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2201Nomans LandThe Last Son of the FjordBlack/Viking MetalYes2000
2202NordafrostNorth AriseBlack MetalNo2004
2203NordenBlood On The SkyViking MetalYes2006
2204NordglanzHeldenreichNS Black MetalYes2005
2205NordglanzKampfhymnen GermaniensNS Black MetalYes2006
2206NordglanzVölkischer SchwarzmetallNS Black MetalYes2007
2207Nordic ThunderFinal StandRACYes1994
2208Nordic UnionNordic UnionPower MetalYes2016
2209Nordisches BlutOur Banners Will RisePagan/Viking Black MetalYes2003
2210NorhodThe Blazing LilyPower MetalYes2013
2211NorhodVoices from the OceanPower MetalYes2016
2212NorthFrom The Dark PastPagan Black MetalNo1998
2213NorthcrownAncient Battles Part IIPagan Black MetalYes2001
2214NortherCircle RegeneratedMelodic Death MetalYes2011
2215NortherDreams Of Endless WarMelodic Death MetalYes2002
2216Northern KingsRebornPower MetalYes2007
2217NorthlandDownfall and RebirthFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2015
2220NostradameusThe Third ProphecyPower MetalYes2003
2221Nu.Clear.DawnPoem of a KnightPower MetalYes2003
2222NydvindEternal Winter DomainPagan Black MetalYes2003
2223NydvindSworn to the EldersPagan Black MetalYes2010
2224NyseiusMilitiaeBlack MetalYes2010
2225OakenshieldGylfaginningPagan Black MetalYes2008
2226Oath Of CirionDragonmagickBlack MetalYes2001
2227ObsceneDemo 2001Brutal Death MetalYes2001
2228ObsceneDemo 2002Brutal Death MetalYes2002
2229Obscurcis RomanciaObscurcis RomanciaBlack MetalNo2002
2230ObscurityVárarPagan/Viking MetalYes2009
2231ObtenebrisDust of TimeMelodic Death MetalYes2009
2232ObtestGyvybes MedisPagan Black MetalYes2008
2233ObtestIš Kartos Á KartrPagan Black MetalYes2005
2234OceanaThe TideMetalcoreYes2008
2235October FallsA Collapse of FaithFolk/AmbientYes2010
2236October FallsMarrasFolk/AmbientYes2005
2237October FallsThe Plague of a Coming AgeFolk/AmbientYes2013
2238October FallsThe Womb of Primordial NatureFolk/AmbientYes2008
2239Odin's LawBattle Legions Of WotanRAC/Trash MetalYes1997
2240Odin's LawStill Standing StrongRAC/Trash MetalYes2000
2241Odious SanctionPsychotically EnragedMelodic Death MetalNo2000
2242OdroerirGötterliederMedieval/Pagan Folk MetalYes2005
2243OdroerirGötterlieder IIMedieval/Pagan Folk MetalYes2010
2244Of Mice & MenOf Mice & MenMetalcoreYes2010
2245Of Mice & MenRestoring ForceMetalcoreYes2014
2246Of Raven & RuinsBound to ProphecyMelodic Death MetalYes2009
2247Of VirtueSalvationMetalcoreYes2015
2248Oidoxie...Ein Lied für LeipzigRAC/OINo
2249Old ForestDagianBlack MetalYes2015
2250Old Legacy & Aryan TriumphKriegsbrüder (Split CD)NS Black MetalYes2004
2251Old Mans ChildIn Defiance Of ExistenceMelodic Black MetalYes2003
2252Old WaindsDeath Nord KultBlack MetalYes2008
2253Old Wainds/Nav'We Are The North...Mean Cold War...Black MetalNo2004
2254Omnium GatherumBeyondMelodic Death MetalYes2013
2255Omnium GatherumGrey HeavensMelodic Death MetalYes2016
2256Omnium GatherumNew World ShadowsMelodic Death MetalYes2011
2257Omnium GatherumThe RedshiftMelodic Death MetalYes2008
2258One WithoutThoughts Of A Secluded MindGothic MetalYes2009
2259Operatika ElementThe CallingPower MetalYes2008
2260Operation IvyEnergyPunk/SkaYes1989
2261OphyukusDemoDeath MetalNo2001
2262Orden OganEaston HopePower MetalYes2010
2263Orden OganRavenheadPower MetalYes2015
2264Orden OganTo the EndPower MetalYes2012
2265OriginEchoes Of DecimationDeath/Grind MetalYes2005
2266OrlogReinigende FeuerPagan Black MetalYes2006
2267Osculum InfameDor-Nu-FauglithBlack MetalYes1997
2268Osculum InfameThe Axis of BloodBlack MetalYes2015
2269OtargosTen Eyed NemesisBlack MetalYes2005
2270OutlawOld School Of HateHatecoreNo
2271OverMasterMadness of WarPower MetalYes2010
2272OversightSilent DaysPunkYes1999
2273Pagan HellfireIn Desolation, In RuinsBlack MetalYes2005
2274Pagan HellfireSolidarityBlack MetalYes2008
2275Pagan HellfireThe Will of NightBlack MetalYes2006
2276Pagan ReignAncient FortressPagan/Black MetalYes2006
2277Pagan ReignSpark of Glory and Revival of Ancient GreatnessPagan/Black MetalNo2003
2278Pagan ReignYdeli Biloy Veri (Destiny Of Ancient Fate)Pagan/Black MetalNo2004
2279Pagan's MindCelestial EntrancePower MetalYes2002
2280Pagan's MindEnigmatic: CallingPower MetalYes2005
2281Pagan's MindFull Circle - Live at Center StagePower MetalYes2015
2282Pagan's MindGod's EquationPower MetalYes2007
2283Pagan's MindHeavenly EcstasyPower MetalYes2011
2284Pagan's MindInfinity DivinePower MetalYes2000
2285PalassQueen Of The WorldPower MetalYes1989
2286PandaemoniumAnd The Runes Begin To PrayPower MetalYes1999
2287PandaemoniumReturn To RealityPower MetalYes2005
2288PantheonAryan RebirthNS Black MetalNo2005
2289PantheonDraugrs DaugNS Black MetalNo2002
2290PantheonKrihapentsworNS Black MetalYes2002
2291ParagonChalice Of Steel Power MetalYes1999
2292ParagonForgotten PropheciesPower MetalYes2007
2293Parkway DriveHorizonsMetalcoreYes2007
2294Parkway DriveIreMetalcoreYes2015
2295Parkway DriveKilling with a SmileMetalcoreYes2005
2296Path of GolcondaReturnMelodic Death/Black MetalYes2009
2297Paths Of PossessionPromises In BloodDeath MetalNo2005
2298PathwaysEverything Has ChangedMetalcoreYes2013
2299Patriots CallWe've Not Yet Begun To FightNS PunkNo
2300PegazusBreaking the ChainsPower MetalYes1999
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