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1М8Л8ТХНепоколебимая вераNSBMYes2009
2М8Л8ТХЧёрным крыломNSBMYes2004
310 YearsFeeding the WolvesRockYes2010
410 YearsInto the Half MoonRockYes2001
51208Feedback Is PaybackPunkNo2002
61208Turn Of The ScrewPunkYes2004
7123PunkVolume 1Compilation Punk/SkaNo2001
8123PunkVolume 2Compilation Punk/SkaNo2002
91349LiberationBlack MetalYes2003
102 Fast 4 UAnniversary CollectionPunkNo2002
112 Stone 2 SkankTrois ComplicesSkaYes2000
12220 VoltPower GamesPower MetalYes1984
1325 Ta LifeFriendship, loyalty, commitmentHardcoreYes1999
1425 Ta LifeHellbound, misery, tormentHardcoreYes2005
1525 Ta LifeStrength, integrity, brotherhoodHardcoreYes2009
163 Inches Of BloodAdvance And VanquishPower MetalYes2004
173 Inches Of BloodBattlecry Under A WintersunPower MetalYes2002
183 Inches Of BloodFire Up The BladesPower MetalYes2007
193 Inches Of BloodHere Waits Thy DoomPower MetalYes2009
203 Inches Of BloodLong Live Heavy MetalPower MetalYes2012
2159 Times The Pain20% Of My HandPunkYes1996
227-10 SplitForce Beyond StrengthPunkYes2000
237-10 SplitThe Stars Have FallenPunkYes2001
2488Ultimate Aryan WarfrontNS Black MetalYes2010
2588 Fingers Louie88 Fingers Up Your AssPunkYes1997
2688 Fingers LouieBack On The StreetsPunkYes1998
2788 Fingers LouieBehind BarsPunkYes1995
2888 Fingers LouieThe Dom YearsPunkYes1997
299ème Panzer SymphonieBallades Pour Un TonduRACYes
309ème Panzer SymphonieChasse À L'HommeRACYes1995
31A Bullet For Pretty BoyRevision:ReviseMetalcoreYes2010
32A Canorous QuintetSilence Of The World BeyondMelodic Black/Death MetalYes1996
33A City SereneThe Art of Deceiving PerceptionMetalcoreYes2009
34A Cloud ForestDo Not Stand at My Grave and WeepBlack MetalYes2010
35A Cloud ForestThese Mournful DaysBlack MetalYes2011
36A Cloud ForestThrough the Eyes of the AmbivalentBlack MetalYes2010
37A Day To RememberFor Those Who Have HeartMetalcoreYes2007
38A Faylene SkyA Faylene SkyMetalcoreYes2014
39A Faylene SkyHell Is Where The Heart IsMetalcoreYes2013
40A Faylene SkyThe Hero Vs. UsMetalcoreYes2008
41A Fight For LifeWandererMetalcoreYes2013
42A ForestThe Spirit Of The Forest (To Bleed Northern Spirit)Black MetalYes2003
43A Global ThreatUntil We DiePunkYes2000
44A Global ThreatWhat The Fuck Will ChangePunkYes1999
45A Hero's FateAnother Knight AlonePunkYes2010
46A Loss For WordsNo SanctuaryPunkYes2011
47A Loss For WordsThe Kids Can't LosePunkOui2009
48A Persuasive ReasonA Persuasive ReasonPower MetalYes2019
49A Plea For PurgingDepravityMetalcoreYes2009
50A Plea For PurgingThe Life & Death of A Plea for PurgingMetalcoreYes2011
51A Skylit DriveAdelphiaMetalcoreYes2009
52A Skylit DriveRiseMetalcoreYes2013
53A Thorn For Every HeartIt's Hard to Move YouMetalcoreYes2007
54A Thorn For Every HeartThings Aren't So Beautiful NowMetalcoreYes2004
55A Traitor Like JudasGuerilla HeartMetalcoreYes2013
56Abandon All ShipsGeevingMetalcoreYes2010
57Abandon All ShipsMalocchioMetalcoreYes2014
58AbbathAbbathBlack MetalYes2016
59Abhorrent DecimationMiasmic MutationDeath MetalYes2015
60Abigail WilliamsIn the Shadow of a Thousand SunsMelodic Black MetalYes2008
61AbimeÉchos De GloireBlack MetalNo2005
62AbitabyssOn Est Pas Des Osties D'Souris!Death/Grind MetalNo2005
63AbitabyssRequiem Du Secteur PrimaireDeath/Grind MetalNo2005
64AbitabyssRural métalDeath/Grind MetalYes2014
65AbominatorNuctemeron DescentBlack/Death MetalYes2003
66AbortedEngineering The DeadBrutal Death MetalYes2001
67AbortedGoremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage DoneBrutal Death MetalYes2003
68AbortedRetrogoreBrutal Death MetalYes2016
69AbortedThe Archaic AbattoirBrutal Death MetalNo2005
70Aborted FetusThe Art of Violent TortureBrutal Death MetalYes2017
71AbstractionEnd of HopePower MetalYes2014
72AbsuAbsuBlack/Trash MetalYes2009
73AbsuMythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001Black/Trash MetalNo2005
74AbsuTaraBlack/Trash MetalYes2001
75AbsurdAsgardsreiBlack MetalYes2000
76AbsurdFacta LoquunturBlack MetalYes1996
77AbyssosFhinsthanian NightbreedBlack MetalYes1999
78AcceptBalls To The WallPower MetalYes1984
79AcolyteOceans of BloodPower MetalYes2007
80Across Silent HeartsAnywayMetalcoreYes2015
81Across Silent HeartsMoonlightMetalcoreYes2015
82Ad HominemAntitheistNS Black MetalYes2015
83Ad HominemDictator - A Monument Of GloryNS Black MetalYes2009
84Ad HominemPlanet Zog - The EndNS Black MetalYes2002
85AdaliahShedding SkinHardcoreYes2014
86AdestriaGilded HeartsMetalcoreYes2014
87Adorned BroodAsgardFolk MetalYes2000
88Adorned BroodHammerfesteFolk MetalYes2010
89Adorned BroodNoorFolk MetalYes2008
90Adrenaline MobCovertáPower MetalYes2013
91Adrenaline MobOmertáPower MetalYes2012
92Adrian von ZieglerMoonsongFolk/Power MetalYes2016
93ADXDivision BlindéePower MetalYes2008
94ADXExécutionPower MetalYes1985
95AegirFrostnattBlack/Viking MetalYes2001
96Aeon WindsOn the Way to OblivionAtmospheric Black MetalYes2015
97Aes DanaFormorsCeltic Black MetalNo2005
98Aes DanaLa Chasse SauvageCeltic Black MetalYes2001
99AethraIntoxicating EvolutionPower MetalYes2005
100AethraTales From Distant Skies And Far BeyondPower MetalYes2003
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