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In the Dispo column if it's Yes it's because the album is on my computer and if it's No it's because I only have this album on cd.
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2901NofxPunk In DrublicPunkYes1994
2902NofxRegaining UnconsiousnessPunkYes2003
2904NofxS&M AirlinesPunkYes1989
2905NofxSmashing Punk KingsPunk LiveYes
2906NofxSo Long And Thanks For All The ShoesPunkYes1997
2907NofxThe DeclinePunkYes1999
2908NofxThe Longest LinePunkYes1992
2909NofxThe P.M.R.C. Can Suck On ThisPunkYes1987
2910NofxThe War On ErrorismPunkYes2003
2911NofxVarious LivePunk LiveYes
2912NofxWhite Trash,Two Heebs And A BeanPunkYes1992
2913Nokturnal MortumІстинаNS Black/Folk MetalYes2017
2914Nokturnal MortumГолос сталіNS Black/Folk MetalYes2009
2915Nokturnal MortumGoat HornsNS Black/Folk MetalYes1996
2916Nokturnal MortumLunar PoetryNS Black/Folk MetalNo2004
2917Nokturnal MortumNeChristNS Black/Folk MetalNo1999
2918Nokturnal MortumTo The Gates Of Blasphemous FireNS Black/Folk MetalNo1998
2919Nokturnal MortumWeltanschauungNS Black/Folk MetalYes2005
2920Nomans LandFarnordBlack/Viking MetalYes2009
2921Nomans LandHammerfrostBlack/Viking MetalNo2005
2922Nomans LandLast CrusadeBlack/Viking MetalYes2015
2923Nomans LandRaven FlightBlack/Viking MetalNo2006
2924Nomans LandThe Last Son of the FjordBlack/Viking MetalYes2000
2925NordafrostBack to the Shores of GreyBlack MetalYes2008
2926NordafrostNorth AriseBlack MetalNo2004
2927NordenBlood On The SkyViking MetalYes2006
2928NordglanzHeldenreichNS Black MetalYes2005
2929NordglanzKampfhymnen GermaniensNS Black MetalYes2006
2930NordglanzVölkischer SchwarzmetallNS Black MetalYes2007
2931NordglanzVon Helden und HändlernNS Black MetalYes2010
2932NordglanzWeltenwendeNS Black MetalYes2011
2933NordheimLost in the NorthDeath/Folk MetalYes2010
2934NordheimRapThorDeath/Folk MetalYes2017
2935Nordic ThunderFinal StandRACYes1994
2936Nordic UnionNordic UnionPower MetalYes2016
2937Nordisches BlutOur Banners Will RisePagan/Viking Black MetalYes2003
2938NorhodThe Blazing LilyPower MetalYes2013
2939NorhodVoices from the OceanPower MetalYes2016
2940NorthFrom The Dark PastPagan Black MetalNo1998
2941NorthcrownAncient Battles Part IIPagan Black MetalYes2001
2942NortherCircle RegeneratedMelodic Death MetalYes2011
2943NortherDreams Of Endless WarMelodic Death MetalYes2002
2944NortherNMelodic Death MetalYes2008
2945Northern KingsRebornPower MetalYes2007
2946Northern KingsRethronedPower MetalYes2008
2947NorthlandDownfall and RebirthFolk/Melodic Death MetalYes2015
2950NostradameusThe Third ProphecyPower MetalYes2003
2951NothgardAge of PandoraMelodic Death MetalYes2014
2952NothgardWarhorns of MidgardMelodic Death MetalYes2011
2953Nu.Clear.DawnPoem of a KnightPower MetalYes2003
2954NydvindEternal Winter DomainPagan Black MetalYes2003
2955NydvindSworn to the EldersPagan Black MetalYes2010
2956NyseiusMilitiaeBlack MetalYes2010
2957OakenshieldGylfaginningPagan Black MetalYes2008
2958Oath Of CirionDragonmagickBlack MetalYes2001
2959ObsceneDemo 2001Brutal Death MetalYes2001
2960ObsceneDemo 2002Brutal Death MetalYes2002
2961Obscurcis RomanciaObscurcis RomanciaBlack MetalNo2002
2962ObscurityVárarPagan/Viking MetalYes2009
2963ObsequiaeAria of Vernal TombsMelodic Black MetalYes2015
2964ObsequiaeSuspended in the Brume of EosMelodic Black MetalYes2011
2965ObsequiaeThe Palms of Sorrowed KingsMelodic Black MetalYes2019
2966ObtenebrisDust of TimeMelodic Death MetalYes2009
2967ObtestGyvybes MedisPagan Black MetalYes2008
2968ObtestIš Kartos Á KartrPagan Black MetalYes2005
2969OceanaThe TideMetalcoreYes2008
2970October FallsA Collapse of FaithFolk/AmbientYes2010
2971October FallsMarrasFolk/AmbientYes2005
2972October FallsThe Plague of a Coming AgeFolk/AmbientYes2013
2973October FallsThe Womb of Primordial NatureFolk/AmbientYes2008
2974Odin's LawBattle Legions Of WotanRAC/Trash MetalYes1997
2975Odin's LawStill Standing StrongRAC/Trash MetalYes2000
2976Odious SanctionPsychotically EnragedMelodic Death MetalNo2000
2977OdroerirGötterliederMedieval/Pagan Folk MetalYes2005
2978OdroerirGötterlieder IIMedieval/Pagan Folk MetalYes2010
2979Of Mice & MenOf Mice & MenMetalcoreYes2010
2980Of Mice & MenRestoring ForceMetalcoreYes2014
2981Of Raven & RuinsBound to ProphecyMelodic Death MetalYes2009
2982Of VirtueSalvationMetalcoreYes2015
2983OgnekoloШлях воїнаPagan Black MetalYes2020
2984Oidoxie...Ein Lied für LeipzigRAC/OINo
2985Old ForestDagianBlack MetalYes2015
2986Old Legacy & Aryan TriumphKriegsbrüder (Split CD)NS Black MetalYes2004
2987Old Mans ChildIn Defiance Of ExistenceMelodic Black MetalYes2003
2988Old WaindsDeath Nord KultBlack MetalYes2008
2989Old WaindsNordraumBlack MetalYes2014
2990Old Wainds/Nav'We Are The North...Mean Cold War...Black MetalNo2004
2991OmnihilityBiogenesisBrutal Death MetalYes2012
2992OmnihilityDeathscapes of the SubconsciousBrutal Death MetalYes2014
2993OmnihilityDominion of MiseryBrutal Death MetalYes2016
2994Omnium GatherumBeyondMelodic Death MetalYes2013
2995Omnium GatherumGrey HeavensMelodic Death MetalYes2016
2996Omnium GatherumNew World ShadowsMelodic Death MetalYes2011
2997Omnium GatherumSpirits and August LightMelodic Death MetalYes2003
2998Omnium GatherumStuck Here on Snake's WayMelodic Death MetalYes2007
2999Omnium GatherumThe RedshiftMelodic Death MetalYes2008
3000Omnium GatherumYears in WasteMelodic Death MetalYes2004
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