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2901VardanFuneral Night and Majestic FlamesBlack MetalYes2014
2902VardanWinter WoodsBlack MetalYes2015
2903VeilDolorNS Black MetalNo2004
2904Veil Of MayaMatriarchMetalcoreYes2015
2905VengefulTragedy Lies AheadMelodic Death MetalNo2005
2906Verbal DeceptionAurum Aetus PiraticusDeath/Folk MetalNo2006
2907Vesperian SorrowRegenesis CreationSymphonic Black MetalNo2006
2908VexillumThe BivouacPower MetalYes2012
2909VexillumThe Wandering NotesPower MetalYes2011
2910VexillumUnumPower MetalYes2015
2911VhäldemarFight To The EndPower MetalYes2002
2912VhäldemarMetal Of The WorldPower MetalYes2011
2913Vice HumanVice HumanPower MetalYes1984
2914VileDepopulateBrutal Death MetalNo2002
2915VileThe New Age Of ChaosBrutal Death MetalYes2005
2916VindsvalImperium GrotesqueSymphonic Black MetalYes1999
2917VinterlandWelcome My Last ChapterBlack MetalYes1996
2918VinterriketWinterschattenDark Ambient/Black MetalYes2003
2919Virgin SteeleNocturnes of Hellfire & DamnationPower MetalYes2015
2920Virgin SteeleThe Black Light BacchanaliaPower MetalYes2010
2921Virus IVDark SunPower MetalYes2008
2922Vision Divine9 Degrees West of the MoonPower MetalYes2009
2923Vision DivineVision DivinePower MetalYes1999
2924Visions Of AtlantisDeltaPower MetalYes2011
2925Visions of AtlantisEtheraPower MetalYes2013
2926Vital RemainsDechristianizeDeath MetalNo2003
2927Vital RemainsIcons Of EvilDeath MetalYes2007
2928Voie De FaitAnge Ou DémonPower MetalYes1982
2929VokodlokUnchain The WolfBlack MetalYes2000
2930VolhSolemn March into the RagnarokBlack MetalYes2006
2931VolohGromovi nad TrebišćemPagan Black MetalYes2015
2932VomitoryOpus Mortis VIIIDeath MetalYes2011
2933VomitoryRevelation NauseaBrutal Death MetalYes2000
2934Voodoo Glow SkullsSteady As She GoesSkaYes2002
2936VreidVBlack MetalYes2011
2937VreidWelcome FarewellBlack MetalYes2013
2938Vulgaires Machins24-40PunkYes1998
2939Vulgaires MachinsAimer Le MalPunkYes2002
2940Vulgaires MachinsRegarde Le MondePunkYes2000
2941VulvectomyAbusing Dismembered BeautiesBrutal Death MetalYes2013
2942VulvectomyPutrescent Clitoral FermentationBrutal Death MetalYes2007
2943Waffen SSThe New Dawn Of White PowerNS Black MetalNo2005
2944Wage WarBlueprintsMetalcoreYes2015
2945Wald Geist WinterSiegreich Ist Das EisBlack MetalYes2006
2946WallachiaCeremony of AscensionBlack MetalYes2009
2947WarcryWotan Stands For VictoryBlack/Viking MetalNo2001
2948WardrunaRunaljod - Gap Var GinnungaAmbiantYes2009
2949Warfare 88/Forward AreaHate Punk In Your Face - Split CDNS PunkNo2005
2950Warfare88The White AlbumHatecoreYes
2951Warlord...And The Cannons Of Destruction Have BegunHeavy MetalYes1984
2952WatainLawless DarknessBlack MetalYes2010
2953WaylanderHonour Amongst ChaosCeltic Black MetalYes2008
2954WaylanderReawakening Pride Once LostCeltic Black MetalYes1998
2955WaylanderThe Light, The Dark And The Endless KnotCeltic Black MetalNo2001
2956We Came As RomansPresent, Future, and PastMetalcore LiveYes2014
2957We Came As RomansTo Plant a SeedMetalcoreNo2009
2958We Came As RomansTracing Back RootsMetalcoreYes2013
2959We Came As RomansUnderstanding What We've Grown to BeMetalcoreNo2011
2960We Came As RomansWe Came As RomansMetalcoreYes2015
2961WeltmachtThe Call To BattleBlack MetalYes2001
2962West WallBlitzkrieg Symphony #1Death MetalNo2006
2963West WallConquest or DeathDeath MetalYes2009
2964West WallOn My ShieldDeath MetalYes2011
2965While She SleepsThis Is the SixMetalcoreYes2012
2966WhisperedThousand SwordsMelodic Death MetalYes2010
2967White AngerVoice Of TodayHatecore/RACYes
2968White Knuckle DriverTime BombNS PunkNo2008
2969White LawWe're Coming For YouHatecore/RACYes2002
2970White PrideYour Loss Is Our GainHatecoreYes
2971White SkullEmbitteredPower MetalYes1997
2972White SkullI Won't Burn AlonePower MetalYes1995
2973White SkullPublic Glory Secret AgonyPower MetalYes2000
2974White SkullTales From The NorthPower MetalYes1999
2975White SkullThe Dark AgePower MetalYes2002
2976White SkullThe Ring Of The AncientsPower MetalYes2006
2977White SkullUnder This FlagPower MetalYes2012
2978White WashUnity Through AggressionNS Hardcore/PunkNo1999
2979White WashWeapons Of ChoiceNS Hardcore/PunkYes2002
2980White WizzardOver the TopPower MetalYes2010
2981White WolfWhen The Ropes Stretch TightRACYes1996
2982WhyzdomSymphony for a Hopeless GodPower MetalYes2015
2983WidomarHet Land Der KatharerBlack MetalYes2005
2984WidowLife's BloodPower MetalYes2011
2985WidowOn FirePower MetalYes2005
2986WildpathNon Omnis MoriarPower MetalYes2009
2987WildpathNyx SecretsPower MetalYes2006
2988Will Of The AncientsCold Grim TimesMelodic Black MetalYes2004
2989Will Of The AncientsWill Of The AncientsMelodic Black MetalYes2006
2990Wind RoseShadows over LothadruinPower MetalYes2012
2991Wind RoseWardens of the West WindPower MetalYes2015
2992Wind WraithThe Fortune Teller's GazePower MetalYes2001
2993WindfaererTenebrosumBlack/Folk MetalYes2015
2994Windir1184Black/Viking MetalYes2001
2995Winds Of PlagueDecimate the WeakBlack/Death MetalNo2008
2996Winter Of ApokalypseSolitary Winter NightBlack MetalYes2005
2997Winter's DawnThe Winter Is DawningPower MetalYes2009
2998Winter's VergeEternal DamnationPower MetalYes2008
2999Winter's VergeTales of TragedyPower MetalYes2010
3000WinterblutDer 6. DanachBlack MetalYes1999
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