993
834BurzumFallenBlack MetalYes2011
835CadacrossCorona BorealisFolk/Power MetalNo2002
836CadacrossSo Pale Is The LightFolk/Power MetalYes2001
837CaducityDestination - CaducityDeath MetalYes2009
838CageAncient EvilPower MetalYes2015
839CageScience Of AnnihilationPower MetalYes2009
840CageSupremacy of SteelPower MetalYes2011
841Cain's DinastyLegacy Of BloodPower MetalYes2008
842Cain's OfferingStormcrowPower MetalYes2015
843Caladan BroodEchoes of BattleEpic Black MetalYes2013
844CalibanA Small Boy and a Grey HeavenMetalcoreYes1999
846CalibanGhost EmpireMetalcoreYes2014
847CalibanGravityPower MetalYes2016
848CalibanI Am NemesisMetalcoreYes2012
849CalibanSay Hello to TragedyMetalcoreYes2009
850CalibanShadow HeartsMetalcoreYes2003
851CalibanThe AwakeningMetalcoreYes2007
852CalibanThe Opposite from WithinMetalcoreYes2004
853CalibanThe Undying DarknessMetalcoreYes2006
855Cân BarddNature Stays SilentEpic/Atmospheric Black MetalYes2018
856Cân BarddThe Last RainEpic/Atmospheric Black MetalYes2019
857Canis DirusA Somber Wind from a Distant ShoreBlack MetalYes2009
858Canis LupusTales Of WoghurBlack MetalYes2003
859Cannibal CorpseA Skeletal DomainDeath MetalYes2014
860Cannibal CorpseBloodthirstDeath MetalYes1999
861Cannibal CorpseButchered At BirthDeath MetalNo1991
862Cannibal CorpseEaten Back To LifeDeath MetalYes1990
863Cannibal CorpseEvisceration PlagueDeath MetalNo2009
864Cannibal CorpseGore ObsessedDeath MetalYes2002
865Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed FaceDeath MetalNo1993
866Cannibal CorpseKillDeath MetalNo2006
867Cannibal CorpseThe Wretched SpawnDeath MetalNo2004
868Cannibal CorpseTortureDeath MetalYes2012
869Cannibal CorpseWorm InfestedDeath MetalYes2002
870CanopyMenhirMelodic Death MetalYes2010
871CanopySerene CatharsisMelodic Death MetalYes2006
872CansBeyond The GatesPower MetalYes2004
873Capitaine RevolteUn Jour Les Taureaux Nous Mangeront...PunkNo2001
874Captain EverythingIt's Not Rocket SciencePunkYes2003
875Capture The CrownReign of TerrorMetalcoreYes2014
876CarcharothMy Father Was A WolfPagan Black MetalYes2004
877CardiantMidday MoonPower MetalYes2005
878CardiantTomorrow's DaylightPower MetalYes2009
879Carnivore DiprosopusMadhouse's Macabre ActsBrutal Death MetalYes2006
880Carved In StoneHear the VoiceFolk MetalYes2004
881Carved In StoneTales of Glory & TragedyFolk MetalYes2007
882Cast IronLeather & Metal Power MetalYes2008
883CatafalcStill SufferingDeath MetalYes2008
884Catch 22Alone in a CrowdSkaYes2000
885Catch 22Dinosaur SoundsSkaYes2003
886Catch 22Keasbey NightsSkaYes1998
887Catch 22Washed UpSkaYes2001
888CatherineRumor Has It: Astaroth Has Stolen Your EyesMetalcoreYes2006
889CatuvolcusGergoviaBlack MetalYes2012
890CatuvolcusVae VictisBlack MetalYes2009
891CauldronIn RuinPower MetalYes2016
892Cauldron BornGod Of MetalPower MetalNo1998
893CausticHate GenerationDeath MetalYes2015
894CelestyLegacy of HatePower MetalYes2004
895CelestyMortal Mind CreationPower MetalYes2006
896CelestyReign Of ElementsPower MetalYes2002
897CelestyVendettaPower MetalYes2009
898CelladorEnter DeceptionPower MetalNo2006
899CeltibeerianKeltorevolutionFolk MetalYes2014
900CeltibeerianTirikantamFolk MetalYes2011
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