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801DalriadaÁldásFolk MetalYes2015
802DalriadaArany - AlbumFolk MetalYes2009
803DalriadaForrásFolk MetalYes2016
804DalriadaSzelekFolk MetalYes2008
805Damnation AngelsThe Valiant FirePower MetalYes2015
807DantalionCall Of The Broken SoulsAtmospheric Black MetalYes2008
808DantalionWhen The Ravens Fly Over MeAtmospheric Black MetalYes2006
809DargaardRise And FallDark AmbientYes2004
810Dark AgeA Matter of TrustMelodic Death MetalYes2013
811Dark AgeAcediaMelodic Death MetalYes2009
812Dark AgeInsurrectionMelodic Death MetalYes2000
813Dark AgeMinus ExitusMelodic Death MetalYes2008
814Dark ForestAurora BorealisPagan Black MetalYes2006
815Dark Forest (UK)Dark ForestPower MetalYes2009
816Dark Forest (UK)The AwakeningPower MetalYes2014
817Dark FortressProfane Genocidal CreationsBlack MetalYes2003
818Dark FuneralAngelus Exuro pro EternusBlack MetalYes2009
819Dark FuneralDiabolis InteriumBlack MetalYes2001
820Dark FuneralIn The SignBlack MetalYes2000
821Dark FuryFinal SolutionNS Black MetalYes2007
822Dark FurySemper FidelisNS Black MetalYes2013
823Dark FuryVae Victis!NS Black MetalYes2004
824Dark FuryW.A.R.NS Black MetalYes2012
825Dark IllusionWhere the Eagles FlyPower MetalYes2009
826Dark MoorAncestral RomancePower MetalYes2010
827Dark MoorArs MusicaPower MetalYes2013
828Dark MoorAutumnalPower MetalYes2009
829Dark MoorBeyond The SeaPower MetalYes2005
830Dark MoorProject XPower MetalYes2015
831Dark MoorTarotPower MetalYes2007
832Dark MoorThe Fall Of MelnibonePower MetalYes2001
833Dark MoorThe Gates Of OblivionPower MetalYes2002
834Dark MoorThe Hall Of The Olden DreamsPower MetalNo2000
835Dark SarahBehind the Black VeilPower MetalYes2015
836Dark TranquillityWe Are the VoidMelodic Death MetalYes2010
837DarkaneExpanding SensesMelodic Death MetalYes2002
838DarkaneThe Sinister SupremacyMelodic Death MetalYes2013
839DarkBlackThe SellswordPower MetalYes2009
840Darkness AblazeDarkness AblazeMelodic Black MetalYes2007
841Darkness By OathConfidential World of LiesMelodic Death MetalYes2005
842Darkness By OathFear YourselfMelodic Death MetalYes2009
843DarkthroneA Blaze In The Northern SkyBlack MetalYes1992
844DarkthroneSoulside JourneyBlack MetalYes1990
845Dawn of DestinyBeginsPower MetalYes2007
846Dawn of DestinyHuman FragilityPower MetalYes2009
847Dead By AprilDead By AprilMetalcoreYes2009
848Dead By AprilIncomparableMetalcoreYes2011
849Dead By AprilLet the World KnowMetalcoreYes2014
850DeadlockEarth.RevoltMelodic Death MetalYes2005
851DeadlockManifestoMelodic Death MetalYes2008
852DeadlockWolvesMelodic Death MetalYes2007
853Deaf DealerJourney into FearPower MetalYes1987
854Deaf DealerKeeper of the FlamePower MetalYes1986
855DeathHumanDeath MetalYes1991
856Death Like MassKręte drogiBlack MetalYes2015
857Deaths HeadBaldrHatecoreYes2010
858Deaths HeadFeast Of The JackalsHatecoreYes2003
859Deaths HeadIron Warmachine/Onward To VictoryHatecore/Deathcore SplitYes2004
860DebaucheryBack In BloodDeath MetalYes2007
861DebaucheryContinue To KillDeath MetalYes2008
862DebodifiedUtopia In The Eyes Of A BeastBrutal Death MetalNo2003
863DecapitatedNihilityBrutal Death MetalYes2002
864DecapitatedThe NegationBrutal Death MetalYes2004
865DecapitatedWinds Of CreationBrutal Death MetalNo2001
866December MoonSource Of OriginBlack MetalYes1996
867Decrepit Birth...And Time BeginsBrutal Death MetalYes2003
868DecrepityPromo 2005Brutal Death MetalNo2005
869Deeds Of FleshCrown Of SoulsBrutal Death MetalYes2005
870Deeds Of FleshInbreeding the AnthropophagiBrutal Death MetalNo1998
871Deeds Of FleshMark Of The LegionBrutal Death MetalYes2001
872Deeds Of FleshPortals to CanaanBrutal Death MetalYes2013
874DefenderRemaining TalesPower MetalYes2001
875Definite HateWelcome To The SouthHatecore/RACYes
876DefleshedRoyal Straight FleshThrash/Death MetalYes2002
877DegradeadTil Death Do Us ApartMelodic Death MetalYes2008
878DeicideDeicideDeath MetalYes1990
879DeicideIn the Minds of EvilDeath MetalYes2013
880DeicideIn Torment In HellDeath MetalYes2001
881DeicideScars Of The CrucifixDeath MetalYes2004
882DeicideSerpents Of The LightDeath MetalNo1997
883DeicideThe Stench Of RedemptionDeath MetalNo2006
884DeicideTill Death Do Us PartDeath MetalYes2008
885DeicideTo Hell with GodDeath MetalYes2011
886DelirionSilent SymphonyPower MetalYes2009
887DémenceTotal DémembrementDeath MetalYes1996
888DémenceTotale DémenceDeath MetalNo2007
889DementalTales of AlienationBrutal Death MetalNo2003
890Demon HunterExtremistMetalcoreYes2014
891DemonazMarch of the NorseBlack/Viking MetalYes2011
892DemonlordHelltrustPower MetalYes2002
893Demons & WizardsTouched By The Crimson KingPower MetalYes2005
894Denied...When the Slate Becomes DiamondsPower MetalYes2008
895Der StürmerA Banner Greater Than DeathNS Black MetalYes2006
896Der Weg einer FreiheitDer Weg einer FreiheitBlack MetalYes2009
897DerdianLimboPower MetalYes2013
898DerdianNew Era Pt. 1Power MetalYes2005
899DerdianNew Era Pt. 2 - War of the GodsPower MetalYes2007
900DerdianNew Era Pt. 3 - The ApocalypsePower MetalYes2010
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