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3101PessimistCult Of The InitiatedBrutal Death MetalNo1997
3102Peste NoireLa Sanie Des Siècles - Panégyrique De La DégénérescenceBlack MetalNo2006
3103PestilenceResurrection MacabreDeath MetalYes2009
3104Phantom LordsTemple Of MetalPower MetalNo2005
3105Phantom-XRise of the PhantomPower MetalYes2005
3106Phantom-XStorm RidersPower MetalYes2006
3107PharaohThe Longest NightPower MetalYes2006
3108PhinehasTill the EndMetalcoreYes2015
3109Physiology of DarknessLunar TrinityBlack MetalYes2010
3110Pictures Inside MeОбречённый житьMelodic Death MetalYes2009
3111Pig DestroyerProwler In The YardBrutal Death MetalYes2001
3112PlagaMagia gwiezdnej entropiiBlack MetalYes2013
3113Planet SmashersAttack Of The Planet SmashersSkaYes1997
3114Planet SmashersLife Of The PartySkaYes1999
3115Planet SmashersNo Self ControlSkaYes2001
3116Plunder & PillageDesolateHatecoreYes2001
3117Pluton SveaStöveltrampRAC/OIYes1995
3118PokolgépPokoli SzínjátékPower MetalYes1987
3119PolarNo Cure No SaviourHardcoreYes2016
3120PolarShadowed by VulturesHardcoreYes2014
3121Poppy Seed GrinderBleeding CivilizationBrutal Death MetalYes2016
3122Poppy Seed GrinderHumanophobiaBrutal Death MetalYes2008
3123Poppy Seed GrinderOppressed RealityBrutal Death MetalYes2004
3124Post-Apocalyptic TerrorFace of DisgraceBrutal Death MetalYes2015
3125PotentiamYears In The ShadowsBlack MetalYes2006
3126Poverty's No CrimeSpiral of FearProgressive MetalYes2016
3127Power QuestBlood AlliancePower MetalYes2011
3128Power QuestMaster Of IllusionPower MetalNo2008
3129Power SymphonyEvillotPower MetalYes1999
3130Power SymphonyLightbringerPower MetalYes2000
3131PowergloveSaturday Morning ApocalypsePower MetalYes2010
3132PowergloveTotal PwnagePower MetalYes2005
3133PowerhäusLet The New Era BeginRACNo2007
3134PowersurgeMCMXCIPower MetalYes1991
3135PowerwolfBible of the BeastPower MetalYes2009
3136PowerwolfBlessed & PossessedPower MetalYes2015
3137PowerwolfBlood of the SaintsPower MetalYes2011
3138PowerwolfLupus DeiPower MetalYes2007
3139PowerwolfPreachers of the NightPower MetalYes2013
3140PowerwolfReturn In BloodredPower MetalYes2005
3141PowerworldHuman ParasitePower MetalYes2010
3142Preludio AncestralOblivionPower MetalYes2018
3143Preserve White AryansIt's Time To AwakeRAC/OIYes
3144Pressure PointsFalse LightsMelodic Death MetalYes2015
3145Pressure PointsRemorses to RememberMelodic Death MetalYes2010
3146PridebowlDrippings Of The PastPunkYes2004
3147PridebowlLong DistancePunkYes1995
3148Primal FearDelivering the BlackPower MetalYes2014
3149Primal FearPrimal FearPower MetalYes1998
3150Primal FearRulebreakerPower MetalYes2016
3151Primal FearSeven SealsPower MetalYes2005
3152Primal FearUnbreakablePower MetalYes2012
3153Primitive Graven ImageTraversing the Awesome NightBlack MetalYes2007
3154PrimordialA Journey's EndCeltic/Folk Black MetalNo1998
3155PrimordialExile Amongst the RuinsCeltic/Folk Black MetalYes2018
3156PrimordialRedemption at the Puritan's HandCeltic/Folk Black MetalYes2011
3157PrimordialStorm Before CalmCeltic/Folk Black MetalNo2002
3158PrimordialThe Gathering WildernessCeltic/Folk Black MetalYes2005
3159PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have FallenCeltic/Folk Black MetalYes2014
3160Profugus MortisSo It BeginsBlack/Folk MetalYes2007
3161Project ArcadiaFrom the Desert of DesirePower MetalYes2009
3162Project For A Better DreamRebirthMetalcoreYes2015
3163PrometheeNothing Happens, Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes.Melodic Death MetalYes2012
3164PrometheeUnrestMelodic Death MetalYes2015
3165PropagandhiHow To Clean EverythingPunkYes1993
3166Prosthetic CuntFuckin' Your Daughter With A Frozen Vomit Fuck StickBrutal Death MetalNo2000
3167Prostitute DisfigurementDeeds of DerangementBrutal Death MetalYes2003
3168Prostitute DisfigurementDescendants of DepravityBrutal Death MetalYes2008
3169Prostitute DisfigurementEmbalmed MadnessBrutal Death MetalNo2001
3170Prostitute DisfigurementFrom Crotch to CrownBrutal Death MetalYes2014
3171Prostitute DisfigurementLeft In Grisly FashionBrutal Death MetalYes2005
3172PsychristEmbrace Rapture In DisgustDeath MetalYes1999
3173PsycrenceA Frail DeceptionProgressive MetalYes2014
3174PulleyNo Change in the WeatherPunkYes2016
3175Punk-O-RamaVolume 5Compilation PunkNo2000
3176Punk-O-RamaVolume 6Compilation PunkNo2001
3177Punk-O-RamaVolume 7Compilation PunkNo2002
3178PurgatoirePassé décomposéDeath MetalYes2016
3179PustulatedHaematomaBrutal Death MetalYes2005
3180PutrefyPutrefyBrutal Death MetalYes2005
3181Putrid PileCollection Of ButcheryBrutal Death MetalYes2003
3182Putrid PileThe Pleasure In SufferingBrutal Death MetalYes2005
3183PyaemiaCranial BlowoutDeath/Grind MetalYes1998
3184PyramazeDisciples of the SunPower MetalYes2015
3185PyramazeImmortalPower MetalYes2008
3186PythiaShadows of a Broken PastPower MetalYes2014
3187Quo VadisDay into NightTechnical Melodic Death MetalYes2000
3188Quo VadisDefiant ImaginationTechnical Melodic Death MetalYes2004
3189Quo VadisForever...Technical Melodic Death MetalYes1996
3190RadaghastThe DeadlinePower MetalYes2004
3191Rage21Power MetalYes2012
3192RageCarved In StonePower MetalYes2008
3193RageEnd of All DaysPower MetalYes1996
3194RagePerfect ManPower MetalYes1988
3195RageReign of FearPower MetalYes1986
3196RageSoundchaserPower MetalYes2003
3197RageSpeak Of The DeadPower MetalYes2006
3198RageStrings to a WebPower MetalYes2010
3199RageThe Devil Strikes AgainPower MetalYes2016
3200RageUnityPower MetalYes2002
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