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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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301AugrimmerFrom the Lone Winters ColdBlack MetalYes2009
302August Burns RedFound in Far Away PlacesMetalcoreYes2015
303August Burns RedRescue & RestoreMetalcoreNo2013
304Auringon HautaMuinaisia muisteloita, noita syntyjä syviäFolk MetalYes2010
305Authority ZeroA Passage In TimePunkNo2002
306Authority ZeroAndiamoPunkYes2004
307Autopilot OffAutopilot OffPunkYes2002
308Autopilot OffLooking UpPunkYes1999
309Autopilot OffMake A SoundPunkYes2004
310AvalanchMother EarthPower MetalYes2005
311AvantasiaAngel of BabylonPower MetalYes2010
312AvantasiaGhostlightsPower MetalYes2016
313AvantasiaLost In Space Part IPower MetalNo2007
314AvantasiaLost In Space Part IIPower MetalNo2007
315AvantasiaThe Metal Opera Part IPower MetalNo2001
316AvantasiaThe Metal Opera Part IIPower MetalNo2002
317AvantasiaThe Mystery of TimePower MetalYes2013
318AvantasiaThe ScarecrowPower MetalYes2008
319AvantasiaThe Wicked SymphonyPower MetalYes2010
320Ave TenebraeTandis que les parjures se meurentBlack MetalYes2016
321Avenged SevenfoldCity Of EvilHardcoreYes2005
322Avenged SevenfoldSounding The Seventh TrumpetHardcoreYes2001
323Avenged SevenfoldWaking The FallenHardcoreYes2003
324Axel Rudi PellGame of SinsPower MetalYes2016
325AxenstarAftermathPower MetalYes2011
326AxenstarFar From HeavenPower MetalNo2003
327AxenstarPerpetual TwilightPower MetalYes2002
328AxenstarThe InquisitionPower MetalYes2005
329AxxisDoom Of DestinyPower MetalYes2007
330AxxisUtopiaPower MetalYes2009
331AzagatelThe Horned GodBlack MetalYes2005
332AzerlathMedieval ArtBlack MetalYes1998
333AzureKing Of Stars - Bearer Of DarkBlack/Death MetalYes2005
334Bachman–Turner OverdriveBachman–Turner Overdrive GoldRockNo2005
335Bad Religion80-85PunkYes1992
336Bad ReligionAgainst The GrainPunkYes1990
337Bad ReligionAll AgesPunkYes1995
338Bad ReligionGeneratorPunkYes1992
339Bad ReligionHow Could Hell Be Any WorsePunkYes1982
340Bad ReligionLive In L.A.Punk LiveYes
341Bad ReligionNew Maps Of HellPunkYes2007
342Bad ReligionNo ControlPunkYes1989
343Bad ReligionNo SubstancePunkYes1998
344Bad ReligionRecipe For HatePunkYes1993
345Bad ReligionStranger Than FictionPunkYes1994
346Bad ReligionSufferPunkYes1987
347Bad ReligionThe Dissent of ManPunkYes2010
348Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes FirstPunkYes2004
349Bad ReligionThe Gray RacePunkYes1996
350Bad ReligionThe New AmericaPunkYes2000
351Bad ReligionThe Process Of BeliefPunkYes2002
352Bad ReligionTrue NorthPunkYes2013
353Bagadou StourmBezenn PerrotRACYes
354Bagadou StourmPenn Ar BedRACYes
355Bakers DozenDivided From The MassesRAC/OIYes2001
356Bal-SagothA Black Moon Broods Over LemuriaSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1994
357Bal-SagothAtlantis AscendantSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes2001
358Bal-SagothBattle MagicSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1998
359Bal-SagothStarfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima ThuleSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1996
360Bal-SagothThe Chthonic ChroniclesSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes2006
361Bal-SagothThe Power CosmicSymphonic Viking/Power MetalYes1999
362Balance Of PowerTen More Tales...Power MetalNo1999
363BannerwarCenturies Of Heathen MightNS Black MetalNo2006
364BannerwarPrinciples Of Aryan BloodNs Black MetalYes2002
365BannerwarTo Honour FatherlandNS Black MetalNo2004
366BannerwarWolfkampferNS Black MetalYes2002
367BarastirBattlehymns Of HateBlack MetalYes2007
368BarathrumVenomousBlack MetalYes2002
369Barbarian Warriors In Search Of WisdomPaganheartPagan Black MetalYes2006
370Barren EarthOn Lonely TowersDeath MetalYes2015
371Baston 14Baston 14Skin/OIYes2004
372BathoryHammerheartBlack/Viking MetalYes1990
373BattalionWinter CampaignDeath MetalNo2005
374Battle BeastBattle BeastPower MetalYes2013
375Battle BeastUnholy SaviorPower MetalYes2015
376Battle FlagReturn Of The White WolfNS Heavy MetalYes2004
377Battle ScarredOi! Oi! Music, Football And BeerNS PunkNo2004
378BattlecrossRise to PowerMelodic Death MetalYes2015
379BattlecrossWar of WillMelodic Death MetalYes2013
380BattlecryBattlecryHeavy MetalNo2005
381BattlecryKeepers Of The LightHeavy MetalNo2006
382BattlecryToday Belongs To UsHeavy MetalYes2009
383BattlefrontInto The StormHatecore/RACYes
384BattleheartBattleheartPower MetalYes2006
385BattleheartTerror On The High SeasPower MetalYes2006
386BattleloreDoomboundEpic/Power MetalYes2011
387BattleloreEvernightEpic/Power MetalYes2007
388BattleloreSwords SongEpic/Power MetalNo2003
389BattleloreThe Last AllianceEpic/Power MetalYes2008
390BattleloreThird Age Of The SunEpic/Power MetalYes2005
391BattleloreWhere The Shadows LieEpic/Power MetalYes2002
392BattlerageBlood, Fire, SteelPower MetalYes2009
393BattleroarTo Death And Beyond...Power MetalYes2008
394BattleswordFailing In TriumphMelodic Death MetalYes2003
395BatushkaLitourgiyaBlack MetalYes2015
396Be'lakorOf Breath and BoneMelodic Death MetalYes2012
397Be'lakorStone's ReachMelodic Death MetalYes2009
398Be'lakorThe Frail TideMelodic Death MetalYes2007
399Be'lakorVesselsMelodic Death MetalYes2016
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